December 6, 2009
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I screamed as loud as I could to my mother. She just couldn’t here me. Adam also had been screaming at her. She was running with my father, they just weren’t fast enough. Adam and I saw the partly burned building in the distance, and ran in. Then, we heard the shot, and then another. We automatically knew the soldiers had shot them. Adam tried to comfort me, we had to be quiet or we would die. I poked my head outside the building. Both my parents were on the ground with a pool of blood around them. Adam was looking outside, I couldn’t stop looking at our parents.

“Carmela!” I jumped from the urgency in Adam’s whisper, “Get back!” Then I saw the soldiers coming towards us. The first S.S. soldier stepped over my father. The other soldier kicked my mother’s lifeless and hollered, “Dirty Jew!” I threw up in the corner. We ran into the deepest part of the building. We heard the soldier say to the other soldier, “We will get them later.” We both breathed a sigh of relief. We ran to the front of the building and I saw the yellow star on the window. I asked Adam if the yellow star was there because the owner was a Jew. He solemnly replied yes. Then I asked him, “What were the soldiers going to do with us?” He replied, “If we were to have cooperated they would have sent us to the concentration camp.” I knew the camp was bad. Mother and Father warned us that no matter what we couldn’t go to the camp.

I was convinced they were going to catch us. I thought my brother thought so to, but he would deny it if I asked. Adam was sixteen and I was eight. We both acted beyond our years ever since the war broke out. We never had a care or worry until then. We began walking through buildings to avoid the from soldiers capturing us. It began to sprinkle and both Adam and I agreed we must fine shelter. We walked towards where the trains use to come. Saba would always come by the train. I wished he was here, he always made me feel wonderful. Every time he came to visit us he gave us a gift. It was always something small, but we always enjoyed them. The last time he visited us he gave us a ball and cups for Adam and I to play with.

The rain pelted us so terribly hard it stung. We had to find a place to stay without being caught. I couldn’t stop thinking about Saba, I hoped he was okay. We walked for a long time until we found this old shack that appeared to have a stable roof. It was raining so hard, I felt the roof would fall on us. I prayed that it wouldn’t thunder or lightening, Adam could see how afraid I was. “It is okay Carmela, we will be okay. I will protect you from the soldiers. Mother and Father told me to take care of you, that I shall do.” I looked at my brother with grateful eyes. Suddenly, the door flew open and we hid in the dark corner. A man walked in with big black boots on his feet, he had a gun. He was young, Adam’s age. The boy sat next to us, he was the soldier who was following us before. “My name is Adler, I am sorry. Take my gun when I am finished and anything else you need.” Adler took the gun and walked outside. Adam knew what Adler was going to do, he shielded my eyes even though I would see nothing. The gun was fired. We both knew we were now safe in the wake of sorrow.

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Finklestine said...
Dec. 31, 2009 at 3:54 pm
Morgs!omg ur such a great writer so glad that we are best friends!
luvu said...
Dec. 31, 2009 at 1:28 pm
I felt this totally.. Please write more. U;re a great writer!
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