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Stranger Things

March 26, 2018
By Ioniadawgs BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Ioniadawgs BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Welcome to 1989 with the town of musky skies and the smell of fresh morning fog. My name is Will and you never really would expect anything weird to happen in this now mysterious town of Mystic Falls. But little did I know what lies behind the woods at night. “What lies behind the woods you might ask?”.

It all started on a normal tuesday night with my friends Dustin and Stefan. We were downstairs at Dustin’s house playing D&D which is a game including monsters where you have to see who has the best cards in the game, it was our thing to do.

“Dude you can’t do that! It’s against the rules!” Dustin was telling Stefan.

Suddenly we hear Dustin’s mom hollar down,

“Dustin it is a Tuesday night, time for your friends to go home” Stefan and I say bye to Dustin and hop on our bikes and leave to bike home.

“First one to the end of the next 3 blocks gets to be first playing D&D tomorrow!” Stefan says. 

“No fair you got a head start” I say.

“Guess you will have to catch up Will!” Stefan hollars. I pedal as fast as I can but then I look up into the musky dirt road with woods now surrounding us. I see Stefan at the turning point where him and I  always say bye then I hear

“bye see you `tomorrow!”Stefan calls to me

“Bye Stefan!”

I keep on riding my bike for another quarter mile then I look up and see police sirens pounding inside each of my ears. I ride up a little further and see that someone ran into a tree because a deer hit them. I ride my bike up to sheriff Keller. I hear glass creeping into my bike tires but i’m too oblivious to even think about it. I see the road block they put up but I don’t mind it, I got to the sheriff,

“Hey can I get through, I live about a mile down this road,” I say.

“Sorry kid when the deer hit, It caused the car to spin off and hit a tree so glass got everywhere and we would hate for your bike tires to pop. But , if you take this road right here to the left for about a mile you will end up hitting this road again.” I shrug, I head off biking down the road. I get about a quarter mile down and realized that I totally popped both of my tires when I was talking with sheriff Keller. I know that I wont be getting anywhere far in these tires. I decided to walk the rest of the way but didn’t want to carry my bike so I jump down into the ditch to hide my bike to come back and get it tomorrow.

I finished putting the last little bit of leafs and sticks to cover my bike. Then suddenly behind me in the woods the sound of something walking and cracking sticks  “snap” “snap” “snap” I didn’t think much of it and thought it was a deer so I started to climb back up the ditch. I hear the sound again but this time it sounds like it is getting closer “snap” “snap” “SNAP” I look behind me and see a shadow of some sort so I started to climb faster up the ditch, but then I slipped on mud and fell all the way down to the bottom of the ditch. My face was covered with mud and I hear the sound again but this time it is right behind me “SNAP” “SNAP” “SNAP” and I wipe the mud off my face and turn around and “BAM” before I can even process what is standing above me suddenly it grabs me.

I wake up not knowing any of my surroundings. Billions of thoughts going through my head “was I kidnapped?” “What was that indescribable figure standing above me just hours ago?” I stand up and it looks like I am in the woods and it is completely dark, I can barely see. There is fog and these little white flakes floating in the air. Before I can even turn around I hear a loud screech and suddenly I feel that something is coming for me. I hide kneel down behind a tree. I hear the screeching and screaming getting closer to me like it could sense that I was right there. I had to think quick so I slowly grab a stick and I through it as far as I can the opposite way from me. I hear the creature suddenly turn and run towards where the stick was. As the creature was running I was running as far away from that thing and as fast as I possibly could. 

*One day later later*

“Come on Stefan! We have to get to class,” Dustin yells, as the 5 minute bell was ringing for us to get to class
“hold on I will meet you in class, I haven’t seen Will so I am going to go and see if he is at his locker.” I head to Will’s locker to see if he was there and I look around and there is no sight of him. I walked around the halls to see if he was in the bathroom or something but still no sight of Will. I head back to class to tell Dustin there was not sight of Will.

“did you find him?”Dustin asks I shrug and nod my head.

“relax he is probably just sick or skipping today,”Dustin says. I think in my head that it is not like Will to skip and if he was sick he would have texted us. I start to get a little worried and so I call Will’s brother Jeremy. I hear the dialing in my ears as I think of all of the things that could have happened to him. Before I could think for one more second the dialing stops.

“Hey Stefan, how’s it going?”Jeremy says.

“umm i’m good, is Will around?”

“ No he never came home last night so I figured that he stayed the night at Dustin’s house,”Jeremy says a little worried.

“oh, can I talk to you later?”I say while trying to keep my calm so I don’t freak Jeremy out about his brother being missing.

“uh sure and when you see Will, can you tell him to call me?” Jeremy says. I stutter

“umm su sure”

At lunchtime I run to Dustin and tell him that Will is missing. And that his brother thinks that he stayed the night at your house! We are start freaking out because we know that Will left on his bike last night...

