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Gray Nights This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Dorian’s eyes flew open as he felt fire creeping into his lungs. Immediately, he began gasping for breath, yet no relief came to end his torture. He clawed desperately at his throat, choking on the noxious fumes and forcing himself to retch in... (more »)
The monster that changed my whole life around
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Every night I lay there, waiting for another day to pass by. Staring at the ceiling every night, it takes away my thoughts. The most simplest thing ever can be so helpful. Mostly when I walk out of my room, I see my mother in the hallway sipping... (more »)
Sherlock romance part 1
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  Your P.O.V.        It was a windy day at 221B Baker Street, but it was a normal day, waking up in the morning, going to work, then coming home as Sherlock plays his violin. However, today seemed... (more »)
Sherlock romance part 2
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         What do I do now?! Greg knows and now Mycroft! Hopefully he keeps it a secret, but I doubt that. I need to find a way to keep him quiet...but, what if he wasn't watching? What if it's been... (more »)
Rags to Riches
By , Hoffman estates, IL
In the world today, everyone wants to be top person and have everything they want in the world, but sometimes that is just not possible. Once there was a man named Tom and he wanted all of that. Tom was not like all the other kids. He would... (more »)
Rise of a Death Knight
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The town of New Avalon was idyllic, on the outside. Houses clustered around a massive red-roofed abbey, walled in with the same white granite that formed the abbey walls. Farmers tilled their fields, and red-garbed soldiers stood on guard,... (more »)
Fractured Fairy tale Frozen
By , Melbourne , FL
“Do you wanna build a bonfire?” Anna sang. “No” Elsa snapped. “It doesn't have to be a bonfire”. “Go away!” “Okay bye…”.    For years Anna would ask her older sister, Elsa, to play with her. Elsa would always... (more »)
The Mystery Box
By ,
It was 5 p.m. on a Wednesday in Los Angeles when Lydia was driving home from work thinking about her big meeting tomorrow, ugh. Lydia was a pretty, smart girl with red hair, who worked at a detective agency. She soon arrived at her house, when... (more »)
By , Pittsburgh, PA
I was making my way through the forest in Argentina with a group of other tourists.  This was my first time in Argentina, and I didn’t really know what to expect.  The ground was covered with poison ivy which I was trying... (more »)
Prince Ramen
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“Is your name Conrad?” “No.” “Is your name Harry?” “No.” “Then perhaps your name is Rump - uh - Rum - um. Rumford. Is your name Rumford?” “Ha! NO WAY JOSE!” yelled the little man. “That’s not my name-”... (more »)
Return of the Jedi
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It was day 847 when a prisoner joined me in my cell in Jabba’s palace. He was a wookie named Chewbacca and he was angry. Pounding against the cell doors, I asked what his problem was and he starts to tell me how his friend Han Solo was taken... (more »)
Lars X Sadie
By , Goshen, OH
its a short story  Chapter 1: Lars X Sadie Just another normal day like usual, nothing new ever happens in Beach City. Why can't there ever be any beach babes or something like that? “The usual please.” Oh god I know that voice.... (more »)
Sorry,I fell for you
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So this is a romance story.   Minjae is a transfer student from Japan now coming to high school in Korea. She lives alone since her background was rough and her parents didn't like her much but she made a living for herself. She went to... (more »)
Lunch Lady
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She saw me stuff my sandwich back into my lunch box (unfinished of course), she sat right next to me, took my sandwich back out, broke it into pieces and started shoving them in my mouth. I was not hungry but struggled to tell her because just... (more »)
The Eternal and the Snake
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Nagini Verma, 23, was a beautiful, ambitious, Indian witch from America. It was on a tour to Europe that she met him…. He was more of a spirit, a figment, ripped from his body in what he said was a tragic accident. As she learned about his... (more »)
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Nick Cage sets out to save Jake paul, who has fallen to Dabitis. This serious medical case is not well known and Nick must find a cure for Jake. Chapter 1: Introduction The year is 2019 and many things have changed since the prior year.... (more »)
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