Operation: Overlord

March 4, 2010
By JacobMM BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
JacobMM BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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"abandon all hope, you who enter here." - inferno

Life, is it meaningless? Maybe. Or maybe its an extreme plot of

twisting conjunctions and complex arithmetic’s. But I think its meaningless….. I’m part of OhOh squad 18, we’re heading towards Omaha beach to take france back from the Nazis. BOOM!!! The heck is going on?! Uh-oh “WE HIT A MINE!” Master Chief Nicholas yells. We’re flung out of the boat and in the water. PEW PEW. A comrade of mine is shot through the water. WAIT. Where’s Master Chief!?

“AHHHHHH!!!” Master Chief drops in the water like thunder rolling. I swim over to him, his face is burned and smoldered. He whispers, “your final mission *cough* is kill the turret and stay alivvvvvv..” he died in my arms. I knew what I had to do. I took his gun out of his hands and clutched it tight. I run through the water almost as if it weren’t there. I see an incoming Nazi, BAM BAM! Dead with 2 shots to the head.

I see dead bodies littering the beach. This is war I think to myself. This is it. A JEEP! I found a jeep with a dead driver, I push him out and rev the engine. A cadet hops to the turret on back and says “need a turret?” with a large grin. VRRRROOOOMM! I speed towards the turret at the top of the steep beach hill. BANGBANGBANGBANG!! The cadet seems trigger happy. SCREACH! I stop right behind the turret, my final mission has begun.

“SHOOT!” I command. The cadet is to slow and is shot by a Nazi trooper. I drive right into the turret causing it to explode BOOM! The jeep blows up as well. I am once again flung all the way into the water. A leaving boat stops and sees if I’m alive, I am and they drag me on board. I wake up in a hospital. My family was killed by that turret I blew up, my only family was Nicholas.

The author's comments:
well, i made this cause we learn about Dday a few classes ago and found it quite intresting =)

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