“We need to find him Stefan,” Dustin says sternly.

“I know, what are we going to do?”I say freaked out.

“well you know the way that he bikes home right?” I nod yes.

“well that is where we are going tonight.” I get a little freaked out of the thought of the thought of going through the dark woods at night but I knew we were determined to find Will.

After school Dustin comes over and we need to get supplies for tonight. We get food and we get our walkie talkies so we can keep in touch with each other if we split up. When we are finished getting our supplies we walk outside and come to the lovely joy of heavy downpour.

“Greattttt it is raining,” I say sarcastically.

“well we are not backing down now,” Dustin states. We hop on our bikes and  head down the same road Will was going down just a day ago. We get to the point Stefan and Will always say goodbye, We see that there is roadblack and a few pieces of glass everywhere.

“How long do you think there has been a roadblock?”Dustin says. I think about our town and say

“ Well anything in this town always takes forever so I bet it had to be up for at least a day.” Dustin has a look on his face that he know Will was not able to take his regular way home and that he had to take a detour.
There were two possible roads he could have taken. We thought about splitting up and going down opposite roads. But then we think that we can not split up we decide to go left. We are pedaling while we are looking around the wood’s and looking for his bike. Dustin says,

“ dude I can’t see anything from the road with all of this rain and fog everywhere..”

“me neither, why don’t we go walk in the woods,” I say. We drop our bikes where we left off and head down to the ditch for any sight of Will.

We get down into the woods, neither Dustin or I can see a thing with all of the heavy rain splashing onto our faces. We try and see what we can, then Dustin says,

“Hey why don’t we split up, we will have a better chance of finding him.” I am not so sure about the idea because whoever or whatever took will could still be lurking in these woods, but eventually I agree and say,
“sure but make sure you have you walkie talkie with you at all times and don’t go to far.” “Alright, good luck!” Dustin says. I split and go left while Dustin goes right. I was getting quite freaked out knowing that someone or something could be watching me. As I walk you hear the sound of my footsteps hitting the wet and squishy ground. I walk for another second then I hear “screech” “screech” and I look down at my walkie talkie and hear Dustin,

“come in, Stefan you there?”

“yeah Dustin what’s up?” I say in a curious tone.

“well uhh I think I found something you might want to see, and by want to see I mean that you need to see this now!”Dustin yells. I get freaked out and I walk to Dustin who isn’t that far away.

“Hey man what’s up?” I say.

“Dude I found Will’s bike right here in all of these leafs,” says Dustin. I look at Dustin and him and I have the most freaked out look on our faces. We decide that we need to keep looking, so we each push our fears to the way back of our heads. Dustin decides that we need to go further in the woods and see if there is any trace of footsteps or any sign of something living in these woods.

“Alright man after finding Will’s bike, we are not splitting and we are staying right by each other cause not to be a wimp or anything but i’m a little freaked out and by a little I mean I am totally losing my mind thinking about what happened to Will,” Dustin went on. I agree and we walk ahead.

We are shining our flashlights into the trees and onto the path. Dustin says,

“Hey Stefan point your flashlight into that tree, I thought I saw a light.” I do as he says and we stay on the path but point our flashlights to see if there is anything moving.

“I don’t see anything maybe we should just turn around and come back tomorrow with other people,” I say to Dustin. Dustin agrees because I can tell that he was freaked out himself. We point our flashlight back to the path but I see that another set of feet is right in front of my flashlight. I nudge Dustin quietly and he saw it too so we each slowly bring our flash lights up from the feet of who or what is in front of us.

“Ahhhhhh who are you?!” Dustin yells. We each see a girl with no hair who is about 10 years old in a dirty ripped up hospital gown.

“Umm hello can we help you?” Dustin says still freaked out. The girl in front of us was not speaking. She was just standing there right in front of us with water splashing heavily onto her face and had the most frightened look on her face that I have ever seen. She just stood there it almost looked like she was crying but it was hard to tell with all of the rain. She had to be close to the same age as Dustin and I about 10 or 11 years old. I look at dustin and say,

“Dude we can’t leave her here we can bring her to my house just for the night then call the police in the morning.” Dustin starts yelling at me,

“Are you crazy?! Do you seriously want to bring a random girl into your house who has a hospital gown on?! She probably escaped from a mental hospital or something.” I look at Dustin and say

“i’m not going to just leave her out here all alone in the middle of the woods, you either help me with this or not.”

“While I don’t agree with bringing a crazy person into your house but i’m not gonna let you do it by yourself,” Dustin states. We hop onto our bikes and the girl rides on the back of my bike while we pedal as fast as we can through the heavy rain droplets hitting our faces so we can barely see.  We get to my house and I get Dustin to distract my mom so I can sneak the girl downstairs.

