How Soxy Came About

May 27, 2010
Fillipay Bernstein, the emperor of England in 1789, had several beautiful daughters raised in wealth. The men of England longed to be with them. In order to keep his daughters modest, Bernstein forced them to wear high socks, covering their legs. However, this didn’t stop the men from going after his daughters, for they were not only after their beauty, but also their wealth.
Other women dreamed to be like these beautiful girls. They soon began to mimic their style of high socks, in an attempt to draw men in. And soon, all of England’s women wore decorative, high socks.
Beginning to like the new style, men couldn’t help but have an attraction to all of the young women and their socks.
A few years later, a young English boy was at a party with the emperor, trying to win his approval to be with his daughter. He said, “These girls have a soxy new style. I enjoy the high socks.” This error in speech stuck, and the emperor appreciated the English boy not calling his daughters sexy. The emperor approved and allowed him to marry his daughter.
They lived a happy life together and had daughters of their own, maintaining the soxy look that attracted their father to their mother.

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