The Untold Story Of Anastasia- The Musical

March 14, 2010
By PrincessViviAnn BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
PrincessViviAnn BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Never underestimate the power of a well written letter."
-Jane Austen

The three Romanov children are hiding under a twin bed in a secret room behind a very large mirror that slides back into a wall. The covers on the bed are in disarray. The children are dressed warmly with suitcases. There is fear in their eyes as bombs go off in the background. They can hear men shouting and guns firing off stage.
ANALEXEI (fearfully clutching Maria)- Maria, I’m frightened.
MARIA (motherly)- Now, now. There’s no need for fear! Mother and Father are taking care of us. We do not need to fret!
ANASTASIA- Honestly, Lexi, Maria is right. Now, we have to be quiet or someone will hear us.
LEXI (Whimpering in tone)- Okay, I’ll try
MARIA- How did we even get to this point? Was it not just a week ago we were dancing in long dresses around the ballroom? (To herself) How was this fair? I’ve always been the mother. Have I ever received a thank you? No. Not once. The King and Queen of Russia does not have time for their children. Naturally, I became mom. Why must this life be cut short?
ANASTASIA (Annoyed)- Maria, can we please do away with the solemn inner monologue? It is bad enough we’ve been degraded to hiding in a room in rags, (quietly shouting) but complaining about your role that you promoted yourself to is just not needed right now.
LEXI- Stop fighting, I don’t like it.
LEXI starts to cry
MARIA (Looking at Anastasia)- See, now look what you did.
ANASTASIA- I didn’t do anything! (Gun shot)
MARIA quiets the two girls. All three girls are wide eyed in fear as the wall starts to move. The girls all hold each other, eyes squinting preparing for the worst. LEXI opens one eye.
LEXI- Mama! LEXI runs to her mother and her mother holds her for a second.
ALEXANDRA- I can’t stay long, my loves. I need you to take (Putting lockets around each girl) these lockets and you can open them whenever you want to see your father’s faces and me.
ANASTASIA- Mama, are you leaving us?
ALEXANDRA- Not for long my dear. Your father and me are going into hiding separate from you and your sisters. It will be safer this way.
MARIA- (Grabs her mother’s forearm) Mother, will we ever see you again?
ALEXANDRA- I hope so baby, I hope so
Men shouting ALEXANDRA’S name with other shouting and abrasive noises.
ALEXANDRA- I have to go! I love you all dearly! (She kisses each daughter on the head as she leaves frantically.)
ALEXANDRA gives one last squeeze to LEXI’s hand as she leaves.
The lights of the hideout go dim and lights go on where the mother now stands. One uniformed man holds one of Alexandra’s arms and he holds her at gunpoint. She is dragged further into a room in which has a table with a fallen candle on it. There is a burgundy tablecloth on the wooden table that is crooked. A broken brass chandelier is on the floor. The curtains are torn on the windows and its dark outside. ALEXANDRA has her back to the wall and the man is pointing the gun at her.
MAN 1 (shouting)- Where are you hiding your children?
ALEXANDRA- I will never tell you. One day they will rule all of Russia and this country will be at peace again.
MAN 1- You delusinal woman, Tell me where your children are or I’ll pull the trigger.
ALEXANDRA- Never. You will never find them.
MAN 1- Fine, then we will wait for them.
ALEXANDRA- (Kisses the identical locket) You may fire, sir.
The man shoots and ALEXANDRA slides to the floor in a heap.
At the sound of the gunshot the girls jump in fear and LEXI cries out:
LEXI- Mama!
The lights rise with a dim lit stage. The back of the mirror/wall is the back drop and the children are asleep under the cot. The mirror starts to move and the girls here knocking sounds on the wall. They hold each other as the mirror starts to slide backwards. It reveals a pudgy gray haired man. The children come out from under the bed running. LENNY hugs the children.
ALL- Uncle Lenny!
