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The Best Day of My Life

December 21, 2017
By Dianamejia BRONZE, Costa Mesa , California
Dianamejia BRONZE, Costa Mesa , California
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I love music very much. I went through a lot of music phases. There were some where I liked rock music and when I liked pop music, but I will never stop loving One Direction and its band members. I had been listening to them ever since they released their first song
“What Makes You Beautiful.” That song hypnotized me into being obsessed with them. After they broke up, I still loved and supported them.
I started sharing an apartment with my best friend. We cooperated easily so living together wasn’t stressful. When she worked late I made dinner for us and when I worked late she made dinner for both of us. Today I had gotten a phone call asking if I could work a different schedule meaning that I was going to get out of work late. I agreed and just told my best friend Asha about it.
Work had been pretty tiring for me today for no specific reason. I looked at the clock and I only had two more hours until I got out of work. I could imagine Sasha making my favorite meal which is spaghetti. I was taking the pressure of a patient when my work phone started ringing. I answered and it was my supervisor telling me the best news possible. There had been a man ask for me and when he was asked for his name, he said he was Harry Styles. Harry Styles was my ultimate favorite singer and I was one of those fangirls who would die to go to a concert of his. His voice was so majestic and spectacular that it gave me chills. Of course when I heard this, I dropped my phone. I was taken by surprise because I had sent him a fan letter saying that I wanted to meet him. I pinched myself trying to wake myself up, but there was no need for that since I was actually awake.
I went downstairs into the lobby shaking as I walked. I was thinking about the millions of endless possibilities that could happen. It could be that my supervisor was pulling a prank or it could be that he was actually here. When I got downstairs, what took forever, I couldn’t believe my own eyes. He was actually here. He was breathing the same air as me. No one could have ever taken away my happiness at that moment. I slowly walked towards him, still not believing my own eyes. I even thought that my own eyes were betraying me.
When I was finally in front of me I immediately went in for a hug. I had heard many times from fans that he gives the best hugs and I believed it, but hearing it and experiencing it are two completely different things. His hug was so warm and you could feel how welcoming he was.
“ Hi Harry,” I said still shaking because I had just checked off something off of my bucket list.
“Hello love, how are you doing today?” He asked with his lovely voice.
“I am very good, especially since you are here! How are you? What made you come all the way to Seattle?” I couldn’t hide the fact that I was very happy. I could almost start jumping like a ten year old but I maintain still because I wanted to show my good manners. I also had a lot of questions to ask. The biggest one was why he came. I didn’t mind, but out of all the places he could have spent his Friday night, he came to visit me.
“I got your letter saying that you wanted to meet me and I had to make your wish come true. I got ahold of you lovely friend Asha and we arranged something special for you.” I could believe what was coming out of his mouth. Asha was behind this brilliant plan all along.
“I have planned out the night and tomorrow you will be going to my concert with Asha. I have already arranged a pick up time with my driver who will take you to the concert.” My life had been accomplished. I could have had an awful day the day after the concert and I would still be smiling wide. The afternoon  ended up going very well. I had the time of my life which was me eating my favorite food with my favorite celebrity.

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