The Story of OZ

March 22, 2010
By emyday BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
emyday BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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We all know about the Hollywood scandals that everyone knows about what the other women said, how the accused has no comment. But we only have the told side of the story, never the behind the curtains truth. But I am going to change that for you. This is not the E True Hollywood Story but the pain behind what really happened.
In a relationship, you vow to stay loyal to another person, through anything, thick and thin. But what happens when the vow is broken, and the loyalty turns into a one-way street? And what do you do if your significant other has a large position of authority? There are two options, leave them or stay with them.
It takes a strong woman to stay by an unfaithful man. But what other option is there if your husband is President of the United States of America? It all started here, a strong woman, and an unfaithful man living in the White House. The letters, the emails, her perfume still lingered in their bedroom. She remembered before the politics, the smear campaigns, the under the table pay offs, the sex scandals, but the beauty of it all was its silence. On stage they looked like the perfect happy couple, but that’s not what was happening.
She always knew what was going on behind closed doors, but she never minded before now. IT was the silence she needed. She always referred to herself as ‘Oz,’ no one knew who was actually behind the curtain pulling the strings. She knew the world wasn’t quite ready for her, she was a woman in a world of white wigged forefathers, but she had accepted that, so she used her husband as a smoke screen.
She thought that for the man who was President of the United States of America, he should have been smarter, and not left hundreds of paper trails pointing back to it. It was how she always referred to the other woman in her mind, if “it” didn’t have a name, she was a strong woman standing by an unfaithful man, but they needed each other… at least for now.

The author's comments:
This peice is about Hillary Clinton.

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