My Life in London

October 21, 2009
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Today was a sunny bright day in London. I woke up and stumbled out of bed. Walking slowly down the street bare foot, I could smell the crisp air and fresh bread right out of the oven. “Man, I am very hungry,” I thought to myself “I haven’t had anything to eat in 3 days.” I just tried to ignore that wonder, glorious, fresh smell of the bread. I was on my way to pick up my necklaces that I sold on the corner near a popular shopping mall. People usually would by something from me, just because I was young and they would feel so very bad for me. I walked up to the window of the shed in which I bought my necklaces cheaper than what I sold them for. Today, unfortunately, I only had enough to buy 15. I can usually buy about 30 but yesterday was a hard day and I didn’t sell as many as I usually do. While I was walking to my spot on the corner, I could see all of the rich people coming out to go shopping to buy things they didn’t really need. “Why do they get all that money, and I get squat?” I arrived at my corner and I saw a kid standing there trying to sell newspapers, and well, that is not good at all. I walked up to him and said “Hey kid! This is my spot, so beat it.” He left as soon as he saw me coming. Standing there on the side of the corner I would shout. “Lady and gents come and get your nice handmade necklaces! They are one of a kind, and you can’t get ‘em anywhere else in the world! These are usually hundreds of dollars, but you can buy them from me for only 20 dollars!” Once people looked at me and saw how skinny and hungry I was, they would usually buy one, or even two, and that was on a good day. It was getting dark outside, and everyone was going home. Tonight was supposed to be one of the coldest nights in a long time, and I had no idea where I was going to sleep, or if I was going to sleep tonight. A slice of hot bread and hot soup sounded good, but who knew if I was going to eat. I had this overwhelming hunger, and urge to have a family, but that would never happen. My stupid dad left me after my mom died and he didn’t want to take care of me. Jerk! I was walking barefoot back to the place that I slept last night, hoping that those people would be nice enough to let me sleep there again. It was just so cold. I started to get very tired and my eyes were starting to close without me having any say in whether I wanted to stay awake or go to sleep. I started drifting off and I finally decided to sit down, and take a nap. As soon as I was almost asleep, a woman came out of the house I was laying in front of and called out her husband to come and get me. They brought me inside and made me a hot meal of fresh bread and warm soup. The rest of my life, I have not sold a single bracelet, but I have become an adoptive parent, and a fighter for children of the streets. My name is Harriet Tubman and this is my story.

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