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The Devil's Eyes
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  I sipped my warmed coffee as I scanned over the newspaper. This was definitely something i’ve never heard of before. The fall morning was crisp, the air seemed to glow in orange and red. I scanned over the paper some more. I... (more »)
Peter's Death
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Peter screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. His hands immediately went to his side where he had been stabbed. Panic shot through his body. Nobody was around to help him. He got up and staggered into a side alley where he was safe from... (more »)
Kozoku: An Odd Family’s Story Chapter 2:...
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“Guys! Leo and Donnie are hurt really bad!” Mikey runs in, his baby blue eyes filled with fear. I put down the book I'm reading. “What? How?” “They were attacked by a few Foot Ninjas they didn't see coming!” He says panicked.... (more »)
Annie and heroine boarding school
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I was scared of my frist day of boarding school. Especially Heroine boarding school. My mommy dropped me off and I walked into the school and to the office. " yes, you're apprentice will be coming, ms. Everdeen." Said a kind woman's voice. I... (more »)
Nancy's childhood best friend
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I was horrified by the new amerter decetvive, Elizabeth Vampire. She told lies about me that Bess, George and Ned all believed! Now I'm all alone. My name is Nancy Drew if you haven't guessed already. I was crying in the woods when a voice said,... (more »)
Kozoku: An Odd Family’s Journey
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Kazoku means "Family" in Japanese. But what does family really mean? Well, I'm pretty sure in the day and age we live in, Family can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, it means kicking evil's butt. My name... (more »)
Fandom Hospital
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A young girl sat at a coffee shop, a large book clutched to her chest. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and soaking the fabric of the chair, and her sobs echoed about the room. “Miss, miss!” A man shook her shoulder gently but received... (more »)
the lost ring
By , petersburg, VA
One day a girl named Anne was walking through the woods to find her necklace that her dad gave her. While she was walking she was hearing noises coming from around her and than all of a sudden she saw a tall man at least 6’9 with her ring.... (more »)
Rey's decision
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Rey had just returned from Jedi training and she was excited to reunite with her friend, Finn. But, the day before,Kylo Ren, her enemy had told her that he loved her. Rey decided to follow her heart and it pointed her to Finn. Rey went into the... (more »)
Jody Forever
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FUn story about our favorite Big Brother couple Chapter 1: Welcome Home POV: Jess Getting out of the Uber after arriving at my apartment, Cody grabs the bags out of the trunk while I pay for the Uber. I’m so happy to be back home,... (more »)
You just don't get it
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7 years ago My mommy has just told me that James, my best friend, has become a famous celebrity. I burst into tears and raced to my room. My name is Kate. 1953 I had just left the movie theater when I heard," Kat," I gasped. There was James... (more »)
waiting for the morning sun This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , South Riding, VA
Leaning into the bar counter, Mai watches the man next to her take a low drag of his cigarette, smoke curling around the edges of his fingers. He is tapping at his drink, blowing out a stream of gray into the musty nightclub air.   “You... (more »)
Off With His Head
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He looked through the peephole to see who was there. The night was late, and the street lights were dim, but he could see a figure there, reflecting off the little light the street had cast. I turned the porch light on, then quickly turned it... (more »)
A "Creepy" Story
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For the last few minutes, Steven doesn’t feel like he’s sleeping in a castle. He feels very tired despite the terrible-feeling whatever-it-is that he’s sleeping on, and his stomach won’t stop growling, as if it is trying... (more »)
It Wasn't Him: a Minecrafter's Tale
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In most stories about weird incidents in Minecraft, they always mention Herobrine, the creepy enigmatic character with the "default" skin and eerie white eyes. Few, if any, stories feature any other characters besides the famous... (more »)
Westeros's Second Best
By , Wilmington , DE
   Westeros is a fictional place in the book, ‘’A Song of Ice and Fire’’. There are 9 regions that governed by 9 houses. This is a ‘’what if’’ story that shows us ‘’what if’’ the most powerful houses of each region is... (more »)
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