Through the Windows of Time Pt. 2

April 27, 2010
Guess What?!?! Today the girl that sits behind me in my English class asked me where I used to live. Her name is Irene she looks like she's of Asian descent but she has these big emerald colored eyes and olive colored skin. Her hair is in an edgy bob and has highlights of white crossing through her bangs. Her teeth are really white and straighter than a yard stick. I turned around and smiled and said Beverly Hills my name is Maya. Then she said really just last year I moved here from Los Angeles. Suddenly I felt a surge of relief. Who would have thought I would find another California girl here in the middle of nowhere. We talked the rest of the hour about missing Cali, and the shore and the colors the sun would fade into when the sun would set. When the bell rang I got up and she grabbed my arm and said you should sit by me at lunch and I said "yeah cool". So I ate lunch with her and it was so awesome we have so much in common except she got in with the wrong crowd and her parents sent her to Afton because he grandma lives here. But it is forth hour almost and I'm going to snooze.

11/5/09 Later
OK it is so insanely coincidental that today in history we talked about the Spanish American war and the part of my great grandma's diary I'm at now is about the Spanish American war. "I still cannot believe that America is now at war with Spain. This all started because the ship exploded but I don't know why people would believe the foolish stories the journalists tell. What do they call it yellow journalism well to me it's no more educational than a provocative strip of paper. It’s a shame to serious journalists and cold slap in the face to the honest people that believe the lies. This is just a scheme to gain American support, and whoever came up with the idea is smart I give that to them but I'd rather not people get played like a fiddle to hide the truth. Although I'm glad that United States is doing well on the Ocean front and the ground. I recently heard from the radio that the United States captured Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Which is good and the fact that they've reached a cease fire just a week ago make me remember that in seven more years Bethany will begin writing her own journals and making her own ideas then the next generation and the one after. Have to go I don't want to stay up later again.

OK big things happened today first of all I got my forth hour study hall switched to chemistry but my lab partner is this really pretty boy named James. He's so smart and even though I don't really want take a chem. class I get to spend the WHOLE hour with him. Second I'm starting a new series of diaries and it's my great grandma Bethany’s diaries now. She begins with her thoughts of world war 1"Today I woke up picked up the news paper and say the headline November 12 1918 Armistice day as fighting ceases at 11am - World War I ends. Finally the madness ends! All this death taking place throughout the world humans cannot find a means of reconciling their differences without killing one another it's ridiculous. First they Europe formed those silly alliances and race to create and obtain the best navy and to top the cake and layer of nationalism that could feed the world for centuries to come. You could cut the tension in the world over and that's an understatement. Then Archduke gets assassinated and that lights the birthday cake. Austria- Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia being in alliance with Serbia begins mobilizing troops which causes Germany to declare war on Russia. Then Germany declares war on France and invades Belgium (neutral) so Great Britain declares war on Germany. Austria- Hungary declares war on Russia then France and Great Britain declare war on Austria- Hungary. OK and while there mingling like a bowl of check mix a silly little German general decides to send a telegram to Mexico telling them to attack us in exchange for their land back. Now we will see how long our precious neutrality lasts. Sorry I will tell you more lately because forth hour is almost over and if you do not scurry over to the bus fast you get the seat not so by the heater and that's no fun.

11/6/09 Later
OK so for the last hour I have been sitting on my bed eating ice cream, brownies by the dozen, and pizza because I called Staci today and she told me that Miranda and Robert are definitely going out now. This is so totally and extremely not cool and it makes me want to go to war with Miranda. So when I am done kicking her face in everyone will see her the way I see her. I am helpless I cannot do a thing about it except move on and that is hard because Robert and I have been together since eighth grade but honestly he was a pig. I guess he has what he wants now a w**** so happily ever after for him and for her. I do not want to think about this anymore it's time I move on (like Robert did in little over a week). This is my new life and it's time I stopped living in the past. Sad face my life is reading the diaries of old dead people.

I've been sitting in bed reading this diary and it's quite educational if I must say so myself. Great Grandma Bethany’s Diary continues: "I cannot believe my parents do not approve of Stan and my decision to marry one another. Just because he is thirty years my senior does not mean we cannot be happy together. He and I love one another very much and will add more happiness to one another lives. Despite what I try to tell my parents my father believes that Stan is just as old as he is and I tell him age is just a number but dad does not seem to understand what that means and says it's not true. My mom however believes me to be making a terrible mistake based on the size of his wallet not on the size that my heart's grown towards him. It cannot be a crime to be finical and emotionally comfortable with the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with is it? I know that if with him I can build a family out of concrete not wet sand. We are going to be married in April before the twins are born. I am so excited who would have thought that I would be a mother and a wife of two children I am certain will be beautiful. I couldn't have wished for anything me for my 20Th birthday. My mom called me I will come back and continue telling you about what I have read in a minute OK.

