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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

The Man in the Red mask with the Banana Truck
By , Dunwoody, GA
The truck had just came across the border. It rushed past border patrol, and within seconds a chopper could be heard. Speeding past the border crossing, 20 black SUVs rushed past in chase along with a black helicopter. The border patrol didn’t... (more »)
The Teletubby Diaries
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                                      Tinky Winky Tinky Winky slid an envelope under the office door labeled "David Miscavige". "This was the right decision," He thought to himself, knowing it was the... (more »)
Abuse (HunHan)
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Luhan roamed the hallways in hopes to find Chanyeol but instead was pulled by his backpack with such force he fell to the ground. Luhan heard a scary, deep, dark voice, and it made him go pale. Luhan tried to fight back from the force of the... (more »)
Surviving the 5th wave
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Nobody was planning for this. It all happened so fast. People started turning against each other, bombs dropped out of the blue, tsunamis destroyed cities, Viruses took over, the power went out, We had no clue when it would all stop. When... (more »)
my life
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The ball’s up in the air, I jump I. “mom what are you doing in here?” “I came to get your laundry.” “Whatever just hurry up.”  That could have gone better, I think to myself. My name is Kirsten;... (more »)
Neither Life Nor Death
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    In the dreadful silence of the hauntingly beautiful brick house, Violet Harmon shakily holds the bottle of pills in her hand, contemplating what could be the biggest (and last) decision of her life.     To not take the medication... (more »)
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The New Dragon Born part 3
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"It got cut out" she answer me "and thanks" "ok who first" I ask " I will go first" Gray said now with a shirt on but I hit him with a bidding spell before he attack. "Next" I said "here I come Bull arm" Elfman said "sorry but your out... (more »)
My Story
By , Monterrey, CA
I heard the news; it was all around the world. There were people looking for me, what should I do? I was afraid. As I lay down on my bed, I started remembering my friend was kidnapped two years ago. All I could remember was her beautiful face... (more »)
Bloody Clown
Foot steps. I can always hear them. It gets louder everyday. And more obnoxious every time. I’m home alone, and I will always be. I can still hear the screams from outside in the garden. I’m sorry mom, dad, and Gabe. I couldn’t control... (more »)
Lovesick (A Yandere Simulator Story)
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This is The Adventures of Chinatsu Miku, Book 1, Chapter 1. I will write a part 2 soon. Chinatsu is a girl, age 16, who attends a high school in Japan. She meets a boy named Natsuki and they become best friends. Not much is known about Akira,... (more »)
Prearranged Marriage
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"I don't care, Calum," Michael spat. Currently, the two were sitting in their living room on their sofa. Michael was trying to watch some mindless television program as Calum was interested in small talk. "You never... (more »)
the new dragon born
By , mancelona, MI
I am walking down a path that leads into town. My name is Rachler Granmaltineel, long blonde hair, i am 3 years old, blueish gray eyes, and white skin.i met a boy with pink spiky hair he was crying "hi, are you ok?" I ask him "yeah im fine. Who... (more »)
The New Dragon Born part 2
By , mancelona, MI
"Natsu Dagneer" he told me his name " come cossin I am taking you home and geting you into a very good guild." he told me. he did took me to a good home and guild "ok coss, is it ok if I call you that?" I ask him " yeah its fine if you... (more »)
Ranch Dressing
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Luke and Ashton were on a public transit with a ton of people. One of those people being Ben, Luke's older brother. They were on their way to the beach so they could have a day of fun in the sun. Luke had suggested driving themselves rather than... (more »)
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It was a bright, beautiful morning in Sydney. It was about 7am, the warm sun just now starting to show, peaking over a hill or two. Liz was getting her little son, Luke, ready for his first day of preschool. Technically, he was supposed to start... (more »)
Dad's An Asshole
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"Luke, honey?" Ashton called out from their bedroom. When there was no response, he walked out into the kitchen, assuming his husband was in there. He didn't find Luke in there, but he did find that the trash can was overflowing. "Luke?"... (more »)
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