Phone Call

May 25, 2010
By , Marietta, GA
At once, I jumped and ran to the breakfast table when I heard my mom say, “Breakfast is ready!” Ummmm, the food smells great! At breakfast, the food always smells good. I think my mom is the best chef in the world. On a regular basis we have pancakes, waffles, bacon, syrup, orange juice, whip cream, strawberries, pineapples, mangos, and even dark chocolate chips on our waffles and pancakes. But today we are having Crepes. They are the most delicious food on Earth! In fact, they are the most delicious food on earth, to me. My mom sets out eight different kinds of Crepes and all of them look amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I was sitting all alone in silence eating my food when all of a sudden my sister comes and hits me on my head. I hit her back and then we are at war with each other again. We fight everyday like this. In place of war, I try to bring peace but as usual that doesn’t happen. We always get out of control and then our dad comes and he breaks it up. My dad comes in and he yelled, “Why do you two always go at it. You should behave yourselves.” I was very surprised that my dad was actually on time. He is always late for everything. My dad thinks that he is in charge of everybody but he is not. After breakfast I go back into my room to call a friend.

I always lay on the edge of my bed when I talk on the phone. On the phone I tried to call my best friend, Obamanisha, when all of a sudden the phone rang. At random I pick up the phone and shout, “Cookie Monster rules.” And then on the other line I hear, “Do you know who this is?” From memory, the voice sounded like Neal’s so I asked, “Is this Neal?” “No.” For fear of my life I thought that it was one of my dad’s clients so I said, “I’m sorry what I said earlier on, would you like to speak to my father?” By surprise it wasn’t one of my dad’s clients. I thought I was in trouble but he said, “This is Joe, do you not remember me?” In advance, with the help of my Caller ID, I looked to see if I knew the number. “No I do not know anyone named Joe.” I answered truthfully. He said, “This is Claire that I’m talking to?” “Yes but I just can’t recall talking to you before.” “We met at the Six Flags, remember?” “Ohh sorry about all of that. I forgot to call you.” “No problem, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out today.” “Ohh I don’t know. Let me see what I have planed today.” I looked on my calendar and for some reason all of my plans were out of date. A moment latter I got back on the phone and said that I was free and that I could go. “That’s great so come over to Caprera Island.” “Are we going to be at sea?” “Yes.” He said. “Come quickly.”

Under lock and key, I locked my room up so my sister wouldn’t get in and I went to Caprera Island which is only mile away. I am always off duty so I tried not to let things get in my way. Without delay, I got there quickly. I get there in no time and he awaits me on his boat. To the satisfaction of the place and his boat I take his hand to get on the boat. Within eye sight, I see that he has a table for me and him and under the impression that it is getting dark outside, I think that we are on a date.

“Do you like my boat?” He asked. “It is truly amazing.” “Do you want anything to drink?” “Yes. Do you have Root Beer?” At a moment’s notice, he came back with two Root Beers. By accident he slips and falls out of the boat. For fear of his life I thought he was in danger because he was not a very good swimmer. I’m glad that I took life guarding lessons in advance. Without fail, I was destined to help him out I ran to the edge of the boat and stretch my arm out for him to take. In confusion, Joe starts laughing and without warning he pulls me in. I fell into the water. I was in a mess. I water was freezing cold, no wonder he was squirming. So we had some fun and swam around the boat.

By far I was having a really good time. In essence, I knew that I really did like him. I asked him some more questions. “Did this boat coast you a lot of money?” “Not really, I got it at a discount, but I had to pay in cash.” He said. “So, do you have a lot of friends out here?” “No, I left all of my friends back at Moscow.” “Ohh, I’m sorry to hear that but once you get used to being here then the people around you will get used to you. If you want, I could invite some people over so it won’t be just me and you.” “No, that’s ok. I like it like this. Were it’s only me and you in private. I just thought that you would want to get away from your parents.” “Ya, thanks for that. I fell like I am always under arrest at that house.” “Sorry, can’t help you with that. My parents treat me the same.” “Haahaha, I guess we have a lot in common, except you just like spiders.” “They aren’t that bad. They just look scary if look really close at them.

For a change he started to ask me some questions. All my life I have been in hiding and now there is a person I can easily open up to. What more could I possibly want from this date? Without question, I knew that we were going to be friends for good.

He walked me over to the table and seated me down. He brought out some ribs and barbecue sauce. We talk some more and I realize that the sun starts to set and we get off the boat. He takes my hand and guides me to an island and we lay down on the sand. The view was really spectacular and he was an amazing guy. I was truly having a good time. All of a sudden he leans toward me. Out of respect for everything I believed in, I let him lean in and kiss me. I kissed him back for love. Everything inside of me blew up. I wanted to march around on parade with my new boyfriend.
It was like someone threw a rock at me. Everything went black. Then I realized that I was in a deep sleep. I knew that in reality, we would never be.

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