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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

King Hamlet's Soliloquy This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
What serpent sting lends its pain to mine ear? What knave hath awoken my precious sleep? Aye, these markéd steps in the markless snow Mark Claudius as brutal foe! O! What Cain this vile villain be! He hath ate Apple green, of jealousy! To... (more »)
Sollux x Reader- Bag of Honey
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You sit in your trig class, trying your best to keep your eyes open, when you are suddenly hit by a crumpled ball of paper. You turn around to pick it up and notice a certain bi-color eyed boy trying- and failing- to act innocent. Sollux Captor.... (more »)
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The night following that evening was agonizing. L had been right to assume Chicago was an insomniac; she made tossing and turning look like a mild case of hiccups. Minutes resembled hours, as she tried to fall asleep. Without a clock or a watch,... (more »)
The Lonely Game of Minecraft
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I’m sure many, if not almost all of you are familiar with the popular game Minecraft. It’s a virtual sandbox game where you mine resources to survive in a world plagued by monsters each night. And, after the rise of ‘Herobrine’ –... (more »)
On the Mountaintop: Elsa's Encounters
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“What did I ever do to you?” Anna cried, her heart breaking. “Enough, Anna.” Elsa folded her arms around her, struggling to stop up her chaotic emotions. “No. Why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What you so... (more »)
This Doesn't Feel Like Getting Well
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The wet, grainy sand feels so cold against my numb, clammy body. Then the waves come over. The frigid water came to cleanse me, to wash off the sand and blood. I can hear the ocean come onto the shore to rinse me clean. I can hear the waves... (more »)
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She walked down the tunnel. Her feet sloshed in watery slime as it clung to her blood covered shoes. She wiped her bloodied hands on her blouse, the maroon and yellow tie now scarlet, glinting in the gloom. She stepped in to the opening as the... (more »)
A Forgotten Letter
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A tear hit the camp bed pillow. And another. And another. I didn't bother wiping them away. I let them fall. A sob makes it way out of me. And another. And another. I let myself cry. Then suddenly I freeze. Footsteps. But I just lay... (more »)
The Adventures of Zahrah the Windseeker
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It was my sixth visit to the mythical world of earth. Nsibidi and i had always flown together to earth but that day i had decided to fly to earth alone. I wanted to see my new earth friend, Myra. Myra lived in the Southernmost watery region of... (more »)
Never Give This Up
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"Point your toes and spot! You girls are the best of the best, my top dogs. The beautiful ballerinas that every little girl here wants to be like when they grow up," Ms. Glenda declared as she worked us harder than ever before. I had no... (more »)
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The bathroom of the Kit Kat Club was cleaner then expected. It was meticulously scrubbed every week by Max and, being Monday, it had been newly cleaned and mopped. Sally sat on a stool in front of the mirror wiping off her lipstick carefully with... (more »)
harry potter james/lily
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..Mum, I told you, knock it off!" an 11 year old boy groans, pushing himself away from his mother's arms. You're ruining my future reputation!" he snaps as she plots a wet k1ss on his left cheek. He frowns. Eventually,... (more »)
Glee/Blaines first day
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It was Blaines first day at mckinley, and he would be lying if said he was enjoying it. Being a transfer student in the middle of the year all eyes were on him. People stared as he walked down the halls. Sizing him up, judging him, trying to... (more »)
World Skipper
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In a thick luscious forest, whose leaves were the strongest of all land. Through the harshest of winters these leaves will not fall for no man, or wind. In this forest lived a man by the name of Majnun. Growing up Majnun was very poor. His parents... (more »)
The First Riddle
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“Edward Nashton!” The voice from the head of the room called and the young lanky boy rose from his seat. He pushed his long dark hair out of his face and stood before his teacher, “Outstanding work Edward.” The paper transferred hands... (more »)
The Adventures of Maleficent
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Once there lived a little girl in the mountains of Arobithia; her name was Maleficent. She lived in a small cottage with her three older sisters. Maleficent was only seven, yet she was already taller than her sisters. She had a kind heart; she... (more »)
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