Genuine Spy Part1

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter 1 – The Investigation

The pick-pocket lumbered down the streets of London, England. Looking for his next prey, he hid in the shadow, waiting for an unsuspecting person to stroll by. The pick-pocket smiled as he saw a citizen pass by... The common image of a pickpocket is a man, stealing from the rich to get money. They usually use that money to either feed their family or to support their own lives. Basically, they steal out of need, not want. They require food, shelter, and clothes and all the other things human need. The problem is that they do not have the money which they need to afford all of these things. This is why most pickpockets steal.

A new breed of pick-pockets have a different approach. Due to the high children rates in England, parents have a hard time trying to support their kids and usually, they are sent to an orphanage. While this might sound like a good idea, as the orphanage could probably take better care than the parents, this is not commonly the case. Often, the orphans become bandits, robbers or in this case, pickpockets. One reason for that is that there is no education in an orphanage. If you are a kid in said orphanage, you usually believe that your whole purpose in life is to wait. Wait until someone adopts you. Wait until someone gives you food. If you are in an orphanage, you feel like your life was given to you, but with no plans to let you keep it. The new breed steal because they want to feel useful. Living in orphanages for years is asking to feel worthless. Since there is no education in these parts, children often resort to stealing and don't try to help the community because they don't know how. The bigger the steal, the more important they feel.

The new breed of pickpockets is not very serious problem as most of them either steal petty things or if they try stealing something big, they get caught due to their inexperience and receive severe punishment. Except for one... We do not know much about this man. Not many have lived to tell. According to a few sources, he is tall at around 6 feet and probably between 20 and 30 years old. When we tried to find about his childhood, we couldn't find any trace of anything. We could not locate his parents, his level of education or anything else. We assume that he is smart as nobody has willingly seen him. We know he is a master of disguise and stealth. We interviewed a citizen that was hired to track him. The results we got out of him were not very reassuring...

Chapter 2 – First Person Childhood

Jening had a rough childhood. He was sent to an orphanage before he could even properly speak. He learned the ways of how to survive 14 arduous years in a orphanage. And unfortunately for Jening, these ways did not help him become a better person. He compiled a list of what he needed to do which our research team has managed to recover:

1.Always attempt to avoid the enforcers in the building.
2.When you need to steal something, go in disguise as another person in the orphanage to minimize the chances of getting caught.
3.Don't act different at all times as beating is almost imminent when that happens.
4.Don't make friend in the orphanage as it never pays off.

As you can probably tell, the things I needed to do to in order to survive were not very positive. And believe me, all of these things in this list were necessary. It made me angry when I saw parents leaving their kids into this orphanage. Of course, they didn't know that they were basically sent their child to hell. If you didn't know how to steal or be mean, it would be almost impossible for you to continue your life. The enforcers feed you a measly half-bowl of grain that is supposed to feed you for 2 days but I have no idea how they believe this. They also hate when we start having hope. When we all first came here, we still had the ideas of what our parents taught us. One of these ideas is that religion was what was needed to create hope. Well, the enforcers forced us to burn statues representing the “Chain Of Being” (which stated that life was put in a chain) and made us swear that we would never pray or believe in god, heaven, and hell under a death penalty. They also made us believe that there were no such thing as the 4 humours. Too many people in this orphanage have not managed to survive with no hope...

I woke up to find myself in my usual spot, my bed. Well, technically, I was sleeping in more of an old rag than a bed. Usually, I did my best to awake the last to anger the enforcers, but today, the situation was different. After 14 treacherous years, I was going to escape this dammed place. I had planned everything in the past few months, examined every corner of the orphanage, looking for a spot where he could escape. 4 days after I started my research, I found a small nook which could be expanded so that I could fit through. During a few days a week after lunch I would use a small hammer and nail that I had stolen from the orphanage to carve out a bigger nook and weaken the foundation so that it would be easier for myself to cut later. It took me a lot of patience and willpower for me to not crack and try to rush out immediately. I knew that if I did that, the punishment would leave completely different, mentally and physically. Smiling, I knew I was extremely confident in his plan because while the enforcers were burly, they were not intelligent. I slowly went downstairs, trying to make the floorboards not squeak. Looking around, I sprinted towards the nook, removed the rock I had put up as decoy and crawled out. I could barely fit through so it took me over 10 minutes to get through. When I was fully out and a safe distance away, I smiled as he saw the enforcers rushing out the orphanage trying to spot me.

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