Who Am I!?! (Part 3)

December 21, 2009
By XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
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“We all have a train to catch, but whether or not you will make it aboard is entirely upon you.”

When I awoke, I was in the back of the truck in a daze listening to the sound of those same flies. I was surrounded by the same dead corpses and the same sick smell that made me uneasy. “My name, what’s my name? I can’t remember!… How did I get here…? Who am I!?!” Just then a bright green light ran down over the truck, followed by the Germans screaming up front in the cab. I looked out the back of the truck to see that we had taken flight! The whole truck raised off the ground in the green light that lead us to a silver saucer with little red flashing lights. It reminded me of a picture film I once saw with Kailey. The alien invaders abducted us high in the air and then we were in the spacecraft’s dark hanger. There was fancy type writers with TV radio screens and colored wires hung down from the ceiling. The back of the hanger held many vast windows that I could see my planet Earth from. I’ve never seen anything so terrifying in all my life. The hanger’s lights then brighten. The newly brightly lit room had countless numbers of scientists wearing white lab suits. They had human faces, so I knew they weren’t too different from me. One of the scientists had a space gun that he brought up to the front of the truck. I couldn’t see what he did; but I heard the gun fire twice with two “Zappps!” followed by the screams of the two Germans that quickly ceased. Another scientist walked up and spoke. “Your name is Project 17. You are a clone that we sent back in time to learn about the life styles of men in the year 1943. You have done very well and we thank you for the information you a provided us.” I was so shocked; I didn’t think I could speak. My whole life was a lie! What about the woman I loved? Was she real? Am I real? “So what does this make me…? Who am I?” I asked. He said slowly, not afraid to hurt my feelings, like I wasn’t human, “You are nothing.”

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