A Tale of Elizabeth Harmon: The Warning

November 4, 2009
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Charles pulled me aside while Meg was preparing supper. She was eight months pregnant with her second child and very excited about the new baby. She had no idea of the impending danger that could possibly be rapidly approaching. Charles couldn’t bear to have her worry, especially with the new baby on the way. Meg was 19, and very strong and sturdy, except when she worried.. Then she became fearful and impossible to deal with. Charles had told me because he knew I could handle it. He also needed help preparing proper traveling arrangements and breaking the news to Meg.

“Elizabeth, I just heard from Andrew. Things aren’t going well in the war for our side. The enemy’s advancing at a fast rate. The time may be coming for us to leave Little Prairie and seek safety.” he said. I felt my eyes widen but other than that I betrayed no emotion of alarm or surprise.

“Is Andrew absolutely sure that they will come this way?” I asked quietly. Charles nodded gravely. “Just beyond here is River Valley. The enemy needs to take that and cut off the river so we cant send supplies to our troops in other cities. This is a top priority town now, Liz.”

I looked around to make sure Meg wasn’t anywhere near. Then I said, “We need to rent a cart from town and make sure that the horses are ready to leave at anytime. I’ll begin packing for us when Meg’s busy. We cant too many things though.”

Charles relaxed a bit, “It’s good to know you have everything planned, Liz. Andrew’s assured me that our side will fight their hardest to make sure Little Prairie isn’t taken. If the enemy does come at all, it shouldn’t be for another two months. We’ll talk to Meg once the baby’s born in a month or so.”

I was about to tell him that the baby could be born at any time but that might make him not tell Meg until the last possible minute. Instead I smiled and said, “Okay Charle, when the baby’s born.”

A week later Meg was in labor.

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