The GODS and Draco

April 28, 2010
By Jacob Peska BRONZE, Elkhorn WI., Wisconsin
Jacob Peska BRONZE, Elkhorn WI., Wisconsin
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Draco was just a poor and unmarried farmer that had to do deeds for people so he could survive. Draco had no job so he had to find a way to get some Drachmas to get food and supplies for different deeds. One day Draco was walking in town when someone that (at the time) Draco didn’t know was a God gave him a deed and said that Draco would get a good pay. The God was named Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. Draco did the deed and it was for a dinner the GODS were going to have. Draco got back, gave them the food, and got paid. The thing that surprised Draco was that the Gods actually invited him to dinner. They talked and talked and after the dinner the GODS told Draco they needed another deed done for them. Draco thought awhile and said ‘’okay.’’ The Gods told him where to go and what to do and Draco was off. Draco didn’t know this but the trail the Gods sent him on was dangerous and full of thieves and liars. Draco didn’t know this because he usually in town and never went past the great lake. So Draco went on his way while the Gods were thinking that he wouldn’t live through this. The Gods had done this same task before but the servant never made it through it alive. The Gods told Draco to go to Greece for further instructions. When Draco got to Greece the Gods were already there and waiting. Draco went to them and the GODS lead him to a house that they were staying in and finished the instructions that would help Draco. Draco then asked ‘’how much will I get paid’’ in a scratchy rough voice. Then the Gods replied ‘’ we don’t have any more Drachmas, but we will pay you with something more magical.’’ This confused even Draco and he thought for a while and this is what he said, ‘’ okay, but it better be worth it.’’ The GODS gave Draco a bow and arrow, but it was for more for protection not for hunting. The GODS told Draco it was so he could get some food to eat. Draco took the bow and arrow and then he was off, but before Draco went on his way he asked the Gods again ‘’what was the deed again?’’ The Gods replied ‘’the deed is that you go through ancient Greece’s paths to drop off a secret message to Sparta.’’ Draco didn’t want to go to Sparta because it was so far away and the path the Gods are talking about had rumors that it was the most dangerous path in Greece. Draco than went through the pass that the Gods told him to go on. Then an hour later he came upon a pass that had a stranger by a pole. Draco was very skittish when he saw this man but when Draco walked by him he minded his own business. When the man saw that Draco had walked past him he started towards Draco. This made Draco scared and he started to run as fast as he could, but the man followed Draco as fast as he could. Draco was more scared now and he stopped and pulled out the bow and arrow. That made the man that was chasing Draco to turn around and run for his pole. When he was out of sight Draco put the bow and arrow back and turned around and continued his journey to Sparta. Draco didn’t know, but the Gods were watching his every move he made. The Gods were seeing if he actually did do the test they made for him. The GODS can’t help Draco in any way so he was completely on his own. Draco had just started on the next path when another thief attempted to steal from him, but nobody got close to him. When Draco came to the part of the pass that everybody before him had fail on. The GODS started wondering if this could be the one they were looking for.
See, the Gods are looking for a special kind of warrior to protect the secret room in MT.Olympus. They are protecting it because Hades always wanted to steal the things inside of it. So for years the Gods were protecting it from Hades Minoans stealing it. The old one just got captured by Hades and now the Gods are looking for a new guard. So they picked Draco because he was the strongest of the humans. Draco was also a determined worker and always finished a job he was given. That is why the Gods picked him for the big test. Draco was on the path that nobody has ever made before. The Gods liked Draco because he has made it so far without dying. However the Gods got bored because it was taking him so long, and so the Gods gave up on him.
It had been one year and two months when Draco got back to Greece. The Gods were still there and still looking for a new guard when they spotted Draco. Draco looked a little different but the Gods remembered him. They meet up in the house where they talked about the 2nd deed and had dinner celebrating the 1st deed. The Gods asked him if Draco got the message to Sparta. Draco answered ‘’I did, but they said they are happy for you’’ and with that the Gods said ‘’thank you.’’ Draco finally asked, ‘’are you guys important or something?’’ This question made the Gods stop and think. At first the Gods didn’t know what to say but they finally answered Draco’s question, ‘’ we are the Gods of MT. Olympus.’’ This made Draco laugh but then realized that they weren’t kidding. Then Draco asked them ‘’if you are the Gods then why are you here.’’ The Gods answered like this’’ we are looking for a new guard for the room of secrets,’’ and Draco asked, ‘’why me?’’ the Gods answered ‘’because you are a hard worker and you stick to your work.’’ That was true about Draco and he knew that and he couldn’t help to say, ‘’okay, but why me and not someone stronger and faster?’’
