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Who could he be?
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I sat in the window, conjecturing about how people can be treated like this: cruelty and humility. Why is poor Isaac outside in the blistering heat of the South sifting cotton for over a dozen hours a day? At that moment I knew that I couldn’t... (more »)
The Doctor and the Author (Part 2)
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“So where are you now?” Danny Pink said over the telephone to Clara. She sat watching the Doctor and the Author argue about the proper way to land a TARDIS. “They say Chile,” Clara shook her head, “But with the Doctor you’re... (more »)
A Catcher in the Rye: Ten Years Later This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Goddamn, its hot as hell out. My body feels like a melting popsicle, and this metal bench is clinging to me like some sticky four year old. You know, if some scientist found out a way to purify the sweat that has been pooling under my shirt, I... (more »)
The Gruesome Story of Me, The Swamp Monster
I woke up in the morning (well, my morning or the typical human’s night, as I am quite the nocturnal creature) to their mouthwatering smell.  The humans were so tempting; I could not remember the last time I had eaten one.  I... (more »)
“Beth! Beth!” I woke up to my mom calling my name. I rolled over and grabbed my phone. “8:07”, my clock read. “Shoot!” I jumped out of bed and ran to my bathroom. I did a simple makeup look, just some foundation, powder, eyeliner,... (more »)
Portal 2: After
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He was behind her in the lift. Chell had not seen him, had not saw him get in being passed out at the time. SHE had seen him, SHE had saw him get in, SHE had let him live. Doug Rattmann was pressed against the cold glass of the lift, the sounds... (more »)
Thank you... All of You: Chapter 11 2/2
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Gilbert's point of view> Sadness hit me like a strong wave at the beach. It has been hours and hours since I came to this hospital. And I feel useless. All I can do is watch the blonde boy. His heavy breathing sounding really horrible as if he... (more »)
Farewell to Your Loved Ones
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“Primrose Everdeen,” Effie called out. I was going to volunteer but I couldn’t. I was a mentor. I was Prim’s mentor. “No!” I woke up screaming. It was a dream. Cinna was right next to me.” “Morning Katniss,” Cinna said,... (more »)
The Voice
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The lights were blinding, the shouts were deafening, and the putrid smell was unbearable. They told me I did something wrong and I deserved everything I would get. But I didn’t, I did what needed to be done. That rotten soul will never... (more »)
Thirteen Reasons Why-Skye's Story:Part One
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I had no clue how long I sat there. All I knew was that the bus should have been there by now. Did the bus have a schedule at night? I checked the time on my phone: around seven o’clock. It was fine, there wasn’t any where important I wanted... (more »)
Thirteen Reasons Why-Skye's Story: Part Two
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I sighed. Slowly, I closed my eyes and laid my head against the cold glass window of the bus. I was hoping for Clay to stay and talk for a bit, but I guess where ever he was going was important. Either that, or he just didn’t want to talk to... (more »)
Thirteen Reasons Why-Skye's Story: Part Three
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The ground around me was littered in crumbled up calls of paper. My lap was covered in eraser shavings. “I’m sorry,” I wrote with a shaky hand, “to anyone who still cared enough to read all of this.” That last sentence was the hardest... (more »)
Thirteen Reasons Why-Skye's Story: Part Four
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Waking up the next day was torture. I only had a few hours of sleep, but I didn’t really worry. It wasn’t like I was going to be tired for the whole day. I quickly got dresses in one of my normal grey outfits and went out in my back yard. A... (more »)
How Little Red Riding Hood Could've Ended
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How It Could've Ended #1   Little Red Riding Hood's mother did not trust her daughter to bring the basket of food through in extremely dangerous forest.   How It Could've Ended #2   "Now, dear," said Little Red Riding Hood's mother,... (more »)
The Watch
By , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The Watch Walking down the street alone from school was Loren. She was a quite girl who was shy but had several friends, Jordan, Holly, and Eric, Loren has known them since 3rd grade. She gets good grades in school, her last report card had all... (more »)
The Ultimate Dream: The Tammie and Kaitlyn Story
By , Ypsilanti, MI
 The Ultimate Dream: The Tammie and Kaitlyn Story Prologue: The line was so long and was dreaded that we could feel the people across the room breathing. We were standing along a wall down a long hallway, waiting for our names to be called... (more »)
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