January 7, 2010
Dear Journal,

World War I just started. It started because Germany wanted to become more powerful and take all the land. They declared war on Russia, Britain entered the war to help its friend Belgium against Germany and Americans got involved when the Lusitania was sunk. I hate War. I wish every country would leave every country alone. Its Christmas today. Nobody really has holiday cheer. Nobody is really friendly because they don’t want to get close to somebody and have them die the next day. So I have nobody to talk to but you. Its weird writing in a journal. But it’s the only friend I have. Well of course I miss my family especially on holidays. It’s really lonely out here. And it’s really cold at night and hot in the day. Isn’t that weird weather. Back home it’s always cold. I got a bunch of letters today from my family. Same old stuff keeps happening over there. Tomorrow were going on a ship to London. Well I gotta get some sleep tonight so I’ll write tomorrow.

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