The Betrayal

June 2, 2009
By Naum Snegirev BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Naum Snegirev BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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In the year A.D 700 there was a mighty island empire called Marlean. The capitol of the empire was Herein. The city was full of paradise, culture, many big and nice buildings, massive temples, hanging gardens; there was a big trading sea port, and the city was one of the wealthiest the world has ever known. The emperor of the empire was Emperor August and Empress Penelope and together they had two sons, Prince Hector the eldest and prince victor the youngest. Together the empire and the rulers lived in peace and harmony until one day the emperors most trusted friend and close son betrayed him and the whole empire.

“Sire General Lanta is approaching the palace rapidly, what are your orders!” the messenger said with fear to Emperor August.

“Tell the all the troops to defend the palace walls! We must not let them breach the palace or all hope is lost!” Emperor August exclaimed.

“Yes your highness!” the messenger said.
General Lanta is at the palace walls he orders.” Destroy the walls! Do anything to get inside the palace!” The general had massive sieges attacking the palace. There were catapults, ladders, and other sieges that the empire has never seen. There were many soldiers getting hurt left to right and finally after 35 days of defending the palace walls the generals troops breached the south end of the palace.
“Your highness General Lanta and Prince Victor’s forces have breached the palace what do we do?” the messenger said panting like a dog.
“Stand and defend for as long as possible” Emperor August said hugging his empress Penelope. There were enemies pouring into the city like a bottle filling up with water. They were destroying everyone and everything in there path. The troops were coming closer and closer to the emperor’s room.
“Shut the door lock it as secure as possible!” the Emperor yelling at his honor guards. BANG! BANG! BANG! The enemies were trying to get in.
“We can’t hold it much longer!” the guard said.
“Hector I want you to hurry on to the secret passage and escape. You’re the only hope this empire has now go!” Empress Penelope said to her son.
“Yes mother!” Hector said and ran to do as his mother commanded. BANG! The enemies had broken in. the army was fierce and was destroying everything. The enemies captured Emperor August and Empress Penelope taking them to General Lanta and Prince Victor.
“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Emperor August said.
“Why should I? I control a mighty empire now along with my new General Lanta. Execute them!” Prince victor screamed.
Prince Hector escaped safely to the south end of city and there at the shore he saw a ship there waiting for him to take him somewhere away from the empire to receive aid from the mighty Russian Empire in the north from Emperor Ivan and Empress Figtista. When Prince Hector got to the Russian empire he pleaded for help by to Emperor. Both Emperor Ivan and Empress Figtista agreed and both majesties and Prince Victor along with Princess Elena of Russia set sail to Marlean with an army of 40,000 soldiers. After a month of sailing the ships had finally made it. But when they got there they saw that there was a big wall a newly wall made. It was massive! 65 feet tall and ten feet thick. The Russian army started to attack the city fiercely. As the war was going on Prince Hector fought in battle with the army during the day but he got to know the princess and eventually fell in love. Finally after a long and dreadful battle the Russian army prevailed.
“Victor I can’t believe you and General Lanta why would you to do such a thing to father, to the ruler of your home land, execute them so never you too can do such a thing!” Prince Hector commanded. “Thank you very much your highnesses, thank you for kindly agreeing to help me take back the empire.”
“Your welcome and we hope to see you prosper.” the Russian Emperor Ivan exclaimed.
Later that day Prince Hector asked Princess Elena to marry her. She said yes and after the following week they got married. On that same day Hector was crowned ruler of Marlean to rule long and prosperous along with his who is now Empress Elena of Marlean. Together they rebuilt the empire that was once attacked and destroyed but taken back with the power of love, which no force can overcome.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this story was history and the Russian culture. i am very into world history and the Russian culture.

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