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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

The Outsiders: An Epilogue
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August 19, 1969                                              Dear Johnny, Something moved me to write this letter, but I’m not exactly sure what it was. I’m alone in a room now, but the house... (more »)
A Day in the Life of Me, Curley's Wife
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I would like to say that my life was everything I had hoped it would be. I would like to say that my mother hadn’t hidden the letter from that producer. I would like to say that I was a huge star that was given any role that I wanted. I... (more »)
The Baseball Field
By , Hanover park, IL
It's the bottom of the ninth inning two outs, tying run on 3rd base, in game 7 of the World Series. If you get a hit, you win the series; if you don't, you lose the series and your season is over. We've grown up on a baseball field our whole... (more »)
The Real Red Riding Ruby
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Once upon a time, the lands were all at peace and harmony with numerous kingdoms scattered throughout the world.  One in particular was settled on top of a grassy plateau, surrounded by bright green rolling hills and forests.  The sky... (more »)
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   The trees. They whisper to me.    They call me friend.    I whisper back.    I tell them that I will protect them and their home.    They told me that as long as the forest shall live, I will also.    I live in Middle Earth.... (more »)
Chronicle of Love (Part 3 of I'm Kris,...
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I decided to take a walk down the street for a bit, trying to get my mind off of the flowers, Mason, and just focusing on Kris and me. But Kris doesn’t know about the blue orchids… “I’ll go crazy if I start thinking about all this. I... (more »)
I'm Her
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The sound of my streps echoed as I walked down the long hallway. The cranberry walls seemed to close in the farther I walked. Candle light showed the path ahead as  I reached the large circular mirror at the end. The woman that stared back... (more »)
Four Years and Forever
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I am that girl. I am the one who doesn’t know the way things go. I am the one that everyone looks at up and down. I am a small town girl from Washington. I don’t know how it’s like to live in a big city like London. I am extremely nervous... (more »)
After the Happily Ever After—The Secret...
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I’ve always wondered what happened after the “Happily Ever After.” What happened after Mary and Colin grew fatter and their hair grew thicker? After Mr. Archibald Craven found out his son, Colin, could use his legs and not a single lump... (more »)
Empire of Storms Newsletter
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After an epic battle between Empress Maeve and the pending queen of Terrasen, the dark majesty captured Aelin Galathynius in iron shackles and a cage. With her connection to wyrd keys and royal blood, Aelin became the ultimate target. Queen... (more »)
Everything is harder without you
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*Billie's POV* The fans they screamed my name as I stood by the edge of the stage.  A microphone in my hands, a purple guitar hanging loosely around me.  My black hair sticking to my forehead from the droplets of sweat.  As I look out in... (more »)
The People Behind the Avengers
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                                           Prologue      The Avengers are great heroes, and the world needs them. No one doubts that. But have you ever wondered who makes the Avengers possible?    In this book,... (more »)
The Defeat of Smuag
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  A sea of greenery is below me. The lime green valleys to the evergreen, crisp trees. I fly and bat my wings with little effort but with immense joy. I feel the soothing wind ripple through my scales. I relax my long neck. I breathe fiery, red... (more »)
Dead by Daylight
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Dead by Daylight It was an ordinary day. An ordinary night in the forest. Except I as there tied up against a tree. I don’t know how I got here, or how I will escape. The ground is cold. The air is thick and blanketed by fog. My hands feel... (more »)
Tales of Gimli
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Gimli, son of Gloin has gone on many an exciting adventure in the mines of Moria, many of which were to defend the tomb of Balin from the demonic and corrupting evil of the Balrog that dwells in the depths of the mines of Moria. This segment of... (more »)
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To Walk and Remember This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Olathe, KS
The wind was crisp, clear even, as Harold Finch limped his way through the continuous and vastly different paths that were New York City. The auburn colored leaves swayed with the breeze in a dance both partners were eternally familiar with. Sun... (more »)
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