The Theatrical Adventure

November 26, 2009
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“Brother, I wish to go on another expedition. I need you to come with me on this one.” Sir Francis Drake said. Sir Francis Drake looked like a young adult with dark brown hair and glowing green eyes. He looked almost exactly like his brother.

“I will come with you, Francis. But, where will Katherine go when I am gone? She has no mother and no other relatives,” Adam replied. Adam is a young adult unlike his brother. He has the same dark brown hair as Francis but a different color of green eyes, a softer color like sea foam green.

“Well, I am in close connection with the Queen. She might watch Katherine while we’re gone. For, I have to run the idea of another expedition by her before I go.”

“Katherine! Katherine! Niece, come here. Your father and I need to speak with you.”

“UNCLE! I have missed you. When did you come back?” Katherine asked Sir Francis Drake. Her father kept the fact that Sir Francis Drake had come back from his expedition two months ago in 1580. Katherine is adventurous, brave and strong just like her uncle but she didn’t have the same brown hair or green eyes. Instead she had inherited her mothers looks. So Katherine had the same blond-redish hair with blue eyes that changed colors in the weather.

“Well young one, I have been here for only a little while. Now I have decided to go on another expedition and your father has agreed to come with me.”

Katherine was very surprised by her uncle’s answer. For, Sir Francis Drake promised Katherine that once he came back that he wouldn’t go on another expedition without her.” I can go with you, of course. Right? You remember your promise don’t you?” Katherine said worriedly. She really wanted to go with him, since forever. All fell quiet.

“This expedition is too dangerous for you to come with me. We are going to see the queen and you need to come with us. Pack up most of you belongings. We promise after we leave, we will be back soon.”

They all left to go to the palace where the queen spent most of her time.

As they arrived the guard greeted Francis. “Sir Francis Drake, welcome back to the Whitehall palace.”White hall palace is big and has lots of windows.

“Nice to see you again, Fred. Can you take us to Queen Elizabeth please?” Sir Francis Drake said to the guard in reply.

“Of course. I am sure the queen will be happy to see you again.” The guard started walking down the large hall making many turns, until they came upon a large white door.
“Knock, knock,” the guard knocked on the door. “Come in! Come in!” the queen burst out.
“Your highness, good day! Sir Francis Drake has come to see you” the guard said excitedly.

Sir Francis Drake, Adam and Katherine walked into the room. “ Sir Francis, it’s nice to see you again. Now, who are these lovely people that you have brought with you?” Queen Elizabeth asked. Queen Elizabeth is a nice person with dark brown eyes and an orangey-red hair color.

“Well, this is my brother Adam,” Sir Francis gestured toward his brother, “ and this is my niece Katherine.” He gestured toward Katherine as well.

So, what shall we talk about today? Expeditions...”

Sir Francis Drake interrupted,” Actually yes, I did want to talk about another expedition. My brother has agreed to come with me. I was hoping that you could watch Katherine for us while we are away.” Katherine looked stunned at what her u;uncle has said.

“ No wonder you told me to pack my belongings. You’re making me stay here with the queen! You’re just one big promise-breaker!” Katherine loudly and angrily whispered to her uncle.

“Of course she can stay! There is someone that she should meet. He is going to b e such a good friend to you Katherine. Also when you get back your going to have to come to the Greenwich palace because i plan to move there in a couple months. Did you know i was born there Frances?” Frances did not answer, and the queen seemed to like the idea that Katherine would stay in the palace with her. “Curran! Curran, my boy! Come here please” Queen Elizabeth called.

“ Adam and I are going to leave now. We want to get back as soon as possible so that Katherine doesn’t feel like we are abandoning her here.” Sir Francis Drake said and then gave a long and loving hug to Katherine. Her father did the same and they both exited the room tall boy ran into the room. The boy looked about 15. He has long golden-blond hair with really nice light blue eyes that looked like Katherine’s.

“Curran this is Katherine. Katherine this is Curran. Now that you two have met Curran will show you to your room. Curran please show her to her room.” Queen Elizabeth introduced Curran and Katherine to one another. Curran started walking through the hall silently and Katherine immediately followed.

