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February 7, 2018
By Olivia_Parker_2002 BRONZE, Inialantic, Florida
Olivia_Parker_2002 BRONZE, Inialantic, Florida
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Snow white is kicked out oh her house but over throws her mother in a buisness dual for coal and gems.

Chapter 1: snow white takes the evil queen by her horns

                                                       A Modern Cinderella
     Once upon a time in a high school far away there was a girl pure and quiet. She had stormy eyes, golden hair like the sun, and a skin like a porcelain dolls. Even though she was beautiful she hid her complexion. She was often compared to a chameleon by her mother and father.
     The beautiful girl was named Ella, and she adored her father. Her father was the world to her. Her father's name was Ken, and he taught her to be kind and to explore her strengths. Ken taught her how to draw and read her stories beyond her imaginations from a magical thing called books. One day her father collapsed and passed away. Ella had no idea why he passed, but discovered her father's documents of skin cancer.
     Ella became strong on her own. She was placed in a foster home for awhile and the people were kind, but couldn't keep taking care of her after 3 years because they had triplets on the way. Ella left their house and thanked them. She was then flown out to a family in Virginia who were interested in adopting her because of her school record. Ella had all A’s and was the president of the art club. Ella was excited to be adopted by a family, but had no clue what she was really getting into.
     Before Ella left to her new home shen went to her father's grave and told him she was leaving. When she was about to leave something shining in the dirt of his grave caught her attention. There lying was a ruby ring. When she picked up the ruby ring she felt a feeling of comfort. The ring had the initials K and E which was the initials of her father's name and her name, so she took the ring as a keepsake from her father.
     The whole way to virginia Ells wrote in her diary about her experiences and drew the ruby ring. When she arrived to her new home she was in awe. The house was white with golden columns. Ella compared the house to something a greek god would be in.
     When Ella stepped out of the car she was greeted by a middle aged man with two teenagers who were identical twins. The man introduced himself as Ron and the twins were introduced as Sky and Law. Ron then greeted her with open arms and a loving smile, but the twins gave her a glare and ran away. Ron then told me “ Ella I don't want to come of as mean, but i have adopted you to look after the boys while i'm gone and tutor them. They are very rowdy and childish and i can't afford a maid. You seem like a perfect fit for this job”. Ella then nodded her head yes as Ron stepped into the car and drove away for who knows how long.
     Ella watched the twins from afar as she cleaned the house. She realized the twins never left each others side and didn't have any friends. Ella often invited the twins down for dinner, butt they always refused. She was struggling to talk to the twins, and was running out of time because school was right around the corner.
     Ella came up with a plan to get the twins to go to school with her and become good students. Ella went into the twins rooms and asked them “ please wake up Sky and Law we have school today”. Sky and Law woke up with complaining, but stopped when they sniffed the air. “ I smell waffles” Law says as Sky starts to drool. “ You guys can have waffles everyday if you get ready for school” Ella says to the boys.
     The twins and Ella arrive to the school and it is very extravagant. The twins shoot off in different directions as Ella is swarmed by a ton of girls. The girls were screaming at her for being with the twins and this confused her. One of the girls came up to Ella and told her “ You can't have the twins. They belong to everyone”. Ella responds to her “ I don't want thee twins, and they don't belong to anybody”. After her appearance Ella ran off to her first class and enjoyed the rest of her day.
     When Ella got home with the twins she says to the twins “ Please come down the stairs for afternoon tutoring”. The twins say “ We will listen to you as long as you can tell us apart”. Ella tells them apart and they are appalled because not even their father can tell them apart, but they wouldn't give Ella the satisfaction of telling her that she won. They instead came up with a mutual agreement to be nice to Ella and listen to her.
     The next day at school while Ella is approaching her locker she sees something glowing orange and red inside. Ella yells out ‘Fire!!” as she runs around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for water. Everyone snickers at her as the same girl from yesterday approaches Ella. “ I don't think you heard me clearly, but you should have stayed away from the twins, and by the way I think your new name should be Cinderella”. After the girl sashayed away Ella spent the rest of her days avoiding the twins.
     The twins started to worry about Ella because she wouldn't speak to them or make eye contact. The twins were sad about this ,so they went around the schools trying to figure out what happened to her. The twins found out about Macy’s outburst at Ella and they were infuriated by it. They decided to make it up to Ella at the winter formal that night.
     Ella was weeping in her room the morning before the formal because she couldn't possibly go. Ella didn't have any formal dresses and didn't want to be made the laughing stock of the school because of that girl who she figured out is named Macy. Ella kept weeping while doing chores until the twins busted into her room.
     “ Ella you are going to the formal” the twins told her. “ But how. I can't possibly go. Macy will laugh at my attempt to go” Ella says. “Worry not. We have brought in the professionals” The twins tell Ella. After the twins clap their hands together a swarm of people come into the room and start to pick and prod at Ella.
     When they finished Ella looked in a mirror and jumped for joy. She looked beautiful in a red gown complimenting her ruby ring. She went to the twins and thanked them for making her confident again.
     When Ella stepped into the formal all eyes turned on her. Ella became scared when Macy started charging her way through the crowds, but the twins stopped her. “What are you doing with that girl. She is nothing but a dishrag compared to you” Macy exclaims. “We are Ella’s prince charming’s” The twins say as they lead Ella out to the dance floor and they dance the night away.

The author's comments:

This peice is a funny remix on the original snow white.

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