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"Is she gone?" I asked as I came out from behind the door. Nate choked but slowly answered himself. "She is gonna know and forgive you but at the same time you need to tell her what has happened." Nate spoke as he starred into my eyes with a... (more »)
Levana's Ghost
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Queen Levana sat uprightly on her throne, and a slow smile spread across her ruby red lips as she read the comm Thaumaturge Mira had sent. It had happened, this was the chance she had been waiting for. Emperor Rikan was dead, from the plague.... (more »)
Meeting the Captain
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     She set sail for New York on April 10th carrying 2,200 passengers—including me. On April 14th, Captain Edward James Smith received seven ice warnings. That night, I stood on the deck overlooking the sea, so cool and calm.     At... (more »)
Devil Baby
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I got pregnant by Lucifer himself, funny how the cutest guys are the literal devil. It was a mistake and I didn’t know that he was under disguise, what a shame, I knew he was nothing but trouble when we got together after only three months of... (more »)
Silver Scar
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Faint screaming came from the hospital nursery, but that didn’t seem to bother a little silver haired boy who was sitting in the waiting area. His feet dangled from the couch that was there and was waiting with his grandmother who was... (more »)
Chuck Mill: Crazy Time
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I slouched down in my chair, losing my appetite of Pizza Rolls to the constant snorting of cocaine from the other side of the table. I shook my head in disgust at the white powder, and stood to take care of my plate. Brad snorted more, then sat... (more »)
Allie's Feelings
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Holden shifted restlessly on his bed. His father had promised that they’d go see Allie again tomorrow, and he wanted to show his little brother the new story DB had written. Allie had always liked reading DB’s stories together with... (more »)
Everything Changes: Part Two
By , groton, CT
"Flora! Slow down, we need to talk about this!" Cody said as we ran through the streets of New York. We'd been running for a while and I had no plans of stopping until we got back home. I ignored him and tried to keep pulling him along, but he... (more »)
First Madness
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First Madness   Under the light of the crescent moon stood a tree. A tree that held berries. Laughing Berries. The names of these berries held a reason. For once you take a bite of one of these berries you’re cheeks will turn rosy and you... (more »)
Fun Town
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“Fun Town”   It was 1991, in a hot box of a car. The heat waves were visible, and the crows cawed from miles out. “I didn't want to come in the first place”, said Jack. “You never make anything fun anymore Daniel.” ... (more »)
Hyrule Heights
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The Triforce, a magical piece that would grant a wish to whoever had it. It could turn the world good, or evil. The Triforce was made of the three pieces when the three gods left the earth. However, this Triforce was hidden long ago under Hyrule... (more »)
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Josh Dun, Joshua William Dun. The boy who caused Tyler's heart to skip a beat every time Tyler saw him. The way his golden skin glistened, his beautiful mocha eyes with small golden specks, and his rose pink faded hair. Everything he loved... (more »)
The Misadventures of Prince Jaron Based on the...
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It was the year 3709. I was 10 years old. I was playing queens cross with Darius and the children of the nobles, and I saw King Humphrey of Mendenwal talking in a hushed voice and laughing with the regent Bevin Connor of Carthya. Intrigued, I... (more »)
The Koala Bear
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Bear with me, this may go on a long time. I hope you are pre-beared for this. This story is going to beary you in bear puns. I feel like you are bearly ready, but I’m pawslitively ready. Let’s beargin. There once was a koala bear. His... (more »)
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Above the Surface
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Gertrude disappears.   Robbie thinks it might have to do with the horrible stench of burned casserole that they haven't quite managed to clear from the house. Last Friday, Robbie had come home from work to a chaotic scene of open windows,... (more »)
The Girl
By , Aurora, CO
I feel their presence in the woods,surely but slowly catching up to me.I feel the wind playing with my ears and tail.That’s right,ears and tail,you see,I’m a werewolf,or half-human and half-wolf.Now,it’s not like those cliche werewolves... (more »)
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