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I had that dream again. The one where I'm in my bed about to fall asleep when i get the feeling that someone’s watching me. I tell myself it’s nothing and try to go back to sleep. Then I hear the sound of claws scratching on... (more »)
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"Hey Danna, un!" Deidara greeted the redhead, bouncing into the seat next to him at lunch.  The usual prattle filled the cafeteria, and Deidara was the last to arrive. They all sat at a grey rectangular table. Pein and Konan were next... (more »)
Boy In Luv
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I was walking down the hallways at school trying to avoid him. I made a turn at a corner and there he was, standing there talking with Namjoon, the other person who annoys me but not as much as Yoongi. I took a deep breath as I tugged tightly... (more »)
a Monster in my House
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A Monster in My House Stiles was a small boy. One who had a small body with tiny, burned hands from trying to cook a meal for two at the age of seven. One with scraped up knees from cleaning up broken glass from the floor. One with tired, hazel... (more »)
Don't look back. Pt. 1 (re-written)
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It has been hard for me and Johnathon to get around and stay alive on our own. When we saw our parents being attacked by walkers, I held Jonathon in my arms while we were both sobbing.We both knew we had never seen anything so horriffic in our... (more »)
Sherlock: The Years Before Part 1
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   Sherlock sat in his chair, his long, slender hands folded under his chin. His blue eyes were fixed on the wall, deep in thought. John walked out of the bathroom in a house coat, rubbing his hair with a towel. He picked up the newspaper and... (more »)
Cytus III- Cytus
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Sand looks at the headgear covering Vanessa's face and sighs.   "It's your turn, Specialist." Pulseva puts a hand on his shoulder. "Do your thing."   Sand nods and frowns concentratedly at the screen, concentrating on his typing. His... (more »)
Cytus I-The Operators
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"We have completed it, sir." The dark haired woman clutches her notepad to her chest. "The very first one."   "Good job, Pulseva." The bright eyed scientist steps excitedly towards her. "And the lifespan?"   Pulseva allows herself a... (more »)
Cytus II- Disaster
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"It's amazing, isn't it?" the girl says, leaning on her lover.   "What is?"   "I'm dying and I can't even feel it." The girl sits up straight and flexes her fingers, one by one, in front of her face. "I can still... do everything."... (more »)
The Admittance
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"John," Sherlocks Voice rang on the other side of the line, "I can't do this.. I can't live this way anymore." Johns head shot up, "I can't live a life lying to people. I can't live in a world where i can lose you to someone and then sit by and... (more »)
The Son of the Righteous Man
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The Son of the Righteous Man In the morning I was awoken by the sound of my father’s voice. “Rise and shine, Evan” said my father as he was tying up his boots. “Dean, I think we have a case” yelled my Uncle Sam. My father Dean... (more »)
The End of Twilight
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Sam and Dean were in the bunker. Dean was looking through an Asian magazine as always, and Sam was on his laptop. Meanwhile, Castiel was currently not with them, he was on some demon hunt that obviously the brothers didn’t know about because... (more »)
Maze Runner
  In the beginning of the story Thomas starts off in a elevator that brings up 1 person each 1 month. When Thomas reaches the top a bunch of huddle around, Gally jumps in and grabs Thomas by his shirt and throws him up out of the... (more »)
It is sticky. The blood is still warm. I feel it covering my already tattered blue jeans. I have been through a lot in my sixteen years; being beaten, bruised, and tortured by my parents have not been high points, but being shot, that is just... (more »)
Doctor Who Short Stories
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Reunion “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Was Donna’s quick response to The Doctor’s question “What else did she say?” But for a second he did not know what she meant. Then something clicked inside the Doctor’s mind. He... (more »)
The Truth
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  The Truth                             A Niall Horan Fan Fiction Chapter One    ... (more »)
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