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The Trip To Florida
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It was a quiet day in the office until Komaeda comes flying in through the room into Hinata having him knock over his pencil and pen bucket. “Hinata we need to take a vaaacccaaiionnnnnn, we haven’t taken one in like three yearrrrrss,”... (more »)
By , tool, TX
One day this little girl was playing outside with her friends. She was playing softball and she was about to hit the ball but all of the sudden she felt dizzy and Bailey throw the ball and hit Rosie  in the head and knock her out. Bailey ran to... (more »)
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Funny thing what ambition and a sense of adventure can do to a person. Even though they could die, some people still try to become Hunters. Some do it for the fame, while others do it just for the thrill of it, and end up being brought back by... (more »)
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After reading the letter from Mr. Metos, the air seemed so heavy that it threatened to smother her. Murmuring something about finding supplies for their journey, Charlotte pulled her empty backpack from the shelf where it resided, and dashed into... (more »)
Car thief.
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walk towards the rusty gate of the Johnson car factory. Despite the dirty yard, steaming smoke towers, and tin buildings covered in faded graffiti, the lot sparkles with shiny new cars. I had been yearning for the red car for nearly a month now,... (more »)
A-Z for Harry Potter
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      “Congratulations, you are officially a student at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” If you ever wish you had gotten this letter, or ever wished that the magical world could become a reality,... (more »)
politicaly correct snow white
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Snow white is kicked out oh her house but over throws her mother in a buisness dual for coal and gems. Chapter 1: snow white takes the evil queen by her horns... (more »)
Night in the Woods
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Standing over the village below me, I felt a surge of peace. The evil had finally been defeated in the land and I and my family could live quietly together, in our house upon this small hill. I look back and see my wife as she knits in her... (more »)
Five Nights in Animatronic Horror
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  Jeremy had just pulled up to the building.  It was his first night on the job as a security guard at a pizzeria.  The pizzeria was none other than Freddy’s Pizza.  He walked into the musty, old, building and... (more »)
Danganronpa 2 + V3 Talentswap
By , Wilmington , DE
   Hope´s Peck Academy is a home for talented students reflected to as Ultimate. They each specialized in a field and are prodigy in that field. Hajime always had a fascination for the Academy, since his parents are former students in this... (more »)
How My True Love Killed Me
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Hi my name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng and this is the story of how the love of my life killed me. It started out as an ordinary day. I woke up late because Chat Noir and I had to defeat another one of Papillon’s akumas. Papillon is... (more »)
The purple hood
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Roman has been hunting down the illusive Purple Hood for months. The Purple Hood was threating his kingdom. It was Roman’s sworn duty to stop and incapacitate any threat to his kingdom. The Purple Hood even kidnapped the Dragon Witch, the... (more »)
For Real
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"Hey," Leo said, walking casually by one of his best friends, Piper McLean. She turned to stare at him. "Hi," She said, and she made a face. "What do you want, repair boy?" Leo scoffed. "Yeeeeesh, Piper, I know you're a daughter of... (more »)
Someone's Not Healing
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  I can barely breathe. Barry lies on a hospital bed in Star Labs, currently struggling for air. His face is grimaced, his head turned away from the long metal claw that is sticking out of his shoulder. I’m trying not to cry; he’s been... (more »)
I'm Happy For You
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Scented candles, boquet of white roses, orchestra playing a mellow song, fancy restaurant, the handsome soon-to-be-groom and the lovely soon-to-be-bride, everything is set and is totally perfect. But never for me, this night may be the best... (more »)
Why Superman?
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(This chapter is a part of my imaginary sequel to the Man of Steel movie that came out in 2013. My story acts as if Batman V Superman never happened. The story centers around the aftermath of Man of Steel. At the end of Man of Steel, there was a... (more »)
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