January 6, 2010
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Hands thrust forward to grasp the beautifuly dressed young lady. she was wearing a gown worth millions, yet she was not at a place where she should be wearing it. the man well he was fithy and was wearing torn rags.His hands finally around her perfectly perfect hips. trying to take one frightened shaky step away from the filthy creature.
"You cant touch me!" she hurled at him.
"well lets make sure that doesnt happen again, my darling!"
"First of all you dont call me darling and lastly you should go away before i hurt you.
Later on....
Sophia gets back to camp and she finds her father and her husband.she tells them all about what happend and decided to tell the king. so she went and told him and he said to he...
"He was a trater he was trying to get information for my plan from you,"
"ok i guess i will stay away from them now!"
" Yes of course you should they could kill you if you dont give them info. stay away from them. unless you know who they are ok?"
"Yes of course i will."
"Thank you ma'am"
"Thank you sir."

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