Mother and Daughter

March 28, 2010
By dancerforlifex GOLD, Monson, Massachusetts
dancerforlifex GOLD, Monson, Massachusetts
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I have my bags in my hand and I am watching as the four Nazi soldiers are evacuating us all from the building to the streets. I have a sack hanging over my shoulder and I am holding my daughter's hand. She asks me, "Momma, where are we going?" and I just can't answer her. I see everyone has their hands up as I do, all fearing for our lives. One Nazi soldier holds a gun, reading to shoot at a little boy if he dares try to escape. I whisper to my daughter, "Do not ruin, hold my hand the whole time and do not let go." She just stares back at me and nods her head. I am very fearful that these cruel and viscous Nazi soldiers will take my baby girl away from me. They could take everything I carry, as long as they don't take my Hanna. I quietly walk by the Nazis and Hanna and I are on our way, safely for the time being.

The author's comments:
I had to write this for a class last year and we were given a picture with about 40 people in it. The assignment was to write from the perspective as one of the people in the picture. This is my perspective piece.

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