‘’Because you are the son of Zeus’’ the Gods answered. Draco didn’t believe them and asked ‘’ if I’m the son of Zeus, why am I not already in MT. Olympus.’’
‘’Because you got lost one day and we never found you again’’ this was hard for Draco because he had never had a father before or a mother. Draco was an orphan and his orphan parents had died. So this really surprised him and somewhat exited at the same time. He didn’t know what to do but ask ‘’can I see him, now.’’
‘’If you come with us you can if you wish to’’ the Gods replied. So the started to go to MT. Olympus to see Draco’s new father. They came to the sacred temple of the Gods and Draco hesitated for a moment and then followed the Gods inside. No one has been in the sacred temple except the priest of the city. So this is all new to Draco. He stayed with the Gods until they came to a door that looked like it was made of solid gold. The Gods had to open it because the door looked like it weighed a ton. When they got the door open there was a long tunnel that looked older then the city itself. The Gods led Draco through the tunnel until they came to another door, but this one looked a lot heaver then the first door and it had some old writing on it. This door took a while to open, but when they finally got it open. Draco could see MT. Olympus.
The city looked like it was gold and silver. MT. Olympus was amazing and Draco couldn’t wait to see his real father. The Gods lead Draco through another wide tunnel that lead into the city and the citizen’s were looking at Draco like, ‘’who is he’’ or ‘’ why is he here.’’ By the time they got to the high castle drew a huge crowd. The high castle is were all of the Gods stay and protect Greece. When they got into the high castle, all of the Gods were busily working and writing. Draco thought they were writing, looking for a new guard for the sacred room. When the Gods finally saw Draco standing there they all stopped what they were doing. This was all weird to Draco and probably was for the Gods too. Then Zeus came into the room and said to the Gods that brought up Draco, ‘’ who is this man and why is he here?’’ Then Hermes the Messenger of the Gods said, ‘’ all mighty Zeus we have found your missing son.’’ Then Draco heard Zeus say something, but didn’t know what. Then Zeus walked over to Draco and said,’’ He doesn’t look like my son.’’ Then Hermes said, ‘’ he doesn’t look like your son because he lived on earth since he was lost.’’ This made Zeus think for a second then answered ‘’ if he is my son then where is his necklace with the seal of the Gods?’’
‘’ We don’t know,’’ answered Hermes. Then Draco remembered his necklace and pulled it out of his pocket and said, ‘’ this?’’ Then all of the Gods in the room looked and saw the seal of the Gods on it. Then Zeus said ‘’ Yes, but how did you get it’’
‘’ I had it since I was a kid’’ replied Draco. Zeus asked ‘’ what is your name?’’ ‘’ My name is Draco,’’ answered Draco a bit confused about the question. Then all of the Gods went quiet over the name then Zeus said ‘’ if you are who you say you are you first will have to do some deeds to prove your loyalty’’
‘’ He already has sir’’ replied Hermes. Zeus looked at Draco and said to Hermes,’’ how many?’’ ‘’ two,’’ answered Hermes. Then all of the sudden the Gods started talking again. Then Zeus yelled, ‘’ silent!’’ then all of the Gods stopped talking. Draco didn’t know what was going on until Hermes said ‘’ Zeus this is your missing son!’’
‘’ How old are you?’’ asked the Gods. Draco said, ‘’ I’m 60, why?’’
‘’ Because you look like you are 24, not 60.’’ This was not new to Draco because people did mistake him as 20 or 30 yeas old a lot. The Gods then asked ‘’ see Zeus he is your son because he is older then he appears’’
‘’ Impossible! A lot of people are like that,’’ roared Zeus. The Gods then said ‘’ yes, but not 60 years old’’
Draco then said ‘’ when I was a baby my foster parents told me that they found me at night and some demons were trying to kill me.’’ The Gods then said ‘’ is that all you knew about your childhood?’’
‘’ My foster parents said that I was glowing gold like you.’’ This surprised Zeus and he said, ‘’ how can you be one of my sons?’’ ‘’ maybe your son’s can see if this is their missing brother, Draco’?’ Then Zeus called out to his son’s.
A couple of seconds later his son’s came in and said ‘’ yes dad’’ ‘’ can you see if this is your missing brother?’’ Then Zeus moved so Draco could see them and they could see him. When they saw Draco they looked at him for a couple of seconds and said ‘’ is that him, dad, is it Draco?’’ ‘’ does it look like him’’ ‘’ yes dad it does.’’
‘’ Then it is him,’’ said Zeus, and this surprised Draco, but before he could say anything his new brothers ran over to him and greeted him. Awhile later they brought Draco to his old room and showed him around the castle.
5 years later Draco is like his brothers, brave and courageous. That made him a knight of the Gods. From there on out Draco was sure that the rest of his life would be magical and adventurous. Draco also knew that if Hermes hadn’t found him he wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t know that he was the son of Zeus. Now he knows that he would have the good and dangerous life that he dreamed of having.

The author's comments:
My piece is about an old man that didn't know that his Dad was a God.

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