“So uh what is your name?” I question to the girl. She looks at me with a blank stare and I can still see all of the fear in her eyes. Dustin comes downstairs and closes the door and locks it so no one can come down. I run over to the clean landry and I get her some clean and dry clothes for the night. Dustin and I make a little bed in the corner of the room for her to sleep in. Eventually we got everything set for her, so then we went and sat down to ask her some questions. Dustin just keep looking at me then her like he still had the regret that we went out to find Will and we had came back home with empty hands and only one clue of finding his bike. I look at Dustin and I wave for him to come over to the other side of the room

“Dude I know that you wanted to find Will, We each did. But we came back with this totally frightened girl who might have some clue where Will could be because after all we did find her where Will’s bike was.” I say sternly to Dustin.

“ok I will stop freaking the girl out. But if we are gonna want to know anything about what happened to Will we are gonna have to get this girl to talk,” Dustin claims. I nod and we walk back over to where she is.
“So what’s your name?” Dustin says while we are are sitting down next to her. She still says nothing but I catch a glimpse of something on her arm and I move to where I can see it. I see two numbers “11” tattooed onto her wrist and I wonder what that means and isn't she a little young for a tattoo.

“What is that on your wrist?” I say while pointing at her tattoo. She just looks at me and then suddenly covers it up. Dustin and I look at each other, we slowly start to get up to go talk in the corner of the room but then suddenly nothing louder than a little whisper

“Eleven,” she says quietly. Dustin and I suddenly look up at each other and suddenly sit back down next to her. I look at her with kind eyes and say,

“Is that your name, Eleven?” she look at me then nods her head yes. Dustin smiles and says,

“So why were you in the woods?” She looks at me like she needs my ok to speak or something I nod my head to tell her it’s ok.

“I was running away,” she says still as quiet as a mouse. I look at Dustin with a confused look on my face. It was silent in the room for about 5 minutes. Dustin is finally the one to break the ice and say,

“While we are going to let you stay here tonight but then in the morning we can have you get up and sneak up stairs, go outside and then ring the doorbell. Stefans mom will answer the door and  not know that we found her but then she will know what to do and call the police. It seemed that as soon as Dustin said police she started freaking out and shaking her head no.

“What is wrong Eleven?” I say look at her puzzled.

“no , no police!” she says frighteningly.  I get worried if my mom heard her yell. Suddenly we hear my mom suddenly open the door and start coming down the stairs. I freak out and Dustin and I throw blankets over Eleven to try and hid her.

“What is all of the yelling for?” my asks mom puzzled.

“Uhhh nothing Mom we were just um just,” Dustin looks at me with the fear that we are going to get caught.
“Well boy’s it is one in the morning on a saturday night. I suggest you two better go to bed. Oh and net time you are having a friend over tell me.” Mom says. I get worried that she can see Eleven but then I see her looking at Dustin and see that she was talking about him.

“Alright mom we will go to bed, goodnight,” I say to my mom just so she will leave. She smiles and walks upstairs.

“Alright Eleven you have to stay down here tonight and don’t make a sound. We will figure out what we are going to do in the morning.” Dustin says to Eleven. She nods her head yes like she was just so use to taking orders from everybody. Dustin and I run up the stairs and turn off all the lights so my mom doesnt come down to turn them off and then see Eleven. Dustin sleeps in my room because whenever we have sleepovers we never sleep down stairs and we don’t want my mom to get curious.

The next morning, my mom and dad left for work so as soon as they left Dustin and I ran down the stairs to find Eleven sitting there waiting for us.

“Hey Eleven, are you hungry?” Dustin asks. As soon as she heard the question she nodded her head so fast Dustin and I knew that she needed food.

“Ok then my parents are at work so you can come upstairs and then we will get you some food,” I told Eleven.
“Ok,” said Eleven, she was still pretty quiet but I could tell she was warming up to us.

“Ok so we don’t have much food other than eggos so I will go and make you some,” I said to Eleven as she was walking up the stairs looking at everything, as if she has never really been in a home.

We get her food and then we go and sit down and see if we can get any information of why she was in the woods.

“So uh last night you said you ran away, what did you run away from?” Dustin questioned while Eleven was devouring the last little bit of waffles. She looks up at us and then says,

“Bad people, I was running from bad people.”

“Ok what did they do? Who were they?” I question to Eleven. She suddenly gets up and starts exploring the house. She walks into the living room and turns on the tv and watches it like she has never seen anything like it before. I turn on a channel she can watch. She quickly got bored of that so she got up again and walked to the fireplace where there were pictures of friends and family. She points at my sister and smiles and simply says,


“Yeah that’s my sister Natalie,” I say to Eleven. She slowly point to a picture of my friends and and she puts her finger right on Will and says,

“Him, I know him.” Dustin and I suddenly look at each other and we instantly have thousands of thoughts running through our heads.

“Uh where have you seen him, did you see him a few nights ago?” Dustin questions.

