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Rags to Riches

May 14, 2018
By Anonymous

In the world today, everyone wants to be top person and have everything they want in the world, but sometimes that is just not possible. Once there was a man named Tom and he wanted all of that. Tom was not like all the other kids. He would come to school not as well dressed with olden clothing with holes. He would walk into school and see kids laughing and making fun of him for not looking just like them. They would say things like look at the bum, and things like why is he not as well dressed. It would make him upset and when he was upset all he could do is ignore the people and try to be ok. But sometimes when he is upset he goes away and cries because of the hurt feelings. And he also hated going to school. Tom’s clothes would be worn out and holes, he also didn’t have all the nice and neat shoes like the other kids so he would only be able to wear his old cheap and holey shoes. Growing up in a hard time wasn’t the best for him. Unlike most of the other kids around him he didn’t have as much. He also did not grow up in the best place. The town he lived in had many crimes and lots of drugs. He had to be very careful leaving the house so he wouldn’t get hurt. From not being anywhere near rich or having the things he wanted he wished everyday to have it. He would go to school and come home seeing others living a better life then he was. This made him upset and he wished to be just like others. All he could do when he is upset is try to think positive. He started to think and believe he would do anything to become better.

As years passed and he grew up he started to work at whatever age he was allowed to too make money. The first job ever that he was able to get was working under the table just going around mowing lawns and doing work for others that wanted him to. But soon no one ever had enough money to pay him so no one wanted him to do jobs for them anymore. So he found a new job at a local restaurant as a busboy and also got a job as a cleaner. He went to school and still had two jobs just to save up money. Then all of a sudden he got sick with pneumonia and had to go get help for himself. He really was not expecting this and was even more sick and sad then ever. He finally got over his sickness and it was back to his normal everyday working life. Years later he had finally saved up a lot of money from working so many years that he was able to get nice things he wanted such as a new tiny home for him in a better neighborhood. One day he went out and he noticed a beautiful girl sitting in the distance. They talked and he got to know her. They talked and talked about anything that came into mind. Little did he know that would be his future lady. After being together they got married in a nice church and started a family together. They chose to have 2 children when they knew they could afford it. Now not only does he have money and a nice house, but now a soulmate and a family.

Life is now great for him and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Everyday was just a normal day he continued to work at his great new job now as a mechanic and save more money and spend time with his family and such, but one day was not just any old day. One day he was out shopping for groceries and he saw a lottery sign and thought wow wouldn’t it be great to win the lottery. So he said why don’t I give it a try but I probably won’t win much or anything at all. As he went to scan the ticket, he dropped it in shock. He started to cry and shake in shock trying to figure out if this was all so true. All he could think is if he was reading something wrong or not. He had won the 150 million dollars. He was so surprised because he was not expecting such a thing to happen. All he could think about in that moment was how excited he was as he went to run home. Just to think how crazy it is how he went from just a poor boy with nothing much to a man who has won the lottery.

That day he went home and was so excited to share the news with his wife and family. He jumps for joy speechless and he tells his family the great news that had happened to him today. After he told his wife she started to cry with such excitement and didn’t know what to say. She was speechless and didn’t quite know what to do at the moment or what was next for them. At first they thought how great it is then wondered how life will now be different for them. With all the money he had just got he was set for a long long time. He went out to buy all the things he was in need of that he has needed for years but couldn’t get. Some things they got were things like house accessories, things for their children, and also things for themselves. Their first stop was off to the furniture store to start fixing up their home, next stop was the mall for new clothing for everyone. After he bought all the stuff he needed he sat home and started to think. He thought of the time when he didn’t have much and was very in need of stuff and how upset he was. He continued to think and all the old memories of his life came back and it made him upset that other people are still living like that. He decided to give some money to a charity to help people in need. After remembering his past he started to feel bad so he decided to help others who are going through what once happened to him he says proud and determined that he will never go back to his old life and continue to do better. He is so happy with the decision he has made and all the effort he put into to get the life he now has.

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