Return of the Jedi

May 2, 2018
By liv2beach SILVER, Indialantic, Florida
liv2beach SILVER, Indialantic, Florida
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It was day 847 when a prisoner joined me in my cell in Jabba’s palace. He was a wookie named Chewbacca and he was angry. Pounding against the cell doors, I asked what his problem was and he starts to tell me how his friend Han Solo was taken by the evil creature and was here to rescue him.
I introduce myself “I’m Olivia, I’ve been a prisoner here for 847 days. I got put into this prison by not paying back all of my money. If you promise me that I will get out of here I will help you escape.” Chewie agrees and he starts to tell me the plan on how his friends and him were going to escape. 
Suddenly two guards come with a man, I’d seen him before but not in human form but in carbonyte. He stood there shivering and falls to the ground, Chewie realizes that it was Han Solo.  Chewie runs to him and gives a hug, the man yells that he can’t see because of the carbonyte.
I explain to Han Solo that Chewie said I could help them out. Han didn’t know the plan, but Chewie explained what his friend Luke Skywalker had in mind. Han laughed at the plan but it was already in motion, it was too late to change it.
The plan was for me to knock out one of the guards that came to get the two and put on their uniform. Then Lando and I would walk them out as if we were guards of Jabba's. We hear yelling from Jabba and his followers, guards start to come toward the cell with Han, Chewie and I.
In a blink the Gamorrean soldiers were down and stripped of their uniform. I put on the guard's uniform along side Lando, we take Chewie and Han out of the cell to where Jabba the Hutt was. His stench was of garbage and my anger for him hadn’t changed since the last time we had meet.
Han, Luke, and Chewie were told to be sent to the Dune Sea and cast into the Pit of Carkoon to be terminated. They are sent to a vehicle that is taken to the pit. There we start to attack on Jabba. While Luke Skywalker is fighting off people out near the pit, I stayed inside to follow Leia out onto the deck where we will be picked up by Luke.
I find Leia and I explain to her that Chewie let me tag along and help. Leia let’s out a sigh and we go on with the mission. Leia wraps the chain around the neck of Jabba and I on the other side as we try to choke Jabba to death. His breath stops and we head toward the deck.
We get to the deck and I grab a gun. Fight at Luke’s side to keep off minions of Jabba, Leia heads toward the gun and shoots down the ship to kill everyone on it. Luke grabs Leia and we all jump to the platform and ride out of there. In the distance we see the explosion of the ship. After that they drop me off near the market of Tatooine to give me head start on finding my ship that was sold.

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