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Its not always the end
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Destruction of Family “No matter what, don’t come out. If you want to live then you will listen to me just this once. I love you.” That is the last memory of my mother’s face before she threw me in the basement to protect... (more »)
The Oniony Burglar Fiend From the Swamp
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There I was, in the church crypt, praying to the almighty Lord, Shrek. I was a career criminal, looking for my next victim to burgle. That was when I saw him, the old man across the crypt. I saw him there, standing, just waiting to be burgled by... (more »)
Mystery Man of Afar
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She swept down the street quicker than she ever had before. Even as she jogged, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, pushing her blood through her veins, which could possibly have been why she was gaining a minor headache. She... (more »)
Journey to Freedom
If the constitution states that we are all free and equal, why were some of us treated like property and made to suffer? We were submitted into this treacherous lifestyle where all we could feel was horror, despair, and anguish. We were riding... (more »)
Hazy Nightmares
     My fingers ran through her silk hair, twisting the deep brown curls around my fingers. There was a dismal glaze that coated her eyes, hiding her innocent, chocolate brown irises from me. A tear fell from her eye and I ran my thumb over... (more »)
The Heist of Olathe South
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The Heist of Olathe South There once was a kid named Fibin. Fibin was just an ordinary high school kid, he was smart, athletic and kind, but he was only honest as his name. On a random day his parents sat him down to talk with him and they... (more »)
The Battle of the Gods
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  In a hellish, nightmare infested planet, the God of Death Azrael is trying his hardest to fight the God of Chaos and Destruction Cthulhu. At the moment, all they are really doing is destroying the planet. But it seems like they are doing a... (more »)
Those eyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , columbia, SC
He looked up at the sky where little tiny flakes of snow were falling, covering the top of his head and making a white blanket all over the ground. His eyes halfway closed as he stood in the middle of the park, under a street lamp. He breathed... (more »)
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Bigger Fish
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“Magikarp. Eons ago ‘twas said to be majestic and  powerful; now it is considered one of the weakest and most pathetic Pokemon in the world, and no one knows how it has survived... Ever since young trainers are ‘tricked’ into purchasing... (more »)
Whitman and Dickinson This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The sun filtered through the treetops on a fresh summer day in 1860. The bustling life of a small town in Massachusetts greeted Walt Whitman’s eyes, sparking new ideas for a sequel to his recently published Leaves of Grass. Breathing in the... (more »)
The Truth About Cinderella
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Although this is the fairytale of Cinderella, it didn’t actually end “happily ever after,” well at least not for anyone except Cinderella. She took the real story and twisted it. None of us are evil or bad, we never made her a slave, and... (more »)
The end of Battery City
The self-proclaimed “band” Saving the Trash all sleep deprived from last night’s jam session. Laying on the wooden floor of the “singers” (screamer more like it) house. All in a circle around a radio waiting for... (more »)
Clash of Clans fan-fiction 3 Charlie
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The citizens have put the goblin kings body into a pit of lava near the town.  Now it is two days later and Bob has become the new king.  Then Bob heard something in the lava. He ran to the pit of lava.  Then, the Goblin king’s skeleton... (more »)
Dishonored tribute
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Corvo sighed as he sat in the boat with Samuel. “Don’t worry,” Samuel said, his voice gruff. “Just go in there, and assassinate the leader.” he continued. Corvo drowned him out, thinking about Emily. Emily...I’m going to save you. I... (more »)
Who is She? (A Doctor Who fanfic)
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He slumped down onto the nearest park bench, burying his face in his hands. His tall, slender figure and short, spiky brown hair contrasted the dull grey morning. Usually the Doctor’s good looks made heads turn, but his face was sad. Nobody... (more »)
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Black all around me, black is the only thing I can see. I fumble around to try to find the lightswitch, and when I finally do I flick the lights on. A heavenly glow comes from the ceiling, and for a second I’m blinded. When I regain my vision,... (more »)
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