LENNY- It is so good to see you girls. I’ve been instructed to come and retrieve you all and take you to another place. It’s not safe but I have a coach waiting outside for you. Here’s this. (He hands them each a letter) Don’t read them until you are inside the coach. These letters explain what your parents couldn’t tell you before they…
MARIA- Before they what?
LENNY (motioning to the cot)- I have some terrible news for you. (Awkward pause as LEXI climbs in his lap) Your parents were killed, trying to save you.
LEXI is wide eyed, Maria hangs her head, and Anastasia puts her hand to her mouth as it gaps open.
LENNY- I know, it’s terrible. But we don’t have time for emotions, sadly. It’s not safe for you all In Russia anymore. You have to be silent when we move. Are you ready?
ANASTASIA- What do you mean, we aren’t safe?
LENNY- There are soldiers waiting outside to take you if they see you. Especially Analexei since he is the next heir.
LEXI- No! (pout) I’m Lexi! We aren’t in the public eye right now!
LENNY- Excuse me, Princess Lexi. I tend to forget your gender due to the publicity after your birth.
MARIA- So, where are we being taken to?
LENNY- I can’t say. It says in the letter. We need to go now otherwise the soldiers will become suspicious to why I am taking so long to gather your mother. I told them I needed to properly burry her. They agreed to let me in. I have a cart outside the wall and you all need to load the under deck so I can wheel you out without suspicion.
They all exit the mirror. LENNY motions to a cart which a sheet is over their mother’s body. Maria brushes a tear aside. The three girls load the cart. They go off stage as the scenery changes to a front door and a courtyard. A small car is waiting down center stage and two guards stand on either side of the door. LENNY opens the door and rolls the cart out and nods at the officers. The blue ribbbon in ANASTASIA’s hair falls out of the cart. An officer picks it up and shouts out something in Russian. More guards come to assist the man who called as LENNY is rushing to the car. The car is idling and ANASTASIA gets in the car first. MARIA rises and pulls LEXI out of the cart and holds her as she puts her in the car. Meanwhile LENNY is shot and the children watch in horror. As MARIA is putting her mother’s body in the trunk MARIA is shot and falls into the road. ANASTASIA shuts the car door as the car speeds away. RUSSIAN GUARDS chase them.
The girls are in the car and they both open the letters for each of them and read them aloud.
ANASTASIA- My dear Anastasia, I’m so sorry to have to explain what went on in a letter and not in person. I’m also sorry I had to leave you. Me and your father decided you and your sisters lives were more valuable then our own. Please never feel like any of this was your fault, love. A group of men are trying to take Russia over. Me and your father have arranged for you and your sisters to be taken to an orphanage in Poland. Your names must be changed to avoid suspicion that you three are princesses. Anastasia, your name is now Anna. It is common and still just as beautiful as you are. The locket I’ve placed around your neck is for you to always remember me and your father and that you will always, always be a princess. One thing I have to ask of you, you must destroy this letter in a fire. No one can know who or where you are. I love you so much. Love, Mama.
ANASTASIA sobs as LEXI comforts her.
LEXI opens her letter and begins to read.
LEXI- My beautiful baby girl, I don’t think I can apologize enough times for what we had to do to you. We would have been thrown out of RUSSIA for not having an heir. You were promised to be a boy and when you were born we told the public an Analexei was born, not a Lexi. You were so very brave for taking on this burden and I am so proud of you. You will be going to an orphanage in Poland where a nice woman will be taking care of you. You must go by Lexi now. You are forevermore a little girl. I love you dearly, please make sure you destroy this letter. Just give it to one of your sisters and she will do it for you. I love you sweetie. –Mama
The little girls are about to enter the orphanage with their bags in hand. They have a SONG BREAK before they enter. ANNA knocks on the door. A tall skinny blonde woman who has a motherly expression answers the door.
CATHERINE- Why hello, who are you two?
