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We ran through the trees and bushes, my brother a few paces ahead of me. I tripped on a root and fell the creature was practically on top of me. It growled at anyone who tried to come near me like… a protector. Half goat half humans... (more »)
Change of Love
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Genre: Fiction Change of Love         This is a story of two very similar people that were still so different. Everyone has heard of Phillip and Aurora, but not like this. I personally don’t know why people believed their marriage... (more »)
Kreative Writing
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I wake up to the alarm on my phone. I reach over, but instead of hitting my phone to hit the snooze, I accidentally knock over a picture frame. Since when did I have a picture on my bedside table? I rub my eyes and look and pick up the frame. I... (more »)
Superman Vs Batman
By , Cedar City, UT
Superman versus Batman has been one of the most debatable topics of all time.  If the two battled it out the outcome would be. . .Superman.  Superman, going by the name Clark Kent spends his regular day as a normal person as a reporter, but... (more »)
Who Am I
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I wake up face down, covered in sheets that are not mine, silk. This is not my bed. Last time I checked I was Sofia, but am I still me? I flip over and look at my limbs. They’re not pale. Interesting.  Oh my god my legs look amazing,... (more »)
Face Your Fears
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The wood creaks and groans under my feet, the whole structure seemingly swaying in the wind and making my already uneasy stomach feel even worse. How Phil coaxed me to come up here, my mind is too foggy to remember. All I know is I’m here and... (more »)
The perfect story
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This is a story about two of my oc's that I ship together. Moeru who's a young man from a rundown area of the city. He takes care of his gang, and family after the death of his father. Koware another young man but from uptown and who had... (more »)
A Boy and Some Chickens
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The wind was blowing strong in the fields of Agatha Helgander Farms. The tall grass was swaying, and the chickens were getting anxious. Nearby, a young Shreka was walking towards the chicken coop when something caught her eye. She walked closer to... (more »)
The Story of Davy Jones
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                 Accounts of Captain Davy Jones:                  Captain of the Flying Dutchman 06-15-1740    Ah, that Jack Sparrow! Don’t even get me started on that sorry skallywag. He is a thief, liar, cheater, and... (more »)
Pit Full of Peasants
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After a hard day of working with professionals at the brutally hard conditions of the Los Angeles alleyway, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Scott Disick, decided to go out to eat. Assumingly, they all would go out to a 5 star... (more »)
A "Creepy" Story
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For the last few minutes, Steve doesn’t feel like he’s sleeping in a castle. He feels very tired despite the terrible-feeling whatever-it-is that he’s sleeping on, and his stomach won’t stop growling, as if it is trying... (more »)
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2 years ago I have created this beast and pieced its grotesque form, sewn together with needles and nails. I have watched this pool of deceased people puzzle together remarkably. In aw ay i was his father, in aw ay i was his god. If anyone were... (more »)
Holden With a Twist
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“Are you a relative of Mr. Caulfield’s?” I could hear the nurse ask someone down the hall. I tried to get up and see who it was but there were no goddamn windows in my room. All hospital rooms have windows because after all, we are... (more »)
Power of the unkown
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    I roll over and clutch my stomach suddenly feeling sharp pains. It was 12:00 AM in Eugene on the night of my departure to Mexico. I listen to the old grandfather clock tick in my room and try to get cradled to sleep by its... (more »)
Superman vs. Captain America
By , Cedar City , UT
 Like a fish out of water Clark Kent (Superman) came to earth with unknown superpowers. As a toddler Clark arrived from the planet Krypton with abilities he never imagined. Superman learned and grew up as a normal child by his parents, a humble... (more »)
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The sound of his footsteps could be heard close behind me. My heart was pumping a mile a minute and my lungs burned. It felt as if I had swallowed a box of lit matches and it rested at the bottom of my stomach. As his breath got louder, my steps... (more »)
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