“I saw him, with the demogorgon a few nights ago, I tried to help but I was being chased and before I could do anything he was gone with a flash of light.” Dustin and I look at each other with the most puzzled looks on our faces and I can tell that he is wondering the same thing I was, what the heck is a demogorgon?

“What is a demogorgon?” Dustin and I say at the same time.

“It is bad,” that is simply all Eleven says.

“Alright screw this I am leaving and I am going to the police station to see what on this earth is going on,” Dustin yells in a high tone voice. Dustin is walking to the front door, he opens it and then suddenly the door slams shut with a following “BANG” Dustin looks at me with the most scared look on his face and I look back at equally scared and confused. We each look at Eleven and she was just staring at Dustin and then the door, and she had a little bit of blood dripping from her nose. She looks at me then Dustin and says,

“No, no police.” Dustin and I still freaked out by what just happened

“Um are you crazy did you just do that with your mind?!” Dustin was yelling still standing as still as can be by the front door. Eleven stands up and nods her head yes. She was walking towards my bedroom and she gave us the signal to follow her. Dustin and I looked at her and followed. She walked into my room and sat down on the floor and Dustin and I did the same. She was focusing on the door, it was still open but something told me that she was going to show us and close it with her mind. Before she did anything she look and Dustin and I and says,

“Are you ready?” Dustin and I nod our heads yes and watch the door. We sit for about 1 minute and then we all of the sudden see my door slam shut with a following “BANG” Dustin and I were freaked out before of what she did but now we are pretty stunned and amazed of what she can do. Dustin looks at me and says,
“Dude do you think she could help us go out and find will because I know that I would feel a lot more safe if we had her in the woods with us, also she saw Will that night so that could help us find him.”

“Yeah I agree we need Eleven to help us, we are not going to find Will without her,” I say to Dustin. We each look at Eleven and then I say,

“Do you think you could come with us to find our friend Will?” She looked at both of us and then said,
“Yes, but only if there are no cops.”

“Ok ok no cops but we need you if we are going to find Will alive,” Dustin said to Eleven

That whole rest of the day we think of a plan to go back into the woods and not come back with still no clue where Will is.  We plan that we will still carry our walkie talkies so we can keep in touch if somehow we get split up. We are going to bring umbrellas this time because we planned ahead this time and looked at the weather and looks like there is going to be even more rain. We are going to ride our bikes and this time we will attach a flashlight to our bikes so when we are biking we still can see. Also we will bring more flashlights so this time we can actually see. When it came to about 8:30 at night we decided it was time to go.

“Are you guys ready to do this?” I ask to Eleven and Dustin. I see them each nervously nod their heads yes.
We start off on our bikes and then I ask Eleven,

“So where did you see Will?”

“I saw him when I was running away,” Eleven said.

“Ok do you know where that was?” Dustin asks. Eleven nods her head yes and then she tells us to go right where we found her then she will tell us where to go from there. We get to about the point where we meet Eleven. We are off our bikes at this point and we are just walking Eleven tells us to go straight, Dustin and I look up and we see a pipe that was big enough for a person to fit through and right above the pipe is a huge fence with barbwire on the top of it. Inside the fence area was a huge building that was kind of set up like a big factory but with no workers.

“Man I sure would hate to go be in there,” Dustin was saying I could tell he was trying to be funny but it was not working.

“Do you know what is in there Eleven?” I ask her. She nods her head yes and says,

“The bad people.” she has the most frightened look on her face. All three of were just standing there looking at the building wondering in Will was in there. I think Eleven was just still as frightened and not as much thinking about Will. Before any of us could say anything a man who was tall and had grey hair looked to be about 65 years old, he was carrying a briefcase. He was accompanied by a women who looked a little younger than him. All three of us saw them and we ducked down and went and hid in the pipe but I was on the outside of the pipe so I could sneak my head out and see what they were doing. They were so close we could hear what they were saying. They were talking to a few guys in these big fans that looked under cover. I heard them say something that startled me and made me think maybe they were talking about Eleven.

“She is gone and we don’t know where she is, and we need to find her now!” was what the man said to everybody and I got instant shivers on my back. I was glad that I was the only one that could hear them because I don’t want to freak out Eleven or Dustin. I hear the guy again and he says,

“You two vans go on the east side of town while the other ones hit west side, I myself will get north and south.” This man was really freaking me out but we kept hidden. I looked down and the bottom of the pipe and saw a little shred of a hospital gown, I picked it up and I made sure Dustin or Eleven could not see it. I wondered why this was here but then I remembered when we first saw Eleven she was wearing a ripped up hospital gown. I was frightened by the thought that Eleven had escaped and ran away from these people and they were the girl that they are going out to find. I look out and see that the man and the women are gone as well as the vans seemed like they just disappeared. We stand up look at the building again, then I ask Eleven,
“Is this the place you were running away from?”

“Yes it was Stefan,” Eleven said to me.

