So Long America!

October 21, 2009
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November 23, 1889
Dear Diary,
Those darn newsies! They are causing so much trouble than it is all worth. Ever since Mr. Pulitzer raised the price of the newspaper they refuse to come get any newspapers from me. I have had enough of those boys throwing tomatoes at me that I have decided to bring in the “big guys.” I am beginning to wonder why Mr. Pulitzer is going through all this trouble just to make a little more money. All this hassle is just making him lose and is making my business go down in the dumps also. I am going to see Mr. Pulitzer tomorrow to talk to him about the price of the newspaper. If he doesn’t want to change it then I am out of here. I will be asking for my final pay check and will be getting on the next ship to England.
February 19,1890
Dear Diary,
Hmmm! Mr. Pulitzer sure the heck didn’t like my idea of changing the price of the newspaper while I was there but now that he realizes I was the main reason he was selling them papers, he lowered the dang price. Too bad I am already over here in England though. I found myself a beautiful wife who hooked me up with a big newspaper company. My stand is now the biggest one out there and I got a promotion. Finally! I have deserved one for a while now.

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