The Queen and I

April 4, 2010
The Queen looked at me with corrupt disdain, as if I was the cause of Heaven’s distress. Her eyes reminded me of silk, smoky silk at that. Rich green veiled by black eyelids and thick lashes of night like color. Her voice was in the air but I couldn’t help but ignore it No that’s not the right description, I couldn’t help but bask in it to the point of not being able to understand her. So sweet and thick, like honey pouring into my ears from her scarlet lips, “paramour,” that’s what she called me, a lover of the King. I never set my eyes on him, but it seemed I had caught the snake’s gaze in this court. My eyes never left the velvet clad form of the Queen on her golden throne. I had fallen in love with a jealous monster.

Everything seemed so slow as my sentence was delivered publically for the peasants to hear and see as I wept uncontrollably from my eyes. Memories of the Queen’s gentle laughter filled my ears as I was escorted from the White tower. The cold wind reminded me of the winter I met the queen, at the time she was only a princess, a sweet docile thing that couldn’t catch the eye of any man let alone a prince or a king. Back then everything was easier and more peaceful; I could spend cold nights warming by the fire in my princess’s room. Night’s spent with humble offerings of a friendship. That turned into days of spring with our hearts content of being together under the merciless sun and still holding each other close. That was my first taste of love, with my violet like princess.

The cold air back then was filled with whispers that blossomed like the spring that followed. The air here is harsh and unforgiving, only filled with cruel laughter of the common people, excited to see another pointless death in the endless stream of them. I won’t be given another thought as to why I shall be killed, no thought as to what I did to provoke the blade to land upon me. I kept my eyes down, the cobble stone seemed distant to me as I lost myself with memories of bright green grass flecked with little white flowers that fell apart when you plucked them. How sweet everything was back then, even the air was delightful to breathe in. My princess was promised from me to another, a strong young man tainted with war and hate- I feared he would corrupt my flower like princess with his harshness and cruelty as well as his taste for blood and women.

Each step I take here pains me, my legs unused for so long due to my imprisonment. Oh how I longed for the days when I would play chase with my fair princess, soon to be queen, she already gazed at her ring with amorous eyes. I had begun to lose her to his masculine charm back then during our summer time playing. I lifted my head to be meant with a platform of light wood stained with blood from previous offenders to the crown. Something white caught my eye as it flickered in the breeze, a sheer scarf simply, but it reminded me if my princess, no the Queen’s wedding. How delightful she had been then, she had even gifted me with a kiss form her lips, pink back then instead of their blood like color now.

My legs wobbled as I stood in front of them all; the clergy, the nobles, the butchers, the children, the animals, and most importantly in front of the Queen. From this distance I couldn’t tell if her eyes were their modern look of hate and distrust, or their long lost softness I had fallen in love with. I bent my knees and knelt before the Alter of Sacrifice. Sacrifice of life; of love, of being a human being, but not of my memories. I laid my head down on the cold curved wood, fitting my head there perfectly. It was like a throne for the rebels to rest their weary heads. My head was weary from the weight of my memories and the betrayal of my love who counted me as an enemy. I closed my eyes as I caught a glimmer of silver. I wished not to see the Queen’s glint of happiness enter her eyes as my head rolled.

The weapon swung up before descending on the women’s neck ending her prolonged suffering. The crowd cheered but the Queen was caught up in memories of; a cold winter, a flowering spring, and a game filled summer. Her eyes wept.

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alex9426 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 23, 2010 at 10:13 pm
so, is this written in a woman's perspective about how she loved the queen? that's the only way it makes sense to me. could you clarify for me? btw, i like your writing, it's very descriptive and i can see everything that's happening, which is great
Savonstar_13 replied...
May 24, 2010 at 10:03 pm
Yes it is through a womens perspective, I thought it would be a unique spin on it. Thank you for the compliment, I try ^_^.
alex9426 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
May 25, 2010 at 5:04 pm
you're welcome!
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