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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

Some Grudging Acceptance
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They know they are going to lose their minds. No, they are sure they never smelled the thick, winter woods, numb toes and fingers, small puffs of breath. Breathe. It smells of parchment, no, it is the dust from all the old scrolls... (more »)
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For the seventh time in his life, Jean Valjean was running.      He didn’t know where he was, nor did he care. All he knew—he was being chased, and he must get away.      The streets were... (more »)
The forgotten
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It begins when katara aids and teaches aang water bending on a deserted island . At times distracted by a certain bender crying in the night after training .   " Alright aang relax  try to breathe evenly now move  your right  hand  up... (more »)
I'll Never Forget: A Zue fanfiction
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Almost four years before the beginning of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Fire Nation royal family journeys in disguise to the Northern Water Tribe, hoping to learn enemy secrets. But Zuko finds himself attracted to the beautiful Water Tribe... (more »)
Gatsby: What Should Have Happened...
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Is there a correct way to tell a person that someone very important to them has died? Especially when the person you’re telling the news to had been in love with the deceased in the past? I wished that someone, anyone, would take up the... (more »)
Lindsey Gets Lost in 2028
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Lindsey Stirling is like everyone else. loves music, has dreams-and even a crush (but she'll never say-yet). Yet when she is zapped to 2028, she'll meet a few unlikely people who'll teach her about the future and help her go back to her own... (more »)
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Whenever it snows, she thinks of her. She sees a train, she thinks of him. The train swallows her hunched form, carrying her back to a place she no longer wishes to see. Home, she thinks it’s called. Thoughts of him engulf... (more »)
Give Me Love
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"Taking off my boots, I sink down into my bed and lay there. Staring up at the ceiling, doing nothing. I covered myself with what I had left of my sheets and drifted off into sleep. I woke up about an hour earlier. I made myself some...well... (more »)
Gingerfur and Wildpaw
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     Gingerfur stormed away from camp, anger filling her from nose to tail tip. How could Spottedleaf let her down? What was Thunderclan going to do now?      She and Squirrelpaw had really complicated everything. All by one mistake.... (more »)
The Academy
A small sniffle came from some corner of the unfamiliar room, and then a deep raspy voice said something in a language I could not understand.Their was a shuffling sound then cold hands abruptly wrapped themselves around my goosebump covered... (more »)
The Cowgirl
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    We sat in the untidy flat, Sherlock strummed mindlessly at the violin. He needed a case, or cocaine, but I was setermined to break him of that habit.     Our housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson knocked.     "Is this a good time?"    ... (more »)
What's the Big Deal About Freddy...
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I pushed up my glasses as I finished typing the previous night’s events. I closed my laptop and looked down for a moment. I was wearing a tank top and striped pajama pants. My hair was up in a messy bun and I needed to get more contacts so I... (more »)
Lord of the Rings Battle Ssene
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Thick bands of cauldron black clouds stretched across the Western half of a mid afternoon sky. Just to its east, fractures of bright golden rays of sun poked through white clouds, which casted shadows on the land underneath. A field the size of... (more »)
Poetic Confession: Canada x Reader
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You smile a little as you listen to the soft drumming of rain against the window. A content sigh escapes your lips and you continue reading your novel. Suddenly, a small knock comes from the den and you wonder who could be visiting in this... (more »)
The Truth behind Percy Jackson
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The sun rose up over the field, illuminating the neat horseshoe pattern of the odd cabins. The scene was gentle and quiet, if not the normal sight for a valley in Manhattan, but the people typically avoid this place, almost as if a force field... (more »)
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The Cat in the Hat’s Tale of Betrayal by...
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I know everyone around the world Likes Dr.Seuss a lot But the people who exploit him They should be shot! All of these films people have hated And when a new one is made I and my friends feel tired and wasted We feel worn and torn And we... (more »)
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