Wind- Part 2

June 1, 2010
Part 2
“What’s happening!” I asked in a scared whisper. Andrej was picking up my things and putting them in a bag. He was rushing around, looking for food and treasures.
“Get things that you cant live without, like a locket or something. Were running away. They’re going to find me here, we can’t stay. They’re burning all the houses down. Not much time until they start to burn down this one too. It’s to dangerous to be in this unwell made house. If you want to survive, we have to leave. Bombs, guns, and fires. There war tactics.” He explains.
“Where are we going to go?” I ask.
“I’ll tell you when I find out,” He replied, “Now let’s g-“ he said, cut off by a bomb hitting the house.
“We got to get out of here, it’s crumbling to pieces!” I screamed. Another bomb hit. I screamed, and I kept screaming.
The stairway was blocked by parts of the roof that collapsed. Andrej and I climb over it, dodging falling debris. Then I felt a gust of wind, it seemed to say watch out. A big chunk of the ceiling fell right in front of me missing me by a couple inches. I just kept running and climbing.
When we got to outside, it was like living hell. Dead bodies, fire, blood, and Nazis everywhere you look.
“Just keep running, don’t look around, forget it all, just keep running,” he told me with reassurance in his voice.
His reassurance wasn’t so reassuring, footsteps followed close behind. A young man ran behind, I could tell he was running out of breath. He was a Nazi. He took out a gun and shot, trying to hit Andrej. He missed.
Andrej picked up a rock. With all his might, he through the rock at the Nazi soldier. A loud, high pitch scream came from behind, screams of agony followed.
“Don’t look Elizaveta. Let’s just say, I have committed a horrible sin,” he told me. I didn’t want to think about it, the screams scarred me consciences enough.
We kept running till we got to the hill. I looked over it, all you could see left of my town was smoke. I turned around, wind blew in my face. I started to cry.

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dtemp5 said...
Jun. 8, 2011 at 8:56 pm

This beautiful.  It akes you on an emotional journey.  


Thank you Leslie!

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