11/7/09 Later
" We are living in prestigious times yes but that does not mean that you have to walk about in a drunken mess and tumble into a dance hall, or be loud while everyone else tries to enjoy a family meal in a restaurant. Stanley is a big corporation owner now so I do understand the need to celebrate but I'd prefer if people celebrated and did so respectfully.

Today mom and I went shopping at grocery store. She kept trying to talk to me about school and how I was making friends so I told her that school is fine I sit by the same kind of kids i sat by at my old school and that i could barley tell the difference. Which were humongous lie for the following reasons [1] I sit by kids who eat, sleep and s*** art. Music players, drawers, painters, authors, play writers and any other kind of art you come up with it they do it. They are more interesting than the air head not idealistic children that get everything they want because daddy always has enough money in his bank account,back stabbing w****s (excuse my french) [2] I can tell the difference between this school and my old one they have books in this library my old school was filled with computers and all that fun stuff. The cafeteria does not have a McDonald's, Starbucks or any other chain food restaurant just 3 lines and small lunch tables that you can fold up and store somewhere else just in case you wanted the cafeteria to double as a dance location. There are alot more but I'm really tired of telling you about my old life so we should probably talk about the part of my great grandma Annelise's diary about the great depression "It is hard to believe that a time has befallen America. I am very thankful that my father and mother can provide for me in such a time of economic catastrophe. The stock market has crashed due to the declining of amounts money being supplemented to it. Causing the banks to crash because they were giving stocks on margin. People are failing to pay the banks back and now the chaos that's overtaking the nation is like none i have seen before. Business owners committing suicide, families being placed on the streets, lines of people going to soup kitchens, soup kitchens running out of food it's pure madness and my family and i are lucky we took our money out the first time the market dipped. We were saddened by the amount we lost then but we could have lost so much more. I know times will get better though. With President Roosevelt giving his fireside chats and Hoover out of office the American economy has no where to go but up. To Hoover's defense he did try to help.But Roosevelt is doing wonders. Creating jobs for countless Americans. This New Deal not to mention the government regulation of the economy, creating the Farm Credit Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Civilian Conservation Corporation. I believe getting people back to work is the key to digging america out of this hole." Sleepy Time!!

Irene invited me to hang out with her after school today during first hour. She's big into dance and I told her that I would be intrested in checking it out. Irene told me that it was her passion before her family sent her to Iowa and that now that she is getting back in touch with herself she thinks it would be beneficial for me to see what it's like. During study hall I read about my great grandma Annelise "Finally the war is over. Now there will be peace in our time. I do not understand why humans feel the need to fight simply because they disagree. It is asinine, totally not needed, and really rude of the government to convert the economy and make thousands of people to build what they need to go to war. Automobile companies stop producing cars to meet Americans' demand for tanks. The production of adds to persuade people to go to war. All for what so America can take it's little ships and go to war with the army, and the airplanes. To see which side can obliterate the other faster and more efficiently. Forgetting the people caught in the middle. The mothers, the fathers, the children whose lives are touched by destruction. Now the killing is done but only for the moment and although not the most proper way of riposte i believe these actions may have been necessary in the saving of the lives of innocent people. Only if every other option was explored though." Bell is going to ring soon!!

11/9/09 Later!
Going to see Irene's dance class was awesome! It was the best feeling I have ever felt in the world. The freedom of it the exhilaration and the release. The release of the pain i got from losing my life in Beverly Hills, the stress of coming here and the release of who i once was. Irene said she has a class every monday and i have agreed to go with her. I am exhasted though so i will tell you more tomorrow.

Today in first hour i told irene that it would be fun if we joined some school dance team and she agreed so we are going to try out for winter dance team together. We also walk to classes together and we all converse freely at lunch. I'm finally starting to get my feet on the ground at this school and it is smashing. Today in third hour i read my great grandma's thoughts of the cod war. " Everyone has been bombarded into an anti- communist hysteria. I hope this ends soon because nothing good can come from the sudden fear and anticipation for what is to come. Although the war is not really a war, it is proving quite troublesome in society. This race to the moon and to have bigger better weapons than Russia will emanate the end result of the annihilation if each nation. Also recent events that have occurred in Berlin, Germany with the soviet blockade and this New Korean War. I am almost positive nothing but destruction will result from the from this also. In addition this McCarthy fellow started finger pointing at every Dick, Ann, and Jackie he sees that get's a check for working in a federal position. Christina my daughter came home from school today and showed me the silly little drill they have her do at school if the moment should ever come that we get bombed. It's all madness and it is getting to the children! Although i do not doubt that Christina does not find comfort in her naiveté." Bell Ring!!

