Gypsy Girl

November 12, 2009
By JackVain SILVER, Lubbock, Texas
JackVain SILVER, Lubbock, Texas
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Snow fell softly in the dark woods, even with the tree branches so close together the snow and moonlight seemed to still get through. As I looked around it appeared beautiful to me, but I knew even the beautiful could kill. I was becoming numb in my hiding place. I had found a little cubby hole at the base of a tree a few days ago while I had been running from a Nazi soldier. He had been searching for a Jewish family that was hiding in the same abandoned building as me, and someone had ratted them out. While he walked through I had hide in a hole with an opening just big enough for me to squeeze in, and while he passed his boots kicked up some dirt that drifted into the hole. I tried to cover my nose and mouth but it somehow still seemed to get to me; horrified I sneezed! He stopped where he was and turned towards my hiding place. I knew I was caught, but I wasn’t going to give up. I jumped out of the hole and ran blindly towards the door as fast as I could. The sound of the soldier’s gun tore through my ears, but somehow I got through the door and into the woods close by. As I ran I knew he was behind me for I heard his boots hit the ground with a loud thump. I started to dodge through the trees and finally I saw a hole in a tree. I slid into the hole as quick as I could then pulled my knees to my chest while trying to slow my breath. I heard the soldier’s boots a few yards back. While I listened I finally realized I had been shot. Only on my side but it was the most painful I had ever felt. There was blood everywhere. Also I heard his boots so close I knew that in a few steps he would be at the opening in the tree. Suddenly I had an idea; the idea scared me but I knew I had to live. I raised my bloody hand to my face and smeared it then I got my clothes and body that wasn’t already drenched. I slumped my body and pulled in a huge breath just as the soldier got to the entrance of the hole. He stopped then slowly bent to look in. when he saw me he started to grab his gun, but then saw I wasn’t moving. I had no idea if he believed it or knew I was alive but knew I was going to die from the blood loss or cold, but either way he started laughing as he stood up and walked back to the building. I sat there for what seemed like hours before i9 had enough courage to sit up and look around. In the days that followed I stayed in my hiding place not even leaving for food. I had water from the snow on the ground. Finally a few days later I decided I had to get food. I peered out of the hole I didn’t see anything, so I slowly climbed out and started looking around. I walked for a long time and it was starting to get dark. I finally decided to go back but as I looked around I couldn’t remember where I came from. I started freaking out, and ran blindly through the darkening woods. Suddenly I heard a something, so I stopped and began to look around. Then I felt a tearing through my body. I looked down blood was pouring out of a hole in my chest. I fell to the ground, laying there my body started going numb and then it all went black.

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