Edek and Mally

June 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Edek: Matt Damon
Kieler: Leonardo DiCaprio
Mally: Kate Blanchett

Kieler: (Eyes wandering, whispering softly) Edek, Edek. The plan, to escape… We are still going to carry through with this in June when the grain has grown tall, yes?

Edek: (Whispers) Yes Wojciech. But you see, I have met this wonderful girl. Her name is Mally. I’ve come to be quite attached to her. I cannot help it. I met her in the woman’s camp where I had been working. We try to communicate with each other as much as we possibly can. It’s difficult though, as you might expect. I am afraid she will have the fate of all the Jews. She will be sent to the gas chambers; and for that I am deeply worried.

Kieler: (Sighs then pauses) …I understand Edek. I shouldn’t put myself in the way of your love any further. Please, do not take me with you. You should be taking Mally to escape with you to Czechoslovakia. Not me. It would be safe for you two there. Please, take Mally.

Edek: (Surprised) But Kieler… we’ve made it through all of this, and remained such great friends. I cannot simply leave and forget about you. You must come with us to Czechoslovakia! You must… or else you will have the same fate as the others Kieler, do you understand this?

Kieler: (Saddened eyes) Well Edek, this I do understand; very well. You have been my friend, and watched out for me instead of yourself, through this very difficult time. I appreciate that very much. I wish that you take Mally. Leave me to accept my fate. Please Edek.

Edek: (Sorrowfully) You are a fine friend Kieler. You are greatly appreciated. I shall pray for you, friend. Good Luck. (Turning away) Mally, you are ready?

Mally: (vigilantly) Yes, Edek I am ready…

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