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November 24, 2009
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The day was April 15, 1992, in the medical hut of Menomonee. This day was the day in which Benjamin Warrichaiet became a new tribal member. Thought my near 7,000 suns and moons our tribal elders have influenced me to become a well knowledge member. It is judgment year……
The elders scrutinize my every move to make sure I’m ready to potentially leading the wahi wahi tribe of Pewaukee. All of the hard work my guardians have put in for my passing into manhood. I look back onto my previous years… I picture my mother, Katie, trying to keep me and my nefarious brother out of trouble. She would provide the upkeep of our hut. The décor was laid out perfectly, other tribal families tried to one up us.
My father, Gary, would be the ultimate hunter for the family. As the most well known hunter out of the village, our family always got our fair share of the kill. He was impeneratible to the harsh behavior of the tribe, except to my astute brother who found ways to. My brother was vexatious to my dad to the point in which they would bicker to one another.
My bother is a different story; he loathed to go to school. He was caught many of time soliciting in the forbidding woods. I always strived to do my best in the academic world in my preparation to be chief. The elders were pleased with me to which I seemed to take all of my brother’s glory that he felt ineffectual. I tried to gain all of the knowledge I could for the betterment of the tribe in the years to come. I advocated for better treatment of criminals, cleaner facilities, and changes to the laws.
The malady of 2000 rolled in like a thunderstorm in the Mississippi valley. My mother, being amicable in the tribe, helped those in need and kept the sick feeling peaceful.
Now that year has passed and tribe is reaching back to its previous state. I hope to get my status and that my years to come would make me chief of the tribe.

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