“Ok people enough getting distracted we need to find Will here people! That is the whole reason we came out here, not to watch some guy talk to people in stupid vans!” Dustin said while rolling his eyes. I looked at Eleven and then I said,

“So do you know where Will is?” she pointed about a few feet ahead of us and said,

“That is where I saw him.”

“Ok but there is nothing there so where did he go?” Dustin said in a high tone to Eleven.

“I don’t know, you asked where I saw him and this was where he was.” Eleven said scared that Dustin was going to snap at her again.

“Ok Eleven we don’t need to know where he was we need to know where he is!” Dustin was now yelling at Eleven. I looked at Eleven and I could tell she was about to cry. I harshly pull Dustin’s shirt and make him come over a few feet away from Eleven so I can talk to him.

“Dude what the heck why are you being such a jerk to her, all she is trying to do is help she is doing a lot better than we would if it was just us!” I yell to Dustin. Before Dustin can say anything back to me Eleven was standing there and then she said,

“I can channel him.” Dustin and I had a confused look on our faces.

“I can channel him and talk to him with my mind to see where he is,”she said, I look at Dustin and then at Eleven then say I say,

“Um how do you do that?”

“Dude she can close a door with her mind she can probably do a whole bunch of other things so let’s just not even question it, as long as she helps us find Will i’m cool with it,” Dustin said to me.

“I need a radio and then I can do it,” Eleven said.

“Ok my dad has one, we can go back to my house and then do it,” I say to her. I think to myself about the people in the vans going to look for Eleven, then I think that we will be ok as long as we go the back ways.
“Alright guys let’s get going I don’t want to spend anymore time in these woods,” Dustin said. We walk back to the ditch and see our bikes we hop on and pedal home. While we were biking out of the glimpse of my eye I swear I saw one of those vans just watching us to see where we go. I shortly came to the conclusion that they were following us and they knew we had Eleven. I was thinking of not telling Eleven so I didn;t freak her out but I decided that if a whole bunch of vans were coming for me, I know for sure that I would want to know.
“Eleven that big building that we saw in the woods that you said you escaped from, they are following us right now,” I say to Eleven loud enough so Dustin knows what is going on too.

“We can’t go to your house they will know that’s where she has been staying!” Dustin was yelling at me. At this point we were not just slowly biking enjoying the views, no we were pedaling so fast I felt like the pedals on my bike were about to fly off.

“Follow my lead!” I hollar to Dustin who is right on my tail. I lead us into the grass on a path that did not exist until we came flying through. Still pedaling as fast as we could we got about half a mile through the grass and ran into a abandon scrap yard. We all stopped, Dustin and I trying to catch our breath. Eleven was just standing there scared out of her mind and I knew that whatever they did to her at that building she did not want to go back. We hear the sound of something in air and we all look up there is a helicopter just in the distance and we knew they were looking for Eleven. I nudge Dustin and he sees it. We quickly hid our bikes under this old abandoned bus and quickly get in to the bus just in time for the helicopter to go over us.
“Wow that was a relief!” I say to them. They each nod their heads yes. We all of the sudden out of nowhere hear sirens and we only see one of the vans in the distance coming toward us. I start to get up so we can run but then Eleven grabs my shirt and pushes me to duck down below the window so they can’t see me.
“What are you doing we have to get out of here Eleven!” I said Yelling to Eleven while Dustin was just sitting in the corner curled up into a ball.  

“No Stefan it is ok I can take them,” Eleven said to me. The van was quickly approaching I see Eleven get up just barely so they can’t really see her but she can see them I get to where she was  and see that she was focusing hard on the van just like she was with the door when she closed it. All of the sudden out of nowhere the van just flipped and totally went off track and was smoking black smoke everywhere. I look at Eleven with the most stunned look on my face. She had a lot of blood dripping from her nose this time and her face almost looked purple and then she just fainted right there. I look at Dustin who is still curled in a ball in the corner and I yell at him to come over here and help me! He comes over and then we see her eyes just flutter a little bit so we know she is ok. We are relieved that there was only one bus that came and Eleven destroyed it in time before they probably called in to the other vans. Eleven slowly wakes up and Dustin and I are so relieved. As soon as she was somewhat awake, we knew that we had to get out of here and make it back to my house without having one of the vans see us. We get out of the bus and get our bikes and start pedaling and this time trying not to make a obvious path that someone went down here. We get on the edge o the woods and I can see my house so we just bolt to my house and put our bikes inside so no van will see them and come investigate.

“Alright Eleven are you ok?” Dustin asked.

“I’m better, it just when I use a lot of power my energy gets drained and I faint,” she replied.

“Ok just tell us when you need to stop,” I said to Eleven. She looked at me and nodded her head yes.

“Alright but guys we can’t get off track, we were going to channel Will.” Dustin said to us.

