February 15, 2018
By Deaths_Aposel BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Deaths_Aposel BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Funny thing what ambition and a sense of adventure can do to a person. Even though they could die, some people still try to become Hunters. Some do it for the fame, while others do it just for the thrill of it, and end up being brought back by Felynes, half dead. But still, the sense of adventure still lures them back.

I wanted to be a hunter so bad when I was a kid, partly because I lived above a hunting tavern, and mostly because of the stories the hunters and my father told when came to the tavern. My mom always told them to stop giving me crazy ideas, saying I would end up really hurt or worse. Because of this, she kept me away from the woods outside the village, saying that a pack of Jaggi would find me out there.

On the other hand, I never really got to know my father. I knew he was a hunter, but not much more than that. I asked him about his rank many times, but all he ever said was ¨I'll tell you when you're older.¨ I never really knew what that meant, so I kept asking. The only thing I have to remember him by is a strange scale that was pitch black, but if you looked at it long enough, you could see some light. He gave me it for luck, saying it was from a rare monster that found when hunting, and when he went on his next hunt, he just disappeared.

That happened when I was five, and it's been thirteen years since. I´ve heard some rumors sense then the say that he just up and left, while some others said he died. I´m not sure which is better, but I have come to terms with his disappearance. I've asked some of the hunters about what sort of monster the scale came from, and they said it was unfamiliar to them, and that I would find better luck with the researchers in Dundorma. That’s made me decide that when I became a hunter, I made a goal to find the monster that the scale came from, and find my father, be he live or dead.

Chapter 1: Awakening

It's been three months since I left the village to become a hunter, waiting patiently for the next application test. The Guild receptionist  said it would be another two weeks before they would let people sign up to take part in it, so I mainly have been hanging out at the local tavern, thinking about home, and how it helped make me how I am…

Three Months Ago…
I just got back from practicing with my new dual blades, that I had bought by saving up zenny from the jobs I’ve been helping out with, mainly tracking down bones in the forest to be used for forging as well as building a new gate to keep the large monsters out. Not that there were any particularly dangerous monsters out there, except maybe the occasional Yian Kut-Ku, and on rare occasion, a Rathalos, but only once has a monster more dangerous than the “King of the Skies” attacked the village, the Elder Dragon of wind, Kushala Daora, but that was fifty years ago.

One of the people that survived the attack was my grandfather, and I’ve asked him many times when I was younger about what happened, but he always said, “Same as always; monster destroys village, hunters come to take care of the beast, we build the village back up, and thank the hunters for their help.” I asked who the hunter that killed the Elder Dragon was, but he just smiles and says, “Why does it matter? That happened a long time ago, and hunters, if sufficient rank, hunt elder dragons all the time. Now, why don’t you go run off and play with your friends. I’ve seen how you like pretending to be a monster with them, so how ‘bout you be a Kushala Daora this time?”

That made me want to be a hunter even more because for once, I had a goal to surpass my limits and fight elder dragons, so I could keep the world safe from calamities like Fatalis, the ancient black dragon said to have destroyed the previous civilization, even with their vast technological superiority to ours. Humanity and Wyverians alike have only been able to repel Fatalis, using ballista and cannons only, but there have been rumors that the guild have been working on new elder dragon weaponry, but have yet to be tested. Only rumors though, without any evidence to back up their claims.

Right as I got home, my mom was managing the tavern, keeping the hunters and patrons happy with booze and food, saying that it would actually help them with hunting by increasing their adrenaline with a meat and fish meal, while a veg and grains meal would make them more resilient.

Chapter Notes:

this is only a rough draft I have. tell me your thoughts in the comments below, and if you want  a charactor to be brought in.

The author's comments:

Monster Hunter is property of Capcom. The story I am writing is purely made for entertainment purposes, and all characters are my own.

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