Pricess to Freedom

December 10, 2009
By yelloweym BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
yelloweym BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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I was the Princess when I had to leave everything behind in the little village called, Mozan. The night when the white people came was a disaster! They burned down all the huts including the Chief’s worship area. At that moment I was running furiously to the river. I was certainly not coming close from escaping because when I turned my head, I saw a rugged buff man’s face under a lit lantern! I backed up panicking when I dangerously stumbled on a craggy rock! After that it was all dark!

When I awakened by the faint sound of horses’ hooves stopping on the dirt ground I looked around to find myself in some type of moving vehicle. I was crowded around from a few people I knew! There was Samba the little boy that helped on the crops! Oh, and there was old Tora she was the nicest elderly villager I knew! I quietly asked in Mozamdia which is the language I speak , “ Tora may you tell me were we are I must have hit my head when I saw the ruff man!?” “ Oh, Lady Mata! Oh, poor you! Well, when the frightful pale men came and destroyed everything! They took a few of us! And well they fiercely put us in this small vehicle,” Mrs. Tora explained.

The vehicle they put all of us in wasn’t exactly roomy and I sure didn’t like how dark it was. The only light that came through was the little cracks between the walls. “This is sure not a way to treat a princess,” I yelled vigorously! Every one turned their heads, “ Lady Mata, the men don’t know that you are the princess of our village,” said a scrawny man. I glared to the man, “Huh? What? Of course they know I’m royal? I am wearing my silk dress and my beautiful crown?” I looked down and saw my dress it was ripped and stained! And when I held my hand up to the usual spot my crown would have been, it wasn’t there! It must have fell off because of all the running I did!

“ Well they will soon know that I am royalty! I would like to speak to one of these men!” Everyone was confused, “ Lady Mata, the men are there. Steering the vehicle”
“Oh well of course! I will just speak with them later! When we are at a proper halt! Hmm? Well I am getting a little drowsy! May you move I would like to lay my head and take a nap!” I say while waving my hand for the little girl to move. She nods, yes.

I wake up two hours later thinking that everything before my long nap was all a very fretful nightmare. Of course it was all real and I am still in the small crowded moving vehicle. Suddenly the vehicle comes to a complete halt! “ Ha! We’re here! Now I can talk to those rude men once and for all,” I said while the pale men came jumping off there places from steering and opening the wooden doors letting out amounts of light and fresh air!

I excitedly prepare to hop down the vehicle while putting out my hand to the man showing him that I need help. He turns at me and grabs my wrist and points to the long line. I looked at him in a confused look? “ Um? I am looking for your chief or some type of ruler? I would like to talk to him,” I said very politely. Again no answer he just keeps on pointing to the line. “Very well then I will stand in the line!”

I look at the line and quickly forget about it and hurry up to the front of the line were I see a man directing the people in to the ship! I come up from behind him and give him a tap on the shoulder, “ Hello, Sir! I am Lady Mata. Princess and ruler of my village! I would like to talk to you! What is this place? Who are you to come barging in to MY village!” This man actually knows what I am saying and says, “ I don’t know! I am just a young man who was looking for a summer job! I signed up and here I am carrying slaves from Africa to Louisiana!” “Um? Slaves what are slaves? And how do you know what I am saying? Most of the men speak in different words here?” “ Yes I know well I studied your language. And well slaves are people who are obligated to come some were and work with no say!” “What! So you are taking us away from are homes! And we have to go to work with so pale people none of us even know?”

The man sadly turns away and whispers, “ I don’t want to take you or your villagers! Go, run, hide over there! Now hurry I will come and explain everything later! Go!” I nod and run over to the small hiding space that he pointed to. It was just a row of bushes and shrubs. I hid behind there and waited. Almost an hour passed before the man came over. He looked at me, “Listen I won’t let you go with them. Your going to stay with me! I’ll save you! But I can’t get everyone off the ship!” I turn my head and see the ship leaving!

“No! My family! My friends! I need them!” I yell “ I promise you they will be fine!” I look again at his face. He was a young, pale, very handsome. He had dazzling blue eyes and light brown hair. “ Ok I agree! But you promise me you have to take me to them later!” He nods, “ Yes, I will. Well as you might know most of your village is destroyed. But we didn’t take all of the people. You can go back to your village and stay there.” “Um? But were will you stay you could come for a few days and stay,” I ask innocently. “ Oh well maybe I shouldn’t?” I look at him hard. “Ok maybe I can! I will!”

After him and I agreeing on each other I show him the way back to my home. The few days that we spent by ourselves scouting through the forest to the village were really amazing! I got to know his name, John William. And all his family, his mom, dad, sisters, and all the animals on his farm. He said he lived Louisiana and how he loved working out in the sun and galloping on his horse named Bo.

He learned everything about me how I was the ruler of the village. And how I like to help out on the crops when no one was looking. Also were I go to school. He new about my family, parents, siblings, and my pets. I told him I really liked nice people and said how he was someone who I thought was nice and polite.

When we reached the village, everyone welcomed us with welcoming hands and friendly faces! I hugged my close family and friends. And introduced them to John! They all loved him and my father approved of him. But John stayed longer than a few days! He stayed and he took me to Louisiana. He didn’t want to leave the future he had with me in the village! So he stayed with me and everyone at his new permanent home. And yes, we had a future. I was saved and not a slave

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My teacher said we had to get published so this is my work!!!! Have fun!!!! BY

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killerbee said...
on Jan. 5 2010 at 6:09 pm
I totally loved the story. There is a lot of positive energy and positive reactions from the main characters. And, a happy ending. The princess seems like a wonderful and awesome person. She cared about her people. I am glad she was happy at the end. Keep writing for our enjoyment!

on Jan. 5 2010 at 9:23 am
Good story .... fun to read....exciting stuff

Box T said...
on Jan. 4 2010 at 5:19 pm
What a lovely story. I felt like I was there with the Princess. Can't wait for more.

on Jan. 4 2010 at 3:57 pm
yelloweym BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
3 articles 0 photos 7 comments

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Thank you guys for everything and I'm reall excited that u all like it!! (:

on Jan. 4 2010 at 2:09 pm
very desriptive and a fun read, very exciting!!!

good job

on Jan. 4 2010 at 1:26 pm
yelloweym BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
3 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:

Pero que linda istoria, estoy muy orgullosa de tu talento. Te quiero mucho.


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