My Bloody Brother

January 28, 2010
By student BRONZE, Fonda, New York
student BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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My Bloody Brother!!!!!
Boom, Crack, whiz. Everyone on the boat could hear the bombs hitting the ground. We could hear bullets whizzing and people screaming. We were slowly making our way there .I could vaguely see the beach. We hit the beach and it was terrifying.

The screams and cries of wounded men. The boat that I had just gotten off of blew up. My ears were ringing and I was having trouble seeing. My sight came back slowly. Fear overcame me and I quickly tried to get to cover. I hide on the side of the hill and forgot. “My squad” I panicked and looked around for any trace of them. I was filled with relief when I noticed them. They were bunkered right behind a crashed boat. I signaled my men to come over to me. I have 4 men in my squad and only 3 made it over. The man that did not make it over was Maurice, and he was our youngest squad member.

Maurice was getting up to run to me as a bomb went off. He plunged backwards and he was not moving. I said to one of my members “go and see if he is still alive”. Ben kerkhoff went out and said “He is still breathing”. We brought him over and tried to treat him. It was to late at the age of 25 Maurice died.

My men and I kept moving to the side of the hill. On our way to the side of the hill my men saved one man. We brought him to the side of the hill and tried our best to get a medic. The medic came and he tried to help him as much as he could. I went over to see if I could help out. It was terrifying!!! The man we saved was my brother. I tried to comfort him. But I had to go. I requested the medic to watch over him. I exclaimed my goodbyes and started for the top. I was on my way to the top when I saw grenade plummeting towards me. I tried to run but then it blew.

I fell down and saw two big figures approaching m. Then I tried to run but all of a sudden, it turned pitch black. A bout 10 minutes later, I awoke to see a Nazi soldier. I was tied to a chair and my feet were injured. There was a table in front of me and on it were my weapons. I tried to reach a weapon when I heard gun fire. I looked over and the Nazi was dead. Three men ran in the room. They were my squad members and they united me. They brought me to a building where the injured went. I demanded to sit next my brother. They brought me over and he was in critical condition.

We sat and talked about family and home life. As the war kept waging on, we still talked. After hours of sleeping and talking, we heard screams. We did not know if it was us or Germany. I got up and walked to the door and the U.S. men were screaming victory screams.

My brother was sent home but for me I only had a broken leg. We buried the dead, took the dog tags off, and sadly looked for survivors. Sorrow filled me as I saw deceased men, but I know that they all died for our country!!!

The author's comments:
The main theme about this piece is that it is based on Normandy Beach. It takes place in WW2.

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