My brother, my friend, his name is Shun liu

November 10, 2009
By alvinrulezz BRONZE, Calgary, Other
alvinrulezz BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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The most feared commander of the Chinese, chen da lei, patrolled the bamboo forest, he had no idea that hiding in the tall grass was some one who would change his life, forever. It was his brown horse that first sensed the enemy, it stopped suddenly, sensing the danger, it whinnied and bucked until his master had no choice but to whip his backside. Then just like that the bullet was fired, it flew and pined the commander in the helmet, thank god for the helmet, with out it chen da lei would be dead meat, the soldier was not a sniper from the Japenese army, but was a novice soldier of the xin zi jun or the heart army, this army was conducted of brave farmers, with many rsources. The commander swore, he pulled himself up and whipped out his two “lighting” pistols, they were both type 24s, he had ripped them out of the cold, hard, dead hands of two Japanese commanders. The bushes jiggled and a young man, not much older than 30 jumped out , “don’t shoot!” he cried waving his gun in the air. Chen da lei saw that the young mans clothes were shabby and knew at once that this man was not part of the Japanese army, so he went over and pinned him on a very wide bamboo shoot, “Why did you try to shoot me?” the commander growled.

“I thought you were a Japanese soldier” the man said his voice failing him as he finished.

“and your aim just that good, am I correct?” “id like to see you do it again” said the commander, his hand twitched and tightened around his guns.
So the man did just that, he picked up his really unreliable Chiang kai shek rifle and took aim, even though the commanders horse was about 500 meters away with the helmet resting beside it, the mans bullet still pinged off the helmet a second time, this was enough for the commander, “this is amazing! You my brother are the most top notch sharpshooter I have ever seen!” he cried, and he gave him a name, even though the man had already told the commander his name was shun liu[ shwin-leo] the commander gave him another name, chen er lei, the second of chen da lei.
Back at the base the commander had just finished giving shun liu his gun, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, it was sleek and shiny black, it was his own Dragunov Sniping Rifle, taken from a Japanese soldier, and stored away.

Only on the Thursday of the second week that this happened, the phone rang, it was good news and bad news, the bad news was that the Japanese along with the traitors that went over to help the Japanese were planning to invade a city near by, the good news was that the supreme commander, the person who was in control of it all was coming to. This was the best news the commander chen da lei had ever heard, the person who was perfect for this job was shun liu, he and his sniper were going to take care of the supreme commander for sure.

“First line, Move out ! second line, move out!”, the commander roared, the soldiers moved in rows, over the rolling hills and over the fallen body’s, the valley they were fighting in was massive and great for a sniper, the Japanese were fighting with every bit of ruthlessness they could muster, what they did not know was that a sniper was positioned on top of the cliff, he was armed with his gun loaded with 20 rounds of bullets and 15 grenades, he was the reason why all the soldiers were mysteriously falling to the ground with a bullet in their back. After four hours of this, shun liu saw him, the supreme commander, he was a big beefy man, with a big beer belly, he had small eyes and a large head, one bullet and the man would be toast, now he was with in range, shun liu took aim, his gun was steady and ready he curled his finger around the trigger, then his gun made an ugly spitting noise and fired the one way ticket to death. If the normal person in a war saw shun liu’s bullet than he would have mistaken it for any old bullet, but the supreme commanders son was not normal, he saw it and dove for his dad, because he knew that if his father would have died, than all of Japan would become much weaker, the bullet hit the commanders son, right in the back. The supreme commander instantly knew what was happening he knew that fighting was useless, the sharpshooter was positioned so that non of them could hit him, and no one could find him any way. The Japanese started to fall back, but shun liu could not fail, so he threw his grenade, the last one down into the stampeed of body’s, it landed right infront of the supreme commander, it was not active, but shun liu had other ideas, the supreme commander picked it up, dozens of years of experience in war had taught the commander that the grenade was not active, he was puzzled, why would there be a non active grenade? He did not need to wonder much longer because that’s the time shun liu took aim, in bullet right into the grenade; the grenade blew up right in his face, killing him instantly. At that point every thing that had happened through out the war was forgotten, everybody’s attention was turned to the dead supreme commander, and the war was won.

Even though it was only one war, it was a very important war, because the rest of the war was easy to fight, sort of. And shun liu continued his service toward the army as an elite sharp shooter, carrying his gun like his own brother.

Then it happened around the last year of the war, the commander Chen da lei was on patrol duty, with him was his companion shun liu, they were walking talking about the way in which a gun is a weapon, show no affection to it because it is a killer, a bad thing, it is only used to save the lives of the people we care about. Unfortunately the two elite soldiers did not know that there was a sniper on the hill above them, he was one of the original elite soldiers that helped invade china at the start of the war. He was severely injured in the war were the supreme commander was shot, and now, four years later he was back and ready to take revenge, he took aim and pulled the trigger. The 2 cm long bullet travelled at 900 km per hour, headed right for the cocky, loud, and very annoying commanders throat, all of the snipers hatred, all the tears and blood that he had shed because of the commander was all concentrated into the bullet.

Shun liu heard the bullet, and he did the only thing that made sense to him, he jumped in front of the commander and there was a dull “thock”, he landed on the floor, he was a bloody mess but now he felt that all his senses had sharpened so with great effort, he took his gun aimed and shot, the sniper on the hill was still loading his gun, his gun make criks and cracks, but he still couldn’t get his gun ready, then he got shot, the bullet entered his body at a 110 degree angle, it travelled through his stomach and hit his heart.

The mourning was a sad event, the young man who was the pride of the Chinese army, was dead, because he had tried to save the commander, if he hadn’t tried to shoot the man on the hill, he would have had a chance, but the effort had made him lose too much blood, and he couldn’t survive. But now everyone knows him as a hero, he was everybodys best friend, and he was everyones brother, his name is shun liu.

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This article is about the hard ships of the soldiers that faugt in the 2 world war against the japenese.

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