A Boy and his Horse

February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

A very long time ago, when the Indians roamed the United States, there was a young Indian boy name Little Creek. Little Creek loved horses, each and every one of them that belonged to the tribe. He always wanted one for himself to ride and train and feed all on his own. He wanted to be just like the older men in his tribe with their horses.
One day, Little creek was exploring the outdoors when suddenly he spotted at least ten beautiful wild horses gazing in an open field. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The sight he was seeing was spectacular. He examined every horse in the herd, from black ones to white ones, every height, color, marking and every kind of eyes, was what he noticed about each horse. One stallion stood out to him the most out of the entire herd. He was beautiful, healthy and glowing. He had a deep chestnut color, with a long, almost black man and tail. Up to his legs were a dark brown, almost as if he had walked through a large puddle of mud. He had dark, bright eyes and a unique marking on his forehead. Between his eyes was a white spot. The stallion just kept munching grass with his herd, not knowing that he was being watching.
Little Creek knew that he should ask before approaching the horses, but instead he slowly crept out from behind the big oak tree he was kneeling behind, secretly watching them. As soon as the horses saw the little Indian boy come out from behind the tree, they galloped away. Little Creek was very disappointed.
He returned back to his teepee where his family was patiently waiting for him so they could have their supper. “Little Creek, you’re late,” said his Mother.

“I’m sorry Mother, I just had to stop and watch these horses, there was this one with a chestnut coat and black mane and..”
That’s when his father interrupted. “Like the one you didn’t bother seeing outside?”
Little Creek stepped out of the teepee only to see the stallion he had wanted so badly chained to the post by, as the other Indians in the village were looking him up and down. His father had been there at the same time Little Creek had been, and watched him adore the horse. Little Creek had no idea his dad was at the same place at the same time. He knew how bad his son wanted his own horse, and he knew how much it would mean to him. Little Creek promised to always take care of the horse, he was ecstatic. He could never ask for a better horse.

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