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Elmo VS Barney
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Once upon a time, in a land called Elmo’s World, there lived Elmo, a lovable, adorable looking creature whose only fault was loving things too much, and his deadly sharp crayons of course. Now, when we look in on this tale we see Elmo, talking... (more »)
Everything Changes part one
By , groton, CT
Your life can change at any moment. For me it was at a dinner party in New York. Everything was going great, we had just finished the construction of a very upscale, fancy, expensive looking building for some very wealthy people in New... (more »)
Lilies of the Night: part one
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Lily Evans had an ordinary life. That is until Severus Snape approaches her with the news that she's a witch. Soon, Lily is attending Hogwarts with new goals in mind, trying to keep on top of her grades while friends, family, and fun.... (more »)
The Priest and the Barber Destroy my Home Library
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“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!” “Shut him up, Mister Barber,” said the priest, dusting off his hands after sending a particularly neglected book to the graveyard. The barber obliged, picking up a gray sock from the floor and stuffing it in Kyle’s... (more »)
What the Heart Wants
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“I’m an asshole.” Those were the first words out of Brian Kinney’s mouth when asked to describe himself. “I drink too much, drug too much, and I sleep around like you wouldn’t believe. I’m reckless and unpredictable. I came from... (more »)
Nightmare On Elm Street XI: Freddy's...
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One night, I was dreaming and then suddenly a man with a 5 fingered knife glove walked to me. He said, “Hello there, my name is Freddy Krueger. What’s yours?” I responded back and said “Kurtis.” Freddy said... (more »)
Albus Severus Potter, come for pie...
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Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick. The clock stopped moving. At least, the second hand did. I had been sitting at the last desk, reading something about animals taking over a weird farm. As I looked up, I saw a strange, green fog emerge from the... (more »)
When Gods Arrive
By , Yangon, Myanmar
The tender breeze blew across the plains of Greece; making the leaves dance with momentum. The summer sun peeking through the clouds illuminated the city of Athens with an ethereal glow. The white buildings rejected the warm rays of the sun and... (more »)
The dress
By , Shah alam, Malaysia
"Nia,come back here.Where are you going?" Said Mrs. Evergreen. "relax,mom.I will come back later"said Nia.          This is my life,Im Niary Everdeen and Im not in a rich family,but i didn't regret about it,in our little apartment at... (more »)
Dear Jeon Wonwoo
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“Did you really expect me to be with you? Ever looked at yourself in the mirror?” Those words echoed on my head as my knees grew weak and I broke down under the rain.... (more »)
Ty Lin Birchwood: The Avenger of Life and Death
By , Groton, CT
I’ve been down bumpy roads in my life so far. It all started at a normal High School in Mexico. I was getting ready for prom. I slipped on a black dress with rippled ends, a white belt with a black clip, and my new black gloves . I was... (more »)
Spirit of the Desert
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The air shifts, just a little. It is a breeze that doesn’t move a thing, a silent sigh, an intangible change that makes the girl–woman, really, now–look up from where she’s scrubbing at the hilt of an elegant weapon, determined to keep... (more »)
I'm Kris. Kris Wu
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“Yo, look at that chick,” Eric said, pointing at a bunch of girls with tight mini dresses. Everyone was drunk on this Tuesday night. Eric, Sam, Anthony, Mark, and I, were at a nightclub, hoping to have some fun with the girls. Now... (more »)
Who Are You (sequel to Im Kris. Kris Wu)
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*Erica’s P.O.V* It’s been two months since Kris and I’ve started dating. Looking back, I really don’t regret anything. I wanted my first time to be with a special guy, and well, no one is more special to me than Kris. He never falls... (more »)
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I sit on my log, lurking in the leaves. I'm starving, but I must be patient. I will never get food unless I lay perfectly still in the jungle undergrowth. All I hear are the endless drones of the insects and the loud chirps and squawks of the... (more »)
I drift through my days, each having no purpose, no significance in the scheme of anything. I was on an endless search for meaning, one that would lead nowhere. I had wanderlust in my bones, and all I wanted was to escape. The longest day of my... (more »)
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