“Ok I am going to go get my dad’s radio,” I say while running up the stairs. I come down with the radio and then I set it next to Eleven. She looks at the radio and then she focuses on it. Without even turning it on we hear screeches from the radio. She was just focusing as hard as she could on the radio. And suddenly we hear the screeching stop and and we hear a little voice of boy,

“Hello is anybody there?!” It was Will I knew it was.

“Will its Stefan and Dustin where are you are going to help you!?!?” I was yelling at the radio.

“I don’t really know where I am but I am in the woods and there is this thing that comes out a certain times and I don’t really know what it is but it is going to find me I need to get out of here, NOW!”

“Ok don’t worry Will hold on just a little longer and we will find you,” Dustin said at the radio, I could tell he had the fear we would not be able to find him but I knew that he was not going to give up.

“Will are you still there?!” I said worried at the radio. Right after I said that we heard screeches everywhere and then suddenly everything went silent.

“Eleven where did he go!” I yelled to Eleven. I looked down at her and she had blood dripping from her nose and then she passed out. I looked at Dustin and he nodded his head and said,
“Why didn’t she tell us that she had enough? We can’t just keep letting her pass out,”

“I don’t know why don’t we ask her when she wakes up because you think I would have a clue,” I said to Dustin. He looked at me and then nodded his head.

“What ever happened to those vans chasing us for Eleven yesterday?” Dustin asked.

“I don’t know, all I know is that we need to stay away from that building in the woods,” I replied to Dustin.

“Ok but how are we going to do that if that is around where we need to find Will,” Dustin asked

“I don’t know man we will figure it out when we get there but right now we just need to save Will before that thing gets him,” I said to Dustin. Dustin and I go to bed that night and we wake up and it’s a school morning. My mom comes up and says,

“Stefan you have to tell me when you have a friend staying the night especially on a school night! You guys be down in 10 breakfast will be done, also where is Will? I haven’t seen him around the house and he use to come over every evening.”

“Um we will be down in 10,” I said to my mom. I looked at her and could tell that she was curious of why I didn’t answer her question about Will.

“Dude we have to tell people about Will he has been missing for almost 2 days now people are obviously curious, im surprised we have not heard anything from Will’s brother because he is basically Will’s dad because his parents are gone,”

“Well he thinks Will has been staying here at my house,” I answered to Dustin. I suddenly look up at Dustin and think about Eleven. I jump out of bed and run down the stairs to the basement. Dustin was right behind me. I get down and searching everywhere for her and then I look at the back door which was broken with millions of pieces of glass everywhere. I am devastated and I sit on the ground and just sit there and slowly one by one tears start flowing out of my eyes.

“They must have followed us back here last night without us seeing them.” I said in between sobs. Dustin comes and sits next to me and says,

“We will go back to the building in the woods tonight and get her while we look for Will.” I look at Dustin and then I nod yes. My mom suddenly appears at the top of the stairs and walks a few steps down,

“What are you boys doing down here?”

“Uh mom can you please come down here we need to tell you everything,” I say to my mom. She has a worried look on her face and sits down next to Dustin and I and says,

“Go ahead i’m listening.” Dustin and I tell her everything about Will disappearing to meeting Eleven and what she can do with her mind, then about how we talked to Will on the radio. I could tell my mother was so stunned to even say anything.

“Mom will you please call the police and tell them everything,” I said to my mom while I still had some tears coming out.

“Ofcourse,” my mom said while getting up to go upstairs. Dustin and I decide that we are not going to go to school, we are going to get Eleven and Will with hopefully some help of police.

We run upstairs and get supplies and get ready to leave, my mom was on the phone with the police and then Dustin ran down and told my mom about the location of where we last saw Will. We each run outside and jump on our bikes and hurry to the woods.

We eventually get to the woods and throw ourselves of our bikes and run into the musty woods. We were each thankful that it was finally daytime and we could see instead of the other times when we came and could barely see two steps ahead of us. We get about halfway to the building in the middle of the woods. And suddenly we hear police sirens in the distance. We walk back to the main road and see that there were people from the town and police cars everywhere.

“So you guys are the kids that said your friend was last seen in here right?” sheriff Keller asked us.

“Uh yeah and we need help to find him because we can’t do it by ourselves,” Dustin answered. We look around at everyone and then I look over to my side to talk to Eleven but then I remember that she got taken away, I suddenly get teary eyed and then I think that I need to find her, Dustin and I need to find her now.

“Alright kids we have a search party with us and we are going to find Will,” sheriff Keller said. Dustin and I nod our heads yes and then sheriff waves his hands and gets everyone’s attention

“Ok people let’s get this search into action.” Everyone suddenly walks into the woods and begin the search. I nudge Dustin and say,

“Ok dude don’t get man but I think that if we are going to find Will and get past whatever took Will we need to get Eleven so she can help.” Dustin nods his head yes and says,

“I agree but how are we going to get into the building there is a guard at the gate and it has barbed wire all over the fence?”

