Unknown Solider

January 6, 2010
By Nick Revill BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
Nick Revill BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
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I open my eyes I can barely see, just then what look to be a Greek came running at me with a knife. He leaped on me before he could slice my throat; I get enough power to kick him off. The Greek I kicked was dazed for a couple of seconds just enough time to get my short sword. Before he could block my sword I sliced his head clean off. I wiped my blade off with his tabard and then I look up to see another warrior charge at me with his sword point towards me. I dodge the charge and then turned around forcing my blade through his back. I ran out of my tent watching my back carefully trying to find my sergeant to tell me what’s going on.
“What is happening sir” I said
“Those dirty Greeks, they surprised attacked us, now go get your sword and fight” He bellowed.
I did what I was told and grab my short sword and my shield. I looked ahead and saw my friend struggling with a warrior so I came up behind him and stab my blade through his neck blood splattered everywhere
“Thanks you saved my life” Said my friend”
“Don’t thank me it’s my job” I said.
We rushed to another pile of Greeks and Persians to fight. Sword clinking shields bashing is what is amplified through the whole battle field. After we defeated most of the Greeks in that group my general screamed out “Get on the boats” we both looked at each other and then sprinted for the boats. A couple of yards before the boat a fellow solider was about to get executed I ran up and thrashed my blade killing the Greek
“Thank you, thank you, thank you” he said
“It’s my job” I said
All three of us rushed to the boats. We got on the 2nd one and as soon as we got on we fell to the ground gasping for breathe. We set sail for home but then what look to be the helm of a Greek popped up on the side of the boat.
“The boat is being invaded” Shouted a soldier.
Everyone on the boat fought and fought. They killed a couple of our men and now there was one Greek left he seemed to be the most skilled. Just then I went to stab him but he dodge it and then the last seconds I saw was a dagger being swung to my neck and then blank.

The author's comments:
Its a historical fiction around the time of acnient greece

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