Our Best, Their Worst

December 2, 2009
By , henderson, NV
As Alfonz sat on the beach he could feel the wind blowing on his bare chest. As he sat he could feel the sand slowly tickling his foot as it slowly slid down. Suddenly he heard something crawling around in the bushes. Slowly but steadily he reached for his MP40 & aimed it at the bush. Just as he was going to pull the trigger all alarms went off signaling him to go to his bunker ASAP to take control of one of the MG nests in the concrete bunker. As he walked away a bird flew from the bush and took a dump on his uniform right on the swastika.

In the time it took him to get to the top of his bunker the shore line went from nothing to the out line of many, many allied ships slowly coming towards the beach. As they got closer adrenaline rushed through his veins, not out of fear but however in anxiousness of the many lives he thought that he was sure to take. Once they were as close as they could get they released landing boats filled with infantry. Each one had about 10 units and they were approaching fast. It could have been hours or seconds but before he knew it the boats were about to un dock to let tens and tens of men on the beach

The first ramp was lowering and a thousand thoughts shot through his head:

Should I surrender?

Should I give up?

After all I am out numbered, right?

NO, I am not going to give up because these animals threaten Hitler and the father land and I CANT LET THEM WIN. And without a second thought he open-fired on every man he could see.

After hours of fighting, or so it seemed to him, all he could think was to KILL THEM, all he could say was DIE, DIE, DIE, all he could hear was the cry of the wounded with salt water washing upon their wounds, all he could see was the endless body of allied troops trying to get past him and his other men, and all he could smell was a mixture of sea salt blood and gun powder. It seemed endless to him, every one he killed had another to take his place like they couldn’t die.

And yet before he knew it the gunner next to him was killed. He knew this because he heard a loud bang and he was sprayed with blood witch came over to him from his friend due to the wind. Immediately he stopped shooting and raised his hands slowly and steadily in the air and turned around, all the while he yelled:

Don’t shoot, I surrender, don’t shoot.

However to the Americans he could have been yelling I have a bomb and I will explode it. And for that reason they pulled the trigger witch was aimed at his heart. However the bullet missed and hit right next to it and he fell. Thinking that he was dead the Americans turned around and as they were about to leave he picked up his MP40 and hit all of them in the head. After that he died and the last things he thought was:

I have died,

I have failed the father land,

Now the father land is sure to


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