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The Third-Floor Bedroom
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 Crimson Hale stepped out of the moving van and groaned.  In front of her was a house.  A hideous house.  It was painted a chipped dark yellow, with ugly green trimming along the white shutters.  It was short and squat with a slanted roof... (more »)
FarCry3 Dr.Earnheart
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Hello my name is Dr.Alic Earnheart, I moved to rook after my 2 year old daughter Agnes fell out of my apartment window in London. I’ve spent the rest of my life on this island bruin different chems and drugs for locals and personal... (more »)
The rising star part one
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The rising star With the last pick in the 2024 draft the colorado avalanche select Hayden Klife goalie Colorado college. Hayden was the starting goalie for the colorado college in their season where they had a losing season. The avalanche... (more »)
The Five Nights At Freddy's #1: The...
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“Gracie, Gracie! Come here!’’ Ms. Yancey shouted as I walked to her class during the lunch period. As soon as I got down there, I saw a Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria sign on the Youtube news and I saw Ms. Yancey’s... (more »)
AE: Chapter 1
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Part 1: It was 12:30 in the afternoon and I was still sitting in bed in the Pokemon Center at the Pokemon League.  I was still weak from a few days ago when I saved my friend, Luna, from dying of fatal injuries.  The procedure left me weak... (more »)
Saving The Unexpected
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Addison Morrison 3 year old little girl. Has no parents. Also goes by Addy. Marie Morrison Addison’s mother. Tyler Morrison Addison’s father. Addicted to drugs and alcohol. Harry Styles A curly haired 22 year old. Easy going and... (more »)
The legendary Hit
By , Oxford, NJ
The Legendary Hit On a mysterious planet made for refugees, stood a boy shunned from everyone due to his dark past. He walks with his head down, with memories racing through his head with each step. The thoughts of his family, his friends, his... (more »)
The journey part one
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Chapter one:Introduction This is not about a player it is about a coach his name was Hayden Sweatt. He started out as a coach for his kids football team and ended up on a NFL football team. Chapter two: The decision I all started in the the... (more »)
The all star
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The All star His name was Hayden Kirkpatrick. He was a pitcher from syracuse. The unique thing about him was he was the first pitcher of the college. That is because syracuse had started its baseball program in 2024 when hayden enter college... (more »)
Family Always First
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Laurent and Larry were walking peacefully in downtown Los Angeles. While walking they forgot they were going to a party they were invited to. So, they walked to the car. While driving, Larry asked, “Are you sure you want to go to this... (more »)
DB Avary
By , Dexter, MI
A cold rainy day in the city. Clouds covering the sky blocking the sun. The type of day that most people would want to stay in their homes. I am not most people. My name is DB Avery. I am a private detective that used to work for the police. I... (more »)
Thug Life
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I slowly wake to the roar of a plane engine. Before I can grasp reality, the flight attendant asks “Jerome I mean Jay do you need some water or anything”. I give her a blank look so she assumes it’s a no. All I can remember... (more »)
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Alex's cool story
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So one day there was a man who played a game.  This game consumed his entire life force.  His name… was Alex Everdeen.  His obsession was hearthstone.  One day he was having a heated battle with a friend who happened to have much better... (more »)
The Afterlife of Death
By , Philadelphia, NJ
Louis jolts up, his heart beating fast. He looks around, blinking rapidly at his surroundings while he gasps in breaths of air.   He doesn't know where he is, or what he's doing. All he knows is that he's standing in the street of some... (more »)
By , Gainesville, FL
‘I love her. She's absolutely perfect….yet she's with that obnoxious Altean prince.’   Another beautiful day at the Smash Mansion. Everything is the same as always, never changing. Roy and Peach fighting,... (more »)
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