“Don’t worry I planned it all out but we need to go now I will tell you on the way there,” I reply to Dustin. We begin to walk back into the woods towards the mysterious building to find Eleven.

“Ok dude we are here what is your genius plan?” Dustin said sarcastically. I look at him and then say,
“Ok so I have done some research and there is a van that comes and delivers these boxes, It is just a van but it doesn’t have a back lock on it so while they are on the stop sign which is about a quarter mile back, they stop there around 4:30. They stop we quietly get in the van hid behind some boxes. Then they will stop open the doors and start unpacking boxes and when they are not looking we go find Eleven.” I look at Dustin and I can tell that he is not so sure about the plan but then I say,

“Listen man i know that you are not so sure about this but we need Eleven and we need to save her from the bad people as Eleven would say. But come on man we have to leave now it is already 4:00 we got 30 minutes to get there.” Dustin nods his head and I can tell he is a little more reassured now. We jump on our bikes and pedal as fast as we can for about a quarter mile and then we look up and see a stop light. I look down at my watch and it was 4:15 and we just sit there and drop our bikes in the ditch and hid so that the van does not get suspicious when they see two boys standing by a stop sign in the middle of nowhere. We sit for about 10 minutes and then we hear the sound of a van fastly approaching us. We get up closer to the stop sign but still where they cant see us and we get ready to run. We see the van and it quickly comes to a stop then Dustin and I run towards the back of the van and right when we get there they are fully stopped. I slowly open the door and we each climb in and close the door. We move around the boxes and get behind a few of them so we are not what they see when they open the doors. We ride very uncomfortably for about 5 minutes and then we come to a complete stop. We sat in there for 2 minutes with muffled voices outside of the van. Dustin and I stay quiet and the suddenly we hear the sound of the doors opening up and light flashes into our eyes. Two workers come in and grab two boxes each. Which Dustin and I were scared we would be seen but they walk away with there boxes and Dustin and I knew that we had to get out of that van now before they came and took any more box’s and see us. I look at Dustin and the I give him the signal to follow behind me. I walk to the edge of van and look around to see if there is anybody. There is a group a men talking in a circle a little bit in the distance. Dustina and I ignore them and jump out of the van we sneak across the van and see that there were so many other vans and it looked like a loading and unloading place for vans. We look around for a way to get into the main building where Eleven is. I see a door and it is about the only door I see so we go for it. We walk in and there is surprisingly nobody at the other side of the door. We walk down a dark and quiet hall there were rooms that we had no clue what they would even do in these rooms. We stop and look down the long hallway and see that there is a room with a different door and it was shut and locked, it was a metal door so it looked pretty impossible to get into even get out of without a key. Dustin and I run up to the door and see that there is a little window, I get on my tiptoes and see that there is a little bed and just plain off white walls just like every other wall in this building. I look and I see that someone is lying in the bed. I couldn't quite tell who it was but then I saw the shaved head and I thought in my head Eleven.  I got off my tip toes and let Dustin have a look, he saw that it was her too.

“How do we get her out of there this is a metal door with the most heavy duty locks I have ever seen,” Dustin asks. I look at him and then the locks and say,

“We need to find a guard and take his keys.”

“Well dude its not like a guard is just going to give a 13 year old kid a set of keys to take a girl that they have locked up because they want her,” Dustin said.

“Well I know that they won’t give it to me but, they will give them to a worker. So we need to find a lab coat and it won’t be too difficult because there is like lab coats just lying everywhere. We each run over and throw a lab coat on. We look around and there is like nobody around but then we saw a janitor and he had a huge hoop of keys attached to his belt. Dustin and I looked at each other and then just went for it and I said,
“Hey man can use your keys we were being stupid and got locked out of the laboratory.” He looked at us and then said,

“Oh yeah, here you go.”

“Thank you so much man we really appreciate it!” Dustin said as we walked away. We looked back and saw that the janitor was walking away which was good so now we can get Eleven and get the heck out of this place. We walk up to her door and try about 15 different keys until we hear click and the lock opens up. I took the lock off the door and we threw the door open and we saw that Eleven was awake and she was just laying there crying.

“Eleven we are here!” Dustin yells but still quiet so that people can not hear us. Eleven looks at us and wipes away her tears and says,

“Stefan, Dustin I thought I would never see you guys again.”

“Its ok Eleven we are here to save you but now we need to get out of here before we get caught.” I said to her. She nodded her head and then we all started running down the hall to get to the door so we could leave. We get to the door and see that there was a guy standing there just looking at the door it was almost like he was waiting for us. I didn’t know who he was but then I think and he was the guy who was telling all of the vans where to go to find Eleven the other day.

