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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

Marvel Chat-room #1 Loki meets Deadpool!
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=[Loki Laufeyson has entered the chatroom] [Loki Laufeyson has become Loki] [Deadpool has entered chatroom] Loki: … Deadpool: Who’re you Loki: I am Loki of Asguard you mewling quim! >:( Deadpool: You seem like the kind of guy I’d... (more »)
The Creation of Minecraft
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Many of the famous computer/video games have stories of how the ingame world came to be. Wizard101 and Pirate101 have the great wizard Merle Ambrose and Bartleby the Grandfather tree to thank for the creation of the Spiral as it is in present... (more »)
Prisoner and Paper Planes
By , Brookwood, AL
Disclaimer: This story is not mine. This is based off of a pair of songs on Youtube, called “Prisoner” and “Paper Airplanes”.          One time at some place, one of the prisoners fell in love                       with... (more »)
What's the Big Deal About Freddy...
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My name is Sabrina Hetera. I am an 18 year old college student who studies the supernatural and paranormal. Everything that I have studied was fake, obviously fake and I want something more exciting to study. The opportunity came to me soon.... (more »)
Clash Of clans Fan Fiction 1 The War Age
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 One day in a town hall 1 village, there was a barbarian named Bob.  Bob used to be a builder living in a small hut.  But after an intense 20 seconds of training, he was ready to be a warrior.  Earlier in the day Bob had witnessed a goblin... (more »)
The Dinner
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    It was cool, brisk evening and it was nearly seven.The guests were just beginning to arrive for the party, first was Calla and Ansel followed by Shay. Then a moment later Monroe stepped in, trailed by Ren. The way they came in was a... (more »)
saying good bye
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Ryou walked into the dark, empty apartment and stood in the door way, he set his bags of groceries on the floor just inside the door. He fought back the tears that threatened to fall from his doe brown eyes and his body jerked from the chocked... (more »)
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"My hatred for his actions have faded for my admiration of his skills." Watson shook his head, huffing a sheepish laugh. Holmes knew he wouldnt believe him. Nobody did. Not the bobbies in Scotland Yard, not the citizens of London, not... (more »)
Days Go By:Prologe
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Calya PROV She walked down the barren path, as she did she heard noises behind her. She whipped her head around, looking back to see, her eyes searching for the location of the noises. She looks ahead and starts walking a little faster to hurry... (more »)
The first day
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Ryou pulled into the parking lot of his dorm. The sky was heavy and gray with rain, he look up to the third floor and sighed, today would be his first day of collage. He opened the trunk to his small blue car and pulled out his suit cases. He... (more »)
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Tears. I look in the mirror and all I see is tears and what remains of my makeup. I’m shaken out of my own glance by a knock on the door. “Come in,” I say barely audibly by my own ears. The door cracks open “Hello?” you say in that all... (more »)
The Wedding of Sinners
By , New Orleans, LA
Here I am, standing behind two big wooden church doors, not even two weeks after my father’s funeral. Everyone around me is filled with happiness and excitement for the Queen and her husband-to-be, and I am filled with only sadness and... (more »)
Missing words
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As I lie down on my bed at night;  the only thing I can think about is your smile. How happy you looked, or at least from my perspective. Little did I know that on the inside you were miserable and felt so disconnected from the rest of the... (more »)
The First of Them
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“Don’t you do this, Joseph. Don’t die on me now, I’ll kill you if you do, I swear.” He blinked, twice, white light flooding his vision. He could feel the smoke seep through his lungs, a shot of pain rushing out... (more »)
The Hungary Games: Silver Arrows
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Trees whistled fast as the flash of red whizzed through the forest, successfully hitting its target, as always. The deer jerked backwards and flailed about under the impact of the poison-tipped arrow. The deer went down, still shaking... (more »)
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1500 years ago, you captured me. Put me in a box, and left me there. But the magic of that is no one could get to me. I've been sitting here, for centuries, wit no one attacking me. And with no one attacking me, I've had time to think. Time to... (more »)
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