The End (Part 2)

April 4, 2010
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Muttle woke up in the morning with the taste of blood in his mouth. HE WAS ALIVE! Had the attack last night just been a dream? Why was he lying on such a stupid bed? It felt like someone put a blanket on a boulder. He looked down and saw that he was lying on a stack of bloody corpses. Muttle stared horrified at the stack of bodies while scanning the faces at the same time. There was his mom and his dad and even his best friend, Cramick. Muttle strained his eyes to look at the very bottom of the pile. There was Trajab his bloody face still showed the last horrifying scene he had witnessed during his last minutes.

Muttle was all of a sudden brought back to reality when he heard a gun shot in the distance. He had to get out of here before he ended up dead like everyone else. Where could he go? He only had one thought pop into his mind, and that was to run, and hide in the woods. Muttle took off at an amazing speed and ran into the dense, nearby woods He ran until he was out of breath and his knees felt like butter. What could he do now? He couldn't go out into the open where he would be shot. He couldn't run to any nearby town and expect to find shelter.

At that moment Muttle heard the leafs behind him crack and crinkle. He spun around just in time to see a soldier's hand come and punch him in the face.

"What the hell are you doing here boy!" shouted the soldier, "Are you from Farshtinke or are you from Moscow?" The soldier's anger showed in his face.

"I... I'm from..." Muttle stuttered. Come on Muttle he thought! Be a man! Stand up and tell him your from Moscow. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. You could be some one. You could do something. "I'm from Moscow," Muttle finally said in a brave voice.

"Fine. I believe that. But would you mind telling me what a boy from Moscow is doing three miles away from home." The soldier asked sternly.

"I was chasing my dog and he lead me here. I had just lost his trail when you showed up." Muttle replied with out as much as a thought. The soldier seemed to believe Muttle's lie and he started to leave. All of a sudden a sense of rage and revenge took over Muttle's body and he attacked the soldier. He took the soldier's gun and fired two rounds into his head. The soldier's blood leaked from the two bullet holes and onto the dry, dead leaves.

Muttle didn't understand what had came over him. Why had he attacked the soldier? Why? The soldier had been leaving. Why? All these thoughts poured into his head as he stood there staring at the soldiers warm, dead body.

Muttle fell to the ground crying. He wanted to be home with his mom and his dad. He wanted to hear Trajab's laughter while he made a huge mess. He wanted his life back.

Muttle crawled up into a tight little bawl underneath the cover of a dead tree and cried himself to sleep.

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Volleyball Princess said...
Apr. 8, 2010 at 4:51 pm
i thought it was ok keep up the work and make it eben better
fuzzyone said...
Apr. 7, 2010 at 10:13 pm
Pretty dark material. Keep up the good work...would like to see it lightened up a bit......shot him in the head....really?
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