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Reverse Psychology
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It was November 21st, 2009- a day after Michael's birthday- and the night was still young. Michael's house was filled to the top with decorations, varying from streamers to confetti that said "Happy Birthday" on it.   Inside the living room... (more »)
Those Red Numbers
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“Th-thank you, so very mu-“ the person who saved me was already walking away. He probably wanted nothing in return. I remember slipping on the stairs. If that person didn’t catch me, who knows what could have happened. Something wasn’t... (more »)
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I shifted uneasily in my seat. The air was cold. If anyone knew what was going on with me, they’d send me to psychiatric help or an asylum. That would be better than this, though. At least in a mental hospital it couldn’t hurt me. It seemed... (more »)
Endless Void
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The Void: Although its energetic nature, it seems to also be a reachable plane of existence; Dimensius the All-Devouring opened gateways to the Void and the Twisting Nether when he invaded K'aresh, while a tear in reality was opened in... (more »)
As Autumn Falls
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I know you'll return, To me and my arms And I know you'll transcend All my thoughts I know you'll return, And if not in this life. I'll know you'll return In the next. "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" shouted a voice as she... (more »)
As Autumn Falls || Ch. 2
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If we wander not separate But together in heart The path will become More pristine For the perilous plight Of a cold lonely heart Is to the wonder And drown in the stream It wasn’t long until the two brothers returned to the cabin... (more »)
With You (The Fault in Our Stars Poem)
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I want to stay with you to the ends of the earth walk with you forever with you, I could do the impossible unforgettable most amazing things Gus, you made me feel something that I have  never felt before  you made me feel... (more »)
Found in the Music Room
By , Pittsburgh, PA
The peatls of the cherry blossom trees are falling outside as you walk throught the hallway. There is no one else in the hallway which you are thankful of. After walking further you happen upon a door that you haven't seen before.... (more »)
Abandoned to be found
    I fell in love with the boy who saved me. He made my lungs pump with rapture and life. His name is Ashton; the most lovable and caring guy I've ever met. He always had a smile on his face no matter what kind of... (more »)
Keep Running, Primrose Everdeen
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The drink was a sea in a bottle. Angry waves, tossing the content around in swirls, all the while being perfectly calm. It was a sky in a glass and a clear dream in a reality ringed to hopeless.    Just a bottle. Just a drink.   ... (more »)
A Tale of Two Realities: Prolouge, Part 1
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Although she wore light clothes, the burning sun of the desert realm of Krokotopia shone upon twelve-year-old Emmaline Insbrooke’s shoulders as heavy as if she were wearing long sleeves. She held onto her mother’s hand. “Do you really have... (more »)
Gordon Freeman: Lost (Part 1)
By , Catheral City, CA
Gordon Freeman woke up on some mountains. He did not know which ones, but there was snow. A lot of it. His head began to pound once he realized his situation. He was lost. He quickly and frantically checked for his Hazardous Environment suit... (more »)
Advice Column
By , Gainesville, FL
Brendan Petalburg, an awkward 16 year old with a passion for writing, in his sophomore year of highschool, just recently joined the newspaper club. Never before had he thought of being a writer, less known joining a club where all the members... (more »)
Who am I?
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Opening my eyes, I remember nothing of last night. I hear someone calling a name from somewhere else in the building. Grabbing the blanket from the bottom of the bed I am laying on, I don't recognize any of my surroundings, not the faded... (more »)
Sheila Mant
By , Phoenix, AZ
It was a summer when I was fourteen that I met some who I loved more than a largemouth bass. Her family had stayed over a small house next to our and they also always had parties or little softball games, and that creature was, Sheila Mant. My... (more »)
Ella's Fairytale This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Lady Tremaine held her hand tightly wound around the green-stoned top of her walking stick. Her somber-faced daughters sat opposite from her, jostled side to side by the carriage’s bouncy flight to the castle. Anastasia’s red hair was... (more »)
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