March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Beebo Appleby walked into the room, looked out the window, and patted his jacket pocket. He heard his mother’s footsteps approaching, and turned to meet her. She stood at the door, a neat image of his sister with her white dress and pinned up black hair. She smiled at him, and reached her hand for his. He took it and kissed the top.
“Good day Mother, and if I may be so pleased to ask how are you?” inquired Beebo.
“I am fine thank you, just a bit worn out from the women’s social.” Beebo nodded and turned back to the window. It was difficult for women like his mother and others to gather together and try to hold a social. Every single move they made or word they spoke was heard and taped. The Nazis had bugged the cathedrals and the large buildings where many meetings were held, just so they could here what was being said. If you were tough to have said something against Hitler, you were arrested. Sister, I hope you are safe wherever you are, I hope I can join you soon. He thought to himself. His older sister Arianna, was a part of the Resistance. A group of young men and women who risked their lives to save many Jews who were to be sent to concentration camps by the Germans. Once more he patted his jacket pocket, and could hear the faint rustle of his sister’s letter.
“Beebo?” His mother’s voice pulled him from his thoughts. She frowned at him in concern.
“Are you alright? You seemed deep in thought. I had to call you three times before I could get your attention.”
I’m fine Mother, just a bit tired is all. I had to run all the way here, and I almost got caught by a Nazi solider.” His mother sighed.
“ When will we ever get out of this mess?” she bemoaned. Beebo reached out, took his mother’s hand again, and squeezed it lightly.
“ We will get out of this Mother, all of us.; you, me, Arianna, and Peter.” Peter was Arianna’s, He also helped in the Resistance. The one person Beebo hoped never to meet was his father. Beebo’s father, an Arian, had left them when Beebo was just a baby, and the last Beebo had heard of him, was that he had joined the Nazi army in Denmark. Denmark had no choice but to surrender itself to the Germans. The German army was too big, and it would be of no use for the Danes to even try to attack. The thoughts of the Germans entering into his homeland infuriated him.
The doorbell rang, and the both of them jumped
“I’ll go down and see who it is.” Beebo said. Coming slowly down the stairs, he hoped that it was Ira, his best friend coming to tell him about his sister. Ira also worked for the Resistance with Arianna, and whenever he could get away, he would tell Beebo about what they would do next; and he knew that again his friend would try and persuade him to join them. This time he would have an answer. Peeping through the peep hole, he saw that it was a young man in an officer’s suit. He frowned and cautiously opened the door.
“ Sir, what may I do for you?” he asked as politely as he could even though he was seething with anger at the man astanding at his door. The young officer looked around before leaning in and pressing a folded piece of paper into his hand.
“ Make sure this gets to the person it is addressed to and no one else do you understand?” He asked in a harsh whisper.
“Yes.” Beebo replied.
“ I will be back with another at the same time two days from now.” With that the young man disappeared around the corner.
“ Wait!” Beebo called out in a whisper. “ I don’t know your name.” He heard footsteps approach, and the same young officer was suddenly standing in front of him.
“ My name is Officer Rosenberk, but you can call me Dietrich. The password I will give you will tell if it is ok to open the door if there is another officer on your doorstep. The password is: REVIVED. The letter must be received by the recipient before I come with the next slip.” He looked again, before disappearing around the corner.
He turned and closed the door.

“Who was it dear?” his mother asked.

“ It was just a beggar wanting food.” Beebo lied. He hated lying to his mother, but with his sister gone on a dangerous mission, and he about to join her, it would be too much stress on his mother and he knew it. While looking at the letter in his hand and wondering who the officer really was, a letter was dropped through the drop box on his door.
Beebo looked up at the door, then up the stairs. When he was sure that his mother had not heard, he lifted the latch and looked inside. A letter was there, and it was addressed to him. He opened it and read:

This message will be short, and I am sending you this message through a secret messenger. Do not open the door to see who it is. Everyone in the Resistance movement is in danger, and it is very important that you do not just open the door to any stranger. You have by now probably received the letter sent through another messenger who is a part of the Resistance even though he is an officer. The password is REVIEVED as you might have already heard from Dietrich. Your sister has been caught by the Nazis. She will not give away our movement I know, but while we are trying to get her out of the concentration camp, she wants you to deliver the messages of warning she sends out to other Jewish families. Dietrich has given you the first one.
We will get Arianna out believe me.

Beebo stared at the letter and could not believe what he had read. He read it over again and got the same message: His sister had been caught. With his mind in a whirl, he made a cup of tea in the kitchen, but not before he checked on his mother. He found her in bed fast asleep, and kissed her before leaving quietly to return downstairs. Sitting down to drink his tea, he finally removed the letter from his sister from his pocket, and re-read it:
I write to quickly as I do not have much time. I might be on my last mission. I was near to getting caught last time, and the Nazis are looking for me. I must be brief. If I am not able to send you a letter telling you that I am safe, then I have most likely been caught. If that is so, I need your help. I need you to deliver warning messages to the other Jewish families getting shipped to concentration camps. I will send the first message through an officer.


Beebo had a mission now, and he knew he must fulfill it, but how?

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