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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

Dream Comes True
Dream Comes True (Readers POV) Its Sunday so I don't to wake up early. But my friend, Seojin came to my house and I have to wake up early since I had no choice and my mom kept on knocking the door. "Just tell her to come in!" I mumbled.... (more »)
He tastes like blood, wine, and lyrium.  His mouth is metallic and bitter and dry, it is an acquired taste no one has ever had the chance to get used to before now.  He tastes of pain and suffering, of hardship and of endurance, of a... (more »)
The Lost Jedi
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Jedi Master Sant Singh knew this was the end. He realized the meaning of his recent vision. If he had sensed the problem before, he would never have made the jump to hyperspace. All the systems were failing. The oxygen was slowly hissing... (more »)
Lord of the Flies: The Wheelhouse (Epilogue)
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Ralph shot forward, screaming, snarling, bloody. He swerved from a spear that was coming his way, and ran, as fast as he could. The roar of the forest was deafening. In front of him, a bush burned wildly, and behind, darkness and smoke were... (more »)
Of Mice and Men Prologue, Curley’s Wife
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”Well, I ain’t told this to nobody before. Maybe I ought’n to. I don’ like Curley. He ain’t a nice fella.” Thinking over her choices, Rosie slowly walked towards the back door, stalling by creeping only... (more »)
Lily Luna Potter vs Sorting
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"Lily,sweetie please calm down!" Ginny looked exasperated with her daughter's erractic behavior.   "Look James, I AM NOT going to become a Slytherin! Why do you have to annoy all the first years you know?" Albus Potter looked at his... (more »)
Sorting Song-2017
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A very ancient time ago In the time of my infancy Their lived four friends so magical Who were torn apart by greed Since you know the daunting story I'll tell you what you need This school has forever had Four houses under one... (more »)
Letter to the Doctor
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Dear Doctor,     So, you told me to write to you. I really have no idea what to say. How've you been? How much time has passed between when you left me and now? Did it take a long time for you to come back to receive it?... (more »)
The Proposal
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                               The Proposal The seven o’ clock alarm rang yet again as the nineteen-year-old Misaki Takahashi arose from her warm and... (more »)
Some Grudging Acceptance
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They know they are going to lose their minds. No, they are sure they never smelled the thick, winter woods, numb toes and fingers, small puffs of breath. Breathe. It smells of parchment, no, it is the dust from all the old scrolls... (more »)
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For the seventh time in his life, Jean Valjean was running.      He didn’t know where he was, nor did he care. All he knew—he was being chased, and he must get away.      The streets were... (more »)
The forgotten
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It begins when katara aids and teaches aang water bending on a deserted island . At times distracted by a certain bender crying in the night after training .   " Alright aang relax  try to breathe evenly now move  your right  hand  up... (more »)
Gatsby: What Should Have Happened...
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Is there a correct way to tell a person that someone very important to them has died? Especially when the person you’re telling the news to had been in love with the deceased in the past? I wished that someone, anyone, would take up the... (more »)
Lindsey Gets Lost in 2028
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Lindsey Stirling is like everyone else. loves music, has dreams-and even a crush (but she'll never say-yet). Yet when she is zapped to 2028, she'll meet a few unlikely people who'll teach her about the future and help her go back to her own... (more »)
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Whenever it snows, she thinks of her. She sees a train, she thinks of him. The train swallows her hunched form, carrying her back to a place she no longer wishes to see. Home, she thinks it’s called. Thoughts of him engulf... (more »)
Give Me Love
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"Taking off my boots, I sink down into my bed and lay there. Staring up at the ceiling, doing nothing. I covered myself with what I had left of my sheets and drifted off into sleep. I woke up about an hour earlier. I made myself some...well... (more »)
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