February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

One day this little girl was playing outside with her friends. She was playing softball and she was about to hit the ball but all of the sudden she felt dizzy and Bailey throw the ball and hit Rosie  in the head and knock her out. Bailey ran to her and she tried to wake her up but he never did, bailey call 911 and told them what happen. They said that paramedics were on there way. Bailey called rosie  mom to tell her what happen and Haley told her to stay calm and bailey said that paramedic were here and Haley said i’ll meet y’all at the hospital. Bailey hung up the phone and when she did the paramedic were here and they load her up in the back and she was still past out. The gentleman said my name is Blake and he told bailey what there doing and he told me to get in with her and i did and so i walk up to her and sat down and began to cry, I ask him if she will be okay he said not sure.

       We got to the hospital and they rush her inside Blake walk me inside and he walk me to the waiting room and then I saw Haley, I sat right next to her and I told her that blake said he not sure if she will be okay. She ask me if i had to talk to my mom and i said no, but i’ll call her. I walk back to haley and said my mom on her way. I began to feel a little dizzy,then all of the sudden i fell and hit my head on the chair. Haley ran to find a nurse and the nurse went to get a stretcher, they ran back to pick up bailey and they rush her to a room and bailey mom arrived and she said where my daughter bailey and haley said that just took her back in a room and michelle wich is bailey mom she ask if she can go see bailey and the nurse said yes i’ll walk you back there and the nurse as haley if she wanted to go see her daughter she said yes please, so they both went to see their daughters and of course they next to each other. Rosie never woke up blake the nurse said give her more time, she will wake up.

        Michelle and haley went to go eat lunch while the girls rest up. Michelle and haley left the hospital, Michelle had to call her boss to let her know what going on. Gracie said you can take off many days that you need and michelle said thank you. Michelle and haley were at the restaurant, they get called from the hospital saying rosie is awake, so they hurry up at the restaurant. They hurry and got to the hospital, and walk back to the room and michelle went to rosie room and rosie was just sitting there wide awake. Michelle walk to her and sat down in the sit next to her. The nurse said she can go home tonight because we have to run more tests and then she free to go home. The nurse told rosie to not play softball for a while, rosie said okay! The nurse came back in to let her go take some test and he said she will be right back. Michelle went to haley and bailey room to wait with them while rosie going to take test. Haley ask michelle if she would like to go get some ice cream  but she said no because she wanted to wait for rosie.

    Michelle lay her head down on bailey  bed and she fall asleep, 30 minutes went by and the nurse came and put rosie back in her room and haley went to go see rosie and she was lay up on the bed with a big smile. Michelle woke up and haley told her rosie back her room and she walk back in there and rosie and haley was just having conversation away. Bailey  ask if she could leave, the nurse said we are waiting for test to come back and then yall can leave. 30 minutes past and the nurse came in and told them that she is positive and that she can go home. They left the hospital and they were heading home and rosie was felt dizzy and she started to throwing up, they rush home. Rosie was walking inside she fell michelle ran to her, she was past out and michelle called the doctor and she told blake that rosie past out on the floor and he said called 911, so she did and she ran and packed clothes just in case. Ambulance showed up and they did cpr and she woke up and they took her back to the hospital and ran more test, and it came back that she had food poisoning but michelle said that she hasn't eaten all day. The nurse said that it could be when she ate at the restaurant. Michelle said will she okay and the nurse said yes yall can go home now and make sure she gets in her room nice and calm. I'll get y’all medicine and she will be free to go home and she needs to have air on her at all times. So when they got home Rosie slowly walk to her room and got in bed and she was sound asleep. Next day she woke up,she felt dizzy and she couldn't do much like walk or doing much because she was really. Her mom called the doctors and told her that she had to come back because they found that rosie had cancer, they rush her to the doctors and they gave her treatments and she went into icu, and her parents that she might not make it but she woke up the next and she was feeling better. They let  her to go home, and she was free from cancer.

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