Wind- part 1

June 1, 2010
I wait there, no one comes, my chance to escape. I’ve been here for months, but for what? Being who I am. Ha, I laugh. Why should I be ashamed of who I am. I am who I am.

I feel the wind as I look over the hill. The beautiful sunrise, aw… it’s so exciting. Mom used to say “Greet the sun each morning to have luck, Elizaveta, for you’ll need it in the future. I have done it ever since Germans killed her; they thought she was hiding a Jew in her barn. That’s why I moved to Wawer. Why can’t we stop fighting? What’s so wrong with Jews, Gypsies, and people who are different on the outside? We are different with beliefs and other things, but the same on the inside.

“ …We are keeping track of were the Nazis are. We have been flooded with calls of worry. We are on target. Don’t worry…” the army general said on the radio. There were holding a press conference as Germany advances closer to attacking Poland.

I am very worried. Well I shouldn’t, I’m not Jewish or a Gypsy. Or should I? I shouldn’t. I think.

Well off to work. Can’t be late for Ms. Abbott. I’m her house cleaner. She’s always yelling at me saying “A young lady like you should be able to keep track of time. You’ll never meet a man on time.” She is stuck in 1890. It is very annoying. Young ladies should take dainty bites and speak only when spoken to. Welcome to the 1900’s Ms. Abbott!
“Elizaveta! Elizaveta!” I turned around from the calling of my name. “Elizaveta!” A familiar voice called.
“Oh… hi Andrej, you look terrified, what’s wrong?” I was surprised to see him like this; he hasn’t had this look since I fell in the lake in the middle of winter 8-years-ago. There’s something wrong.

“Elizaveta, Ms. Abbott, she said to tell you not to come. She heard a rumor of German spies are everywhere and are going to attack soon.” He said with fear in his deep voice of his. I looked in his eyes, the fear in them. His beautiful hazel eyes now struck with fright. I knew then it was the truth. He was a Jew, a mixed actually. I wished I could comfort him, but as quick as I thought he was running off to tell his parents.

“Boom” I awoke from the noise. I heard screams of terror. I knew how was causing it. The Nazis. I look out my window and was right. What I saw was terrible, not only was Jewish blood spilled but also that of non-Jewish polish people, Gypsies, and others. I thought about this morning
Andrej! I thought. I heard knocking on my door. My body flowed with fear. Are the Nazis here to take me? I thought to myself. I know opening the door is stupid so first I looked out the window. I saw it was and rushed down to get them in here.
“Andrej! Your alive!” I yelled. But he pushed me backed, hustle in and shushed me. I looked at him, he had cut all over him, but one stood out. It had a ?.

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nancy3 said...
Jun. 11, 2011 at 7:03 am
Keep writing! I want to know what happens next! Nice work.
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