Lars X Sadie

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

its a short story 

Chapter 1: Lars X Sadie

Just another normal day like usual, nothing new ever happens in Beach City. Why can't there ever be any beach babes or something like that?
“The usual please.”
Oh god I know that voice.
“Steven,” I sighed as I said his name.
“Hey Lars, hey, hey, hey, Lars, Lars, Lars, hey Lars!”
Grrrrr. Why won't he shut up? “WHAT DO YOU WANT STEVEN?”
Steven smiled that stupid smile he always does and says, “I want the usual buddy.”
I sighed and yelled, “Hey Sadie, can you get Steven his order? Sadie?”
No response, so I head around back and walked into the break room. “Cause everybody needs a friend and I got you, you, and you. So many I can't even name you. Can you blame me? I'm too famous.”
Sadie was there singing and dancing.
It was so cute. I started to blush right away.
There's Steven with that twinkle in his eyes. “AHH, Lars, Steven, how long have you two been there?”
I took a deep breath and said, “Hey, Sadie can you get Steven his order I'm going out with some friends.” I always try to play the cool guy to try an make her like me. I walked out back and leaned on the wall by the dumpster and let out a long sigh and said, “How do I get her to like me?” I started to blush, thinking about Sadie’s cute smile, her dance, her beautiful voice, and her amazing everything.

     A couple of hours later, after work, I head over to Sadie's house. She answered the door.
“Oh, hey Lars.”
I sighed. “Hey Sadie. Wanna hang out or something?”
Sadie smiled. “Sure. Come on downstairs we can watch Slasher III”. We walked downstairs and we sat on the edge of her bed and watched the movie. Said was actually kind of scared. It was cute, and without thinking, I cupped her cheek in my right hand and pulled her close and kissed her. It's the end of normal and the start of something new.

The author's comments:

It's a Steven Universe ship 

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