“Where do you think you are going Eleven?” he said while he was staring her right in the eye. I looked Eleven and I could tell she was man and I knew she wanted to get out of there. I tried thinking of a way out but all I could think about was running and just not stop. I nudged on Dustin and whispered,

“We need to run right now if we have any chance of getting out of here with Eleven.” Dustin slowly nodded so that the guy wouldn’t think we were talking. The guy was still staring right into Elevens eyes and then he said,
“Eleven why don’t you come with me lets put you back to bed.” I knew that they had her here to do tests on her with her mind and that was just wrong and I knew I could not ever let her back with this man again. I quickly grabbed Elevens hand and then all three of us just bolt towards the gate, which we could escape from on the inside which was convenient at the situation we were in right now. We run and we get to the gate and we had to slow down because it was not opening, the man was right behind us and we all three panicked but then I looked Eleven and she was focusing on the gate and then suddenly we hear a loud sound, Eleven has broke the lock and the gates swung open. We run like lightning through the road and don’t stop. We suddenly look behind us and there is vans so many vans we didn’t know what to do. We had to stop because we were out of breath and we knew they were going to catch up to us no matter how fast we ran.

“Eleven is there anything you can do to stop them?” Dustin asked while he was out of breath. Eleven didn’t say anything she was just focusing on the vans. All three of us are looking at the vans then suddenly there was a van that flipped and started suddenly on fire with smoke just flowing out of it. Since all of the vans were so close they all caught the fire and they were all smoking black smoke. All three of us just looked at each other stunned of what happened. We then kept running and we soon made it back to where all of the police cars are and we see that everyone came out from the woods. All three of us run up to sheriff Keller and then I say,

“Why are you guys out of the woods? We need to find Will!”

“Relax kid,” sheriff said to us

“Are you seriously telling us to relax when our friend is out there hiding from something!” Dustin said yelling at sheriff. Sheriff looked at all three of us and then he moved so we could see what was behind him. We all look behind and see Will sitting on the ground with a blanket who looked just frightened out of his mind.

“WILL! Oh my gosh it is really you!” I said screaming while running up him. Will smiles and says,

“I wasn’t sure I was going to see you guys ever again!”

“We were never going to give up to find you Will, just know one thing, you are never going to ride your bike alone ever again!” Dustin said while all of us were hugging him, including Eleven were hugging him. A few hours past and all of Will’s family including him were at my house, sheriff Keller was there with a few other sheriff's, Dustin’s family was also there too. Everyone was talking about how to keep this town safer and not let whatever take Will take anyone else.

“What was it that even took you Will?” Dustin asked. Sheriff looked at us and then said,

“Well we actually saw what it was when we were saving him and it was this huge animal or monster I don’t even know what to call it but anyways we shot it enough times to where it will pass out so we brought it to a cell where from there we will figure out how to kill it.” I grab Elevens arm and I bring her into the other room, Dustin follows then  I say,

“Do you think you can do something with your mind to kill it?”

“Yes I can I can do what I did to those vans to it and that will kill the demogorgon,” she answered.

“The demogorgon?” Dustin asked.

“Yeah it was a creature that at the place you helped me escape from they made go into the brain of the creature and something happened where I upset it and then it came alive and that just happened on that night Will was taken and the same night I escaped,” Eleven said.

“Ok we do not have anytime to waste we need to bring you to that demogorgon and get that thing out of mystic falls.” I said. We all walked into the room where everybody had gathered and then Dustin said,
“Eleven can kill the creature which by the way is called a demogorgon. We just need to bring her there and then she can do her magic.” Sheriff nods his head and brings us outside and behind his truck was a trailer that had no windows and was made of metal so nothing not even a demogorgon could escape. We walk Eleven over to the trailer and then sheriff says,

“Alright Eleven if you think you can kill this thing go at it, the demogorgon is still passed out so you will have a little bit of time before it wakes.” Eleven looks at us and then open that door and closes it. Dustin, sheriff and were all standing outside of the trailer and was silent for the first few minutes she was in there but then we suddenly heard screeches and smoke coming out of the little holes on the bottom of the trailer. The screeches kept going for about 3 minutes and then suddenly everything the smoke and the screeching stopped. We slowly opened up the door and saw Eleven standing there and she had blood dripping down her nose and her face was the most purple I had ever seen on somebody’s face. I run up to her and catch her before she faints I carry her and then run her inside. I lay her on the couch and there was nothing much we could do except sit there and wait.

The next morning we all wake up, Dustin, Will and I fell asleep right next to the couch where Eleven was. I sit up and then Dustin does the same thing. We each stand up and look at Eleven and she is just waking up and she looked way better than last night which I was so relieved about. A few minutes later she wakes up and we all sit on the couch and then she says,

“Whats next?”

“Well I can talk to mom and we can see if you can stay at my house until we figure out a permanent place for you, and you will of course be going to school with all three of us weirdos.” I said smiling at her. Dustin and Will were smiling too. We suddenly hear my mom hollar from the kitchen,

“Breakfast is ready!”

The author's comments:

This peice is based from the show Stranger Things. I based it from this because I like the show and the story.

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