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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

Scrambled Eggs
By , Huntington, WV
The request seemed simple enough. Acquire two wyvern eggs from a nest in the Misty Valley hunting region and turn them in to the client for an easy 800gold. As Inbus headed home to ready himself for the trip, he decided to stop by the local... (more »)
Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... Chapter 10 2/2
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Matthews point of view> "Wow dude you jumped. Did I really scare you?" "Why do you think I jumped?" I answered staring at his sky blue eyes. "I don't know maybe you have some type of jumping problem." He said... (more »)
No Hero
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I ran around the farmyard with my bow and dry-fired into the air. "I'll protect the cows sister!" I yelled happily. I knew they would come tonight, they always did. "Ramoni!" Yelled sister leaning her head out the... (more »)
Fire-moon and Starlight
By , Somewhere in, VA
Fili cannot believe his ears. Can his crazy little brother actually be . . . no, he cannot think the word. But Kili certainly is fraternizing with the enemy Elf-maid. Whom he seems to think quite lovely, for all his derogatory comments at... (more »)
A Midnight Trek
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Jerry knows they're being followed. He's sensed them for about ten minutes now, to be honest. It isn't hard for him to pick up on the subtle rustling of leaves and clothing, the shifting of branches, and the whispered words that... (more »)
Matilda's Dream
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“Sometimes I have believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Matilda was reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and she was enjoying it immensely. She had been impressed by the way Alice could shut up like a telescope... (more »)
A step in a New Direction
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“Come on, Jess. You are going to miss your flight” “Yeah, mom, that’s what I am hoping for.” Jess answered as she finished brushing her dyed black hair and tying her black Converse shoes. “I’m tired of hearing you complain.... (more »)
Assassin's Creed: The End (Chapter 1)
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Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Syrian Master Assassin in the 1100s. Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Italian Master Assassin in the 1400s. Edward Kenway, pirate turned Assassin in the early 1700s. Ratonhnhaké:ton, Native American Assassin in the colonies in... (more »)
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dangan Ronpa or any of its characters! Chihiro stands at the side of the bridge, gripping the ledge, breathing deeply, and taking in the peaceful sights. She’s had a lot on her mind lately; sometimes she needs to... (more »)
Best Friends
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If you'd go into the woods and sightsee, you'd probably miss this clearing behind two old oak trees. But these two boys noticed as they were walking through the forest, and now the friends lean on a tree, listening to the... (more »)
Carried Away
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[Blaine's POV] Blaine somewhat enjoys Halloween. He'll pick out a costume and show it off to his friends at whatever party was going on. Up until he was eleven he enjoyed collecting candy and yelling "trick-or-treat!" Once... (more »)
It'll Be Just Fine in the End
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"So…you're gay, then?" Marley lets out a sigh at the voice, putting a hand on her locker door as she turns to look at Jake. "No," she answers shortly, turning and digging for her math books. Jake asks,... (more »)
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"So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend," Blaine says as he sinks down to one knee, tears glazing his eyes as he looks up as his boyfriend, "my one true love…will you marry me?" Kurt looks around at everyone, taking deep... (more »)
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“Prim,Prim,” I yell through the deserted street of the once glorious Capitol. Prim.Prim.Prim. My desperate callings echo. Each echoing cry is softer, as if mocking me. I catch the blood that trickles down my forehead with my tongue. Its... (more »)
Hush Baby
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Hush “Wahhhhhh,” wails Grendel. “Hush sweet baby, hush it’s okay.” “Wahhhhhhhhhh,” he echoes back again at an outlandish frequency. “It was only a nightmare baby boy. It was only a bad dream. Please, please, stop crying.... (more »)
Never After
All children grow up... Except for one.... Once upon a time was how his story had begun, but now it would never ever end in a happily ever after. After Her death, he did not stop flying. He flew to the place between worlds to escape Neverland.... (more »)
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