The Journal of Galileo Galilei

May 8, 2010
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February 5th, 1564
Today marks the start of a new era, for on this day a genius is born. My son, Galileo Galilei, was born today, in the great city of Pisa, Italy. (Goldsmith 8) He was a healthy baby, as healthy as they can get, and I can already tell from the gleam in his eye what great things he is going to accomplish in the future. (Steele 8) However, I already do see his strong-willed attitude, which might not serve him so well. (Steele 36) Never-the-less, this journal has been officially started to record the brilliant feats my son, Galileo Galilei, will accomplish someday. He is to record anything major he has accomplished, so that he can always be proud of the amazing work he will do (and then shall be has done) for society. I love you, my son. Serve me proud.

I, Vincenzio Galilei, sign this with my own hand.

December 23rd, 1576
Ciao Giornale. Hello Journal, this is the first time I have ever written in you. I always treasure gifts from father, especially since he is so busy juggling work with music, writing, and other forms of the arts. However, the main reason there has not been an entry in here since my loving father wrote when I was born is because nothing out of the ordinary has happened until now. My childhood has been a great memory, but now that I have almost reached my 13th year. I consider myself close to becoming a young man. I feel I am very accomplished for my age, considering myself to be a very strong player of the lute thanks to my father’s teachings, and I have had excellent schooling at home with Jacopo Borghini, an excellent teacher. (Goldsmith 8)
The main reason I have decided to write was because I have just been sent to study at a monastery in Florence. The subjects are so compellingly interesting here, including Religion, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy. I believe that these subjects are going to help mold me as I grow older to become successful. I have already taken an interest in all of these subjects, especially astronomy. The little we know about it right now is just inspiring me to discover more about it in the future. (Steele 13) I know father wants me to become a cloth merchant, but I am really interested in becoming a scientist. I hope he will understand in time to send me to a truly immaculate university. (Goldsmith 9) I must go now, the daily lessons are about to begin. Goodbye, my friend. Addio, amico mio.

I, Galileo Galilei, sign this with my own hand.

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