Car thief.

February 10, 2018
By JenDovehaven PLATINUM, Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
JenDovehaven PLATINUM, Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
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walk towards the rusty gate of the Johnson car factory. Despite the dirty yard, steaming smoke towers, and tin buildings covered in faded graffiti, the lot sparkles with shiny new cars. I had been yearning for the red car for nearly a month now, and today was my birthday. The air was filled with smog from the factory and mist but I could still see the car’s glint. The gate is made of bent wire, and full of hand holds, so I climb it with ease. After jogging for nearly five minutes, I reach the car of my dreams. It is a deep shade of red, with a gold tinted wind shield, no roof, a radio, and ribbons hanging from the side mirrors. Beautiful. The keys hang from the wheel, but just as I get in, a man in a grimy grey shirt comes out. He is short, with grizzled brown and grey hair, a snub nose, and small blue eyes, that glitter dully. He stops short when he sees me, and pulls out his phone, calling.” Stay where you are little thief!” I take a deep breath, running is futile, the gate is closed and the fence behind me is topped with barbed wire, my only option is to talk. “Good sir, why are you disraught? Are you ill?” What little glimmer there was leaves his eyes, and his face wrinkles in confusion. “Uh……. I don’t know, I think you did something wrong?” “Oh!! That cannot be good sir, I’m just admiring the lovely car you have made.” He nods, a dull smile breaking across his face. “It’s pretty, nice color I think.’ He grins once again and tucks his phone in the pocket of his dusty jeans. “I wouldn’t want to ruin your creation, but could I take a short drive?” He chuckles and leans against the wall. ”It’s real hard to find someone who appreciates this business nowadays. Sure you can. When you’re done ask for Bill, now get in, I want to see you drive!” Minutes later I drive down the dusty road, in my new red car. The last I see off the factory, Bill is standing with his mouth open, calling the police. I drive away faster, dreading the look of horror on my father’s face and cold satisfaction on Jane’s when they hear that Piper Mclean is in prison for stealing a car.

The author's comments:
I really really dislike these books. I just wrote this for practice.

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