ANNA- Well, my name is Annast- I mean Anna and this is my br- I mean sister, Lexi. We need a place to stay. And, who are you, may I ask?
CATHERINE- I am Miss Catherine. (Bends down to ANNA’s ear) I know who you are, and I promise to keep both of you safe your highnesses. (She looks at both of them as if to be counting) But weren’t there supposed to be three--
ANNA- (Shakes her head and tears come) She didn’t make it.
CATHERINE- (Wraps both girls in a hug then stands up straight) Come on in, there’s an empty bunk up stairs. I’ll give you two a chance to meet the other girls before we have dinner.
Both girls enter in a room with four girls in it. There are three bunk beds. There is one girl sitting on each bed except for the last bunk. In this scene LEXI begins to cough only a little though. Don’t over do it. On the first top bunk is AMANDA and on the bottom is ERIN. On the next bed on top is CHRISTINA and on the bottom, EMMIE. ERIN gets off of her bunk and greets the two children.
ERIN- Hi! I’m Erin. What’s your names?
ANNA- I’m Anna and this is my sister, Lexi.
LEXI- How do you do?
ERIN- I’m great. On the top bunk is Amanda.
AMANDA- Hey there.
ERIN- Then on the next bunk is Christina.
CHRISTINA- (Looks up, sneers and rolls eyes.)
ERIN- Sorry, she’s not very friendly. Then below her is Emmie.
EMMIE- (Walks shyly over. Stands and rocks back and forth on heels.) Hi, I’m Emmie.
ANNA puts her hand out to shake her hand. EMMIE looks frightened at the sudden movement and looks to Erin for reasurence.
ERIN- It’s alright. You’re fine.
EMMIE walks back to her bunk and sits playing with her doll.
ERIN- Sorry, Emmie is the newest girl we have here. We’ve all had difficult lives until Miss Catherine came along.
All the little girls look to Christina who hasn’t sang yet.
CHRISTINA- I DON’T want to talk about it!
CATHERINE- Dinner is ready, girls!
All the girls depart.
The girls are in a class room all sitting at desks except for LEXI. In the first row there is AMANDA and ERIN. Then in the next row there is CHRISTINA and ANNA. In the last row EMMIE sits quietly doodling. All the girls have a very tired expression on their faces. MISS CATHERINE enters carrying two books. She looks at the girls faces.
CATHERINE- Why are all of you so tired?
CHRISTINA- Because the new little squirt next to me coughed all night. She’s still in bed.
CATHERINE- Is she sick?
ANNA- I think so, she’s running fever. I felt her forehead.
CATHERINE- I’ll go check on her, try to read the 2nd chapter in your history books while I’m gone.
She leaves.
ANNA- (To Christina) Could we share books? I don’t have one yet.
ANNA- Why not?
CHRISTINA- I don’t… share.
ANNA- Why don’t you?
CHRISTINA- You talk too much.
ANNA- Well you have a terrible additude.
CHRISTINA- What did you just say?
ANNA- AND you never smile, making you… ugly!
All the girls gasp.

The author's comments:
This Play is a work in progress. And also be mindful of the stage directions. Here is a list of charachters and what they look like.
Anastasia (Young)- (7) Dark strait hair freckles large dark eyes
Analexei (Young)- (5) Very light brown hair cut short Can’t form R’s very small
Maria (Older child)- (12) Dark brown curly hair with glasses with blue eyes
Alexandra- (30’s) Hair in french twist Light brown. Blue eyes motherly
Lenny- (40’s) rough looking with stubble. Has blue eyes. Brown hat
Catherine- (20’s) French twist blonde hair with any eyes. Taller than most
Christina (young)- (7) Red hair, pale little girl voice. Very rough in mannerisms
Amanda- (6) African American very expressive
Erin- (9) French braided dirty blonde hair with a scar below her right eye
Emmie- (4) Blonde hair in little pig-tails. Has problem with R’s as well. VERY energetic and affectionate.

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