A tear for a rose

May 21, 2010
World war one:
The world war one started in 1914 and ended in 1918 a four year war were, many men were torn away from there beloved family, blood was being shattered, lives were being taken, and as told by the government, we were one step closer to being free from this horrible war. While back in town unemployment decreased, prices and money rose, and we always had something to eat. It was as if, half of are people, go through nightmares, through deadly situations, while the rest of us, were rewarded with food, jobs, and money. Was all these wonderful objects to distract us from what was happening to are loved ones. If so was it truly work, were everyone’s worries just vanishing because they had food on the table, and money to spare? Even with all these wonderful objects I have dreams every night, ever second of my life, I replay that day in which my father had left me for the war, it is like a burning scare in my heart, in my memories.

River of tears
1916: Daddy came into my room early this morning; he gently sat on my bed and suddenly had me in a tight oxygen free hug. Behind him through the widow I could see the stars, like a million little shiny fish swimming at the bottom of the deep navy blue ocean. When out of nowhere I felt something moist hit the top of my tangled brown hair, so I jerked my head up, what I had seen confused me for I had never ever seen such an emotion come from Daddy, it had been a miniature stream of water that had traveled down his pale white face and fell upon me. “wha wong daddy?” I said looking at him with my muddy brown eyes, you could tell that he had been crying for the skin under his handsome murky blue eyes was puffy and pink.
With his voice cracking he replied, “I am going away for a while baby girl”. Only being 4 years old at the time I had not understood what was happing so I dozed off in his arms, not realizing that this could very well be the last time I was ever to lay eyes on him again.
I awoke to the sound of a horse moving, and to the rusty voice of my father hollering at it. Curiously I peered out my window to find that all I could see was my father’s horse galloping away into the thick fog.

I wondered into town today, which is about 2 miles down a dirt rode, I was in search of daddy, but I couldn’t find him. I looked in every garden, every store, and behind every tree, but there was no daddy to be seen. The sun was high in the sky they clouds slightly gray, it was a gorgeous day in Seattle Washington, yet I was sitting on a bright green bench crying my eyes out cause I cant find my daddy. TO BE CONTINUED

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