Patty's Summer

November 14, 2009
By , Danbury, TX
Patty meets Anton at the store
He’s a German and she must ignore
Her feelings for him and so much more
Not now not ever and forevermore.

Out in the distance, right at the tracks
Patty soon faces the facts
Anton in need, he grasps her hand
He is hidden from sky and land.

Above the garage in a secret room
She visits cautiously, to avoid doom
They eat, they talk, they speak of their past
Their in love and so it lasts.

At night he leaves Patty in tears
Their love is strong and that is what she fears
A kiss on the lips, they say their goodbyes
But in her hand there it lies.

Anton’s ring, for her to remember
Of all the times they spend together
This memory of him shall last forever
This mustn’t be taken from her, not ever.

This resembles his face’s outline
A thought that sparkles in every shine
The ring, it whispers through each carrot of gold
His heart, his feelings, indeed it holds.

FBI swarms her with questions
All she did was give kind suggestions
A lie she told, and they believed
The truth they did not receive.

Anton is dead!
She cried as she read
Hitting her pillow, pounding her bed
Tears filled her eyes as her face turned red.

She is sent away to an all girls’ camp
She writes to this editor on paper, under a lamp
Ruth visits her every now and then
She has been Patty’s friend ever since way back when.

She’ll never forget what happened that summer
Anton dying was such a bummer
She hopes to God and says a prayer
Watch over my German Soldier!

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