My First Year In America

June 29, 2009
By Melanie Davis BRONZE, Homosassa, Florida
Melanie Davis BRONZE, Homosassa, Florida
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As mom Jenny and I look back at Lady Liberty we think wow we made it, we out of all people. As we walk slowly away we are all proud that we came off the boat and came to America to do what we have to do. The only really bad thing that happened so far was that dad did not make it through Ellis Island. Today I found out something I never knew about Jenny. I found out that she is not shy all the way through. Sense dad did not make it she would not take another step. Dad agreed that he would be by our side in one year or less which means he would be here in the middle of June. But we have bigger problems we have a trunk a bag and clothes to carry but where are we going to carry it to? We have no home, no job to pay for a home, and if me and mom where to get a job where would we put Jenny.

After three and a half miles Jenny insisted on stopping at a bathroom well the only place to go was on the ground which Jenny would not do for a million dollars or a house that was about a quarter of a mile away. Jenny said that we will ask the people at the house if I can go to the bathroom there. As we approached the house she began to run. She knocked on the door and waited, then she knocked on it, again, again, and again by that time mom and I had both made it to the stairs of the front porch Jenny was hollering at the door like it was me. Nobody seemed to live there so Jenny tried to open the door, it took her a second but she managed to open it. Mom swiftly grabbed at Jenny and pulled her back. As mom was giving her the lecture that you don’t just walk into someone’s house even if they don’t answer I drifted towards the door myself. I peered in and saw the house was furnished but dusty and abandoned. As I hastily ran back to mom and told her the house was abandoned but had some furniture in it. Maybe this could be are house I said to her. She had the look on her face like she was completely against it. After a minute of silence she decided to take a look at it. As we all walked in all anybody noticed was Jenny sneezing because of all the dust. Mom speedily ruled the house out because of Jenny’s allergies. It was a fairly nice house and I would be willing to clean it after all it did have a couch two beds and a table. I quickly told mom that I would clean it up and there would not be a spec of dust. Mom agreed to keep the house after I made the point that we have no where else to go and no money to pay for a house.

As time went on mom got a job sweeping the front of Mr. Johnson’s candy shop and restocking the shelves. I got a job at the mill, and Jenny goes to the neighbors who take care of her Monday-Saturday. As May approached everything was looking beautiful like it did last summer when we came to America. When I was walking home I saw a man thirsty probably, he was a immigrant to. I went into my house and got a cup of water. By then the man was approaching the house I walked up to him and I dropped the cup of water. It was dad I couldn’t believe it. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him the biggest bear hug possible. We talked I asked them how the potato famine was recovering, and how everybody was doing. Then Jenny walked in and almost forgot to breath she couldn’t believe that dad was already here. She talked with dad and practically asked the same questions I did. When we were all in the kitchen making dinner mom walked in. She heard dad’s voice and asked which little friend I had over I told her to come here and I will introduce him to you. Mom walked in and was so delighted she stumble over her feet like it was her first day walking. She hugged them and they talked and we ate and then we all went to bed. That was the greatest day so far in America!

The author's comments:
I wrote this story after I saw a picture that did not show alot but told a lot.

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