Who Am I!?!

December 21, 2009
By XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
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Who Am I!?!
“My name… I can’t remember… I can’t remember my name,” I spoke in a confused daze. There’s an awful smell of dead rotting corpses. I hear the rough “hummm!” of the engine. How did I get here? How did I get surrounded by blood and gore in the back of this truck? I’ll have to think back before this and try to remember.
The year was 1943; I was going home from work at my job at the mill. I was driving my black 1935 Ford Coupe through the late fall leaves on the dirt road. I lived in a lovely little town called Warsaw with my wife Kailey and my 5-year-old daughter, Haley. I owned a small house on the edge of town. Just as I was pulling into the house I could see the sun beginning to set over the horizon. I smelled my wife’s cooking when I stepped through the door. Haley ran to me screaming with joy wanting a hug from her daddy. “Daddy, Daddy! I love you Daddy!” I lifted her up with my arms and hugged her tight. “I love you too, sweetheart,” I said happily smiling back. I brought Haley back down to earth to go meet with my beautiful wife. She had long golden streaks of hair just like our daughter. Kailey paced over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips, “Hi, honey. How was work?” she asked.
I told of my day as we sat down together at the dinner table to eat the feast my wife prepared every night. I rambled on about how Dan sawed off his hand today at the mill and almost bled to death before the doctor arrived. I suddenly tried to change the subject to make frightened Haley at ease. “So ummm… Haley how was school?” She said with excitement as she did with everything, “Very great! Today we…!”
Just then our conversations stopped and so did the consumption of food. We sat wide eyes spacing out not focused on anything but the sound our ears were drawn to. The first sound that was heard was the loudest thundering “Boom!!!” that hammered down from the center of town. The sound grew closer as a shock wave “Smashed!” over our home. It violently shook the windows until they shattered in a bright fiery explosion that came from the front of the house. The room filled with thick, dark, gray smoke which made it hard to see and breathe. I yelled over to Kailey on the other end of the table who was frozen with a fork still in hand. “Kailey, take Haley down to the bunker! I’ll see what’s going on!” They went downstairs and I ran up to grab my Carcano rifle. I loaded the gun and ran out the front door.
The center of town was now a crater with a few pieces of building still standing around the edges of the town. The trees burned with orange crackling flames. I saw 30 German soldiers march out of the smoke caused by the explosion and of the ashes left by the dead. The troops held weapons by their sides and wore gasmasks over their faces. I put my back to my car using it for cover as a shield. I popped my gun on top of the hood of the automobile and opened fire. Bullets erupted from the chamber and flew wildly through the air, and the men exploded in gore! Speeding metal tore through their flesh and drained their blood as well as their lives.
When I unloaded all the bullets, I ducked behind the car to get a refill on the life takers. The angry warriors shot their payload on the side of my beautiful car. I covered my ears with the deafening sound of metal on metal as my vehicle was torn apart. My hands shook as I tried reloading another round. I killed maybe 15 men, and I was completely out of ammunition. Some of the other fighters I fought didn’t die and instead they just bled to death slowly on my front lawn. One of the bleeding soldiers was just a young boy and he cried and screamed in German. I only spoke Polish of course so I didn’t understand the crying boy covering his bleeding heart.
It hadn’t matter much that I run out of ammo when a German Panther tank came crashing through a brick wall that still stood in the destroyed town. I dropped my gun and started to make a run for it. I stopped running when the tank fired its cannon as a warning shot at what remained of my car. The car’s gasoline added to the warm explosion. I raised my arms up high toward the dark ash sky and surrendered. A German walked up to me yelling something and whacked me over the head with the end of his gun! I then blacked out…

The author's comments:
Who Am I!?! is defiantly one of my favorite short stories of the ones I have written. I’m very glad to be sharing this with the world I just hope it’s not too offensive to some ethnic groups out there. Well here it is enjoy.

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