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Everyday Use: Alternative Era
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Seven years ago, the government of the US, decided to bombard the four cities of Alabama. The cities included Montgomery, Columbus, Dothan, and Mobile, which were hit by tactical ballistic missiles from Fort Gillem near Atlanta, Georgia. The... (more »)
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Astrid stared up at the thoughtless sky above her; its flawless blue met the mottled purple of night. Astrid sighed contently as she traced circles in the grass beside her. The spot on the cliff, off the island of Berk, faced outward towards... (more »)
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Mason was finally living his dream, creating a band with Rex and James. Their band – The pieces of trash, or P.O.T - was pretty popular within Florida. James and Mason is the main vocalist while Rex played the drums because he was useless and... (more »)
No Love In the Business
    “Please no! Don’t hurt my family! They have nothing to do with this!” Jason’s father screamed. “Well this is what happens when you double cross Me.” the man said. “Jasy... (more »)
My Father the Torturer
My father. The one and only papi. How luck am I? I’m not lucky at all. Papi is the worst person to walk this earth. The first thing that pops into my head when someone says papi is him saying, “Pinche pendejo Yunior! What is wrong... (more »)
Another day of abuse
By , Phoenix, AZ
Another day of abuse The rattle of the garage door opening at 5:00 p.m Monday though Friday makes my throat clench dry out of fear and resentment. My body's sudden instinct to start shaking is a cue to prepare myself for the horror that I'm... (more »)
Finding Nemo
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Finding Nemo – Hole The shark attacked Marlin’s family, and all that was left was Marlin and his one son Nemo. Marlin becomes extremely depressed and goes to fish counseling. Due to the accident, Nemo has to go to physical therapy to learn... (more »)
Giving Tree
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After taking the apples to sell in the market to help provide for his family, the boy hadn’t returned to me for a while. I started to lose hope that the boy would ever return again. Made me wonder if I had done the right thing by providing for... (more »)
Tick Tock
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Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Laying in his soft bed, under his Zac Efron bedsheets, with Bellatrix Lestrange cuddled up next to him, Lord Voldemort stared at his Zac Efron clock as it tick away the seconds, minutes, hours. Tick Tock... (more »)
Grendel Narrative
Today, I was awakened by rats and cockroaches that fed off of my slime I as I laid in peaceful rest. My hunger was not controllable by any means. Some cockroaches, rats, and grasshoppers could not placate my eternal hunger pains. Soon enough I... (more »)
To Resist Resisting the Resitance Chapter one
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It was night, the dark sky filled with twinkling stars, the only beauty the world had nowadays. It was so late into the night that it was the early hours in the morning Yet, even with the curfew, Buford van Stomm was sneaking around Danville.... (more »)
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WHOLOCK chapter 1: The Story Begins
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I sigh as I hear the familiar whoosh of the TARDIS. It’s been getting more frequent. I get out of bed and look out my window. There it is. Smack dab in the middle of everything. “Why do I have to suffer this torture?” I wonder. I pinch... (more »)
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The Doctor and The Author (Part 3)
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“What do you think this place was?” Clara asked as she walked down the hallway beside the Author. The only light was coming from the end of the Author’s sonic screwdriver, “I mean before all of this.” “There’s no telling,”... (more »)
Prairie Paradise
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     Cool morning dew settled on the prairie fields and the golden sun broke past the tips of mountain tops. Roosters welcomed the warmth with loud crows and the other animals stirred around in their pins. A wooden, humble house rests on top... (more »)
Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... chapter 12 1/2
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Gilbert's point of view> ¨No it can't be.¨ I heard Matthew say with wide eyes. ¨You are lying to me!" He shouted trying to get off the hospital bed. Ï tried to lay him back down but he kept pushing. ¨Birdie! You need to calm down!¨ I... (more »)
Her Path, Her Decision
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As Bertie heads down the path That was carved for her The path becomes dark, winding, broken and unsure As she becomes closer To Ariel and farther from Nate Can she save him? Or will she be too late? (more »)
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