Who Am I!?! (Part 2)

December 21, 2009
By XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
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“We all have a train to catch, but whether or not you will make it aboard is entirely upon you.”

The first thing I felt was the cold rain “Slamming!” down on my motionless body. I smelled blood, I tasted blood. I tried hard to open my eyes in the water that wished to blind me. I used my hands to block the rain and saw a flag above my head with a German swastika fluttering wildly in the wind. A buzzing shellshock in my ear was beginning to fade so I could pick up screaming sounds. I awoke in the mud of a Nazi Concentration Camp. There may have been millions of people there, most of them dead! To my left I could see a 15 foot high pile of burned bodies, many were young children. Smoke came from the pile; clearly they failed to burn the bodies completely when the rain came. To my right was a small gray wall in the great fortress that was being used to whip prisoner against. They were whipped over and over again and a cry of pain always followed each “Whip!”
One man ran in an attempt to escape, began to climb the barbed wire fence toward the heaven! But a spotlight in the guard tower illuminated him in this dark hell and he was machine gunned down to the ground. I suddenly noticed that the rivers of rain and mud I lay in were, in fact, blood! The smell of rusty iron blood was everywhere in the air. I was so frightened by the sight I hadn’t noticed I was freezing. Then I heard the scream. Not that there weren’t any screams before, there were people crying in tears of blood all around me! This scream I knew was that of my daughter, Haley. I tried to stand but my legs wouldn’t move. It was then I noticed both my legs had been broken with the bones sticking out of my distorted legs.
I crawled on my hands toward the screams of the ones I love. I dragged my body around a small bunk house that was in the middle of the camp to see my wife holding frightened Haley in her arms. They stood in a large cement room with many other people. The door was at the opposite end and I could see my loved ones through a small window covered with barbed wire. I went to the window and tried as hard as I could just to reach them but fail! “Kailey!” I screamed with all my might partly out of breath. “Haley!” I yelled again. They both turned their pretty blue eyes and looked up at me as though I were an angel. “Daddy! Daddy what’s happening here?” my young child asked. “Everything is going to be fine,” I lied. My wife broke out in tears, “I love you.” “I love you too, I love both of you with all my heart,” I told them and this time it was the truth.
Just then a Nazi trooper came to the door with a flame thrower and killed everyone in the chamber. My dear wife Kailey and little girl Haley burned to death alive before my eyes! My heart burned too as the window was engulfed in flame. I lay down in the mud and cried. I made no attempt to move as I heard a German soldier yelling in my direction and before I knew it I was being dragged away. I didn’t care if I lived or died not anymore so I didn’t put up a fight. They pulled me through the bloody mud to the top of a wooden platform, to be hanged like the many others that waited in line with me. They helped put a bloody noose around my neck and a lever was pulled causing the platform to collapse below my broken feet. The noose tugged tight around my neck stealing each breath from my lungs. Next a miracle happened that I didn’t care much for. The rope broke! I lay there with the other motionless bodies and went to sleep, too depressed to stay awake and see this awful place. The sound of the “Buzzing!” flies was like a lullaby as it put me straight to sleep.

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