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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

A Walk Down the Wrong Path
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                        A Walk down the Wrong Path It’s not the street I usually go down, but for some reason that day I turned down a different road.  It was 1:00 in the morning and I had just left the movie theater about an... (more »)
Helpful Secrets
David and I walk through the park after a lovely picnic that he had surprised me with. He so thoughtful that way. We had decided to take a walk and enjoy the nature around us. As we walked I felt David looking at me. So I looked at him as well.... (more »)
The Lady or the Tiger Alternate Ending
By , wharton, NJ
He turned with a firm and rapid step and he walked across the empty space. Every heart stopped beating, every breath was held, and every eye was fixed immovably upon that man. Without the slightest hesitation, he went with his better judgment... (more »)
Tiffany Doll
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The new Tiffany doll is what every kid is wanting. The doll can talk, move, and play games like hide and seek. Everyone is wanting to get one. The only problem is one of the dolls can do something more that the other dolls can’t.... (more »)
The Untold Story of Jeremy Cavanaugh
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As the tall man approached her she said, “Hello! You must be Jeremy. I’m Susan the realtor.” “It’s nice to meet you Susan.” He smiled politely and shook her hand. “Would you like to head... (more »)
Chapter 1, part 1
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*please not, I do not own Doctor Who or any of those elements, this is just a fanfiction* “All citizens are reminded that the 9:00 curfew is now in effect. Anyone found outside their homes will be subject to punishment determined by the... (more »)
An Icy Kiss
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A song woke me early that winter morning. I sat up, rubbing sleep from my eyes and stretching out the stiff muscles within my legs and arms. Besides being Jack Frost, my body wasn't titanium. I still got sore when I slept up high within a tree.... (more »)
*Jake's POV* Sirens are being blasted as I continued to run through the cold, dark streets. I’m on the run from the cops.  I can’t go to jail again. No, not again. I've been in there for far too long. I’m finally out and I couldn't... (more »)
Operation: Knightfall
By , Gurnee, IL
Padawan Zett Jukassa studied the hologram’s projection that sprung unto life from a circular pod, regarding the flickering and shifting lines as a nuisance to his research on the effective use of Tràkata. The projection had also constantly... (more »)
Dancing With The Devil (Part One)
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The music feels as if its vibrating in my bones, moving me without my consent, he boy behind me running his hands over my curves making me lean into his strong hands. Our bodies grind to the thick music, breathing in the toxic air of smoke and... (more »)
To Forget is to Forgive
“To Forget is To Forgive” Three years ago I killed someone and I am here to share something with you, my name is Callie Stroman and this is my story. I looked into its eyes one last time and released the trigger slowly. I refused to call... (more »)
Pirate Costumes and a Rescue Gone to the Daleks
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The Doctor turned and kicked the TARDIS’s blue door, his usually warm brown eyes blazing furiously. Beside him, Rose Tyler shifted awkwardly and yanked the skirt of her skimpy pirate-girl costume down. A tasteful blue tricorne hat sat jauntily... (more »)
The Man With the Red Bowtie
“We’ll be over” Sherlock said ending his phone conversation with Lestrade “Where are we going?” I asked putting on my coat, but he was already down the stairs. I walked outside and Sherlock was hailing a cab. “Where are we... (more »)
Night Vale Episode -1: Beauty
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“Live for a century-learn for a century. Live for two, receive the painful truth of your own existence that only living that long can give. Night Vale.” [“The Ballad of Fielder and Mundt” by Disparition.] Listeners,... (more »)
Joetenks: Super Saiyan Extraordinaire
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“Joetenks, it’s time to go! We have to start our training now if we want to even stand a chance against Super Omega Baby Freluu,” my father, Gogeta, told me. I was so excited, yet so nervous, at the thought of this “new” threat. I said... (more »)
After the Battle
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Kili quaked with shock and pressed his hands harder against Fili’s wound. The blood gushed over his hands and his brother’s eyes stared up at him, saliva trickled out of his mouth. Kili felt sobs roar up inside him, unstoppable, inevitable,... (more »)
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