I read more about the cold war in my Great Grandmother's diary and it said "It is comforting to know that the Korean war is finally come to a close. Well a cease fire is not really a peace treaty and technically we are still at war. Tension still remains high between us and Russia." OK tryouts start next Monday and i am kind of nervous so first hour Irene and i decided that we are going to the YMCA after school so she can give me a run through of the basic skills needed to succeed. She said it will take a while so i should go with her everyday until tryouts start. Today in third hour my teacher mentioned something about the Cuban Missile Crisis and i laughed because my great great grandma wrote about it "Nuclear Missiles in Cuba? Something has to be done about this. For fear if we do not stop this madness. Everyone in the country is going to jaunt about like headless chicken. Everybody knows that would not be good for America." But i have to go it's almost study hall time and i am really tired today.

To tired to write sleepy time...

OK today Irene told me in dance footwork is one of the most important things. it doesn't mean only learning the steps, it's also where your feet go and in what manner. Then she showed me the basics because beginners have to know the basics she said.But enough of dance my brain has had enough and so has my feet. My Grandma wrote in her diary for the first time about the civil rights movement " I think it to be amazing what Rosa Parks did. Although my husband's brother does not agree. He thinks such events should not happen without the death of the offender. He is a bigot of a man I think separate but equal is absolutely wrong and find it very refreshing that people are finally taking a stand for their rights. Only good can result from such revolutions. people will have to face the fact that we are all humans some day or another. Life is a mere game of chance greatly effected by how one treats others. I think this will help America become more of an orchestrated society." I am really tired so i should probably sleep during study hall night kind of...

I really don't feel up to dancing after this school day. I just learned that I have failed the test in chemisty and that I am not doing so hot in English or History either. What am i going to do? Mom and Dad do not have money to hush the principal. Now i really have to work so i will look for a tutor. Wait the boy in my chemistry class is reading this...

11/13/09 In Safety
OK today school today that boy that's in my chemistry class he was reading my diary as i wrote in it. he said he could help tutor me. So i guess today was not all bad. Irene understood that i could not dance hard core fore 4 days. She said dance is hard and i h=must be a natural because i really picked up on it. anyway the section i read today was about the Vietnam war "I do not believe at all that this war is even necessary for America to have stuck it's head in. Where is America's beloved neutrality? If the United States sticks it's finger in everyone's soup it's soon to get burned and who is to aid us in our recovery? Then who is going to aid us? I think American's should keep a better eye on what our beloved elected officials are doing."

OK today i finish my grandma's diary and I FOUND MY MOM'S!! OMG juicy details! "If the economic situation does not change now i do not know hat i am going to do because the way it is now it's at a staler than the bread used for french toast. Everyone's saving their money because of the damned stagflation. This is all President Johnson's fault. He decided to send American's to war and run his silly great society program. sense any irony in the title?" That's it that's the last bit of my grandma's now to learn all of my mother's secrets! Well maybe tomorrow...

Oh My Gosh nothing about today matters except for the fact that i know all about my mom and dad's dating life, and the drugs she did and the life she lived. Wow this is extraordinary I'm not going to tell you all of the details about her life. They are very personal and deep so I'll just tell you the briefs. My mother was a very democratic and she was a hippie and she changed because she thought at some point she had to grow up. So she married the man she that she loved throughout her childhood had a baby. Her thoughts on the 9-11 Terrorist attacks "Chaos overtaking the media, stores, radio airwaves, pretty much society as we know it. I'm surprised this event could happen in America. But i don't think running about like a jaguar is going to change a thing." About the war on terror " I'm not convinced why we are in Iraq. I mean it's completely irrelevant and unjustifiable. There are no nuclear weapons. So what's the use? We should be focusing on Afghanistan."

Today my mom brought me to go shopping. She noticed how happy i am lately and asked it i read any of the books she left in my room. That's when it all clicked! My mom explained it to me that her mother showed her the previous diaries when she turned 17 and that that's why she left the box in my room when we just moved here. Why she gave me a silver diary for my thirteenth birthday. It all clicked and i began to cry. Cry because without fully understanding she understood that i just needed to see different perspectives of the world. It is all i needed. When she stopped explaining it to me i looked into her eyes and saw her crying she told me that i did not have to do this with my child when i have one and that it is my choice to continue the tradition. But in my mind immediately though i will for you. For you mother her mother and all the first born women since great great great grandma ada. I will do it for the generations to come. Mostly i will do it so i can share the bond i share with you and generations past with the generations to come.
the end

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