Katherine started thinking, “If I don’t tell him how high I am born maybe he will like me for who I am besides he is kind off handsome.”

At the same time Curran started thinking ”If I don’t tell her how high I am born maybe she will like me for who I am besides she is kind off pretty.”

When they both got to the room they started talking to one another. “ Curran, how old are you?”

“I am 13. How about you?”

“I am 12. How do you feel about acting?”

“I love it. It is my dream to be an actor. But my dad says i am to high born to be an actor even if it is my dream.”

“Wow. I love acting to. Our dreams are very alike and our fathers are very alike to.”

“ Katherine I have an idea so that we can make our dream come true.”

“What is it?”

“ You know how there are auditions at the globe theatre for Romeo and Juliet right?! Well we can dress as very poor boys auditioning for the Play!”

“That’s perfect, since girls aren’t allowed to act! I can always sneak away the queens maids are supposed to be looking after me but they’re all to worried about impressing the queen. Can you sneak away Curran?”

“I sure can my dad is always busy so he only sees me when I walk around where he works.”

“When are auditions Curran?”

“ i think they are tomorrow. I have everything we need I have been planning this for a year of two. Lets get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day.”

The next morning Curran snuck into Katherine’s room and gave her a pair of clothes as she got out of bed to change. Katherine and Curran go to audition for the play.

“Curran I’m very nervous right now. Shouldn’t we find other names so they don’t know who we are.’”

“We should be at this moment and yes, you’ll be William and I will be Peter. Can you remember that?” Katherine had no time to respond because the director gave each of them a piece of paper to recite.

“A plague of both of your houses.” Curran recited for the director.

“Your Tears are womanish.” Recited Katherine. All the other actors recited their slips off paper.

“ Good job everyone. In ten minutes i will post the list on the back wall off the stage.” the director said.The director cunsulted with his group and posts the list.

“I got Lady Capulet,” said Katharine.

“I got Capulet,” said Curran.

“The rehearsals will be every night for the next 3 months. Either be here or don’t be part of this play!” the director announced.

Over the next three months Katherine and Curran snuck out each night without being caught. They both thought that they would never get caught, until a portrait artist named Nicholas Hillard, came to see the play. Nicholas Hillard is one of the only two portrait artist aloud to paint Queen Elizabeth.

“Are you nervous?” Curran asked Katherine.

“Sort Of. Are you?”

“No, not really.Are you ready to do this?”Curran said bravely.

“Yes. I hope I don’t mess up.” Katherine murmured.

“Oh you won’t. Just don’t forget your a lady pretendind to be a man that is acting out a lady.”

“Very funny Curran. Seriously what if someone finds out that I am not a boy.” Katherine worried.

“It will be fine.” Curran assured her. The play began. No later did Curran and Katherine came on stage Nicholas Hillard knew that Katherine was a lady and Curran was her partner in crime. Once he saw Curran and Katherine he went of to see the Queen.

“Elizabeth it is nice to see you again.”

“Nicholas what are you doing here? You know I’m not ready for my portrait yet. You weren’t suppose to be here until tomorrow.”

“Well... I was just at the Globe Theatre and I saw a girl acting in the play.”

“That cannot be true. All ladies know that they aren’t aloud to act.”

“But I saw it with my own eyes. She even acts and talks like a girl.”

“I DON”T BELIEVE YOU!” The Queen practically screamed. “I will go down there myself and prove that a lady is not in the play.”

The queen was soon on her way. When she got there she snuck into the back and watched the show with Nicholas by her side. Right away she recognized Curran and Katherine’s voices. At the end of the show when everyone exceot the cast and crew had left she came right behind Curran and Katherine and pulled of their wigs.

“I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU TWO!” The queen yeld at the top of her lungs. Everyone was staring at Katherine and formed a circle around the scene.

“Your a girl!” Mummured the crowd.


“Your the neice of Sir Francis Drake!”, “Your the son of Sir Francis Russel!” Katherine and Curran said simotainioously.

“Since you two are paratners in crime here. Instead of banishing you I order you guys to get married!” Exclaimed the Queen.

One month later Curran and Katherine were married.

“I always liked you.” whispered Curran.

“Me to.” Katherine whispered back.

Curran and Katherine could never act again, but they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


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