December 19, 2017
By AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away called Gheni, a Trooper laid in his bed in his mobile house. This trooper wore a shiny purple suit with a matte black helmet. The troopers name was Jack. Jack had a dwarven spider named Spike. Jack used to work for the Emperor until he died now he works as a Bounty Hunter. He hunts down the Jedi. His current task is to take down a clone named A-264. A-264 is a clone that learned the force from a chip in his brain. He has a Dark Blue Curved lightsaber. Jack has been hunting him down for months now and has finally got a trace. He tracked him down to a planet called Jkur.
Jack on the way to Jkur stopped at a Air Station called Quicki Mert. He had to pick some materials to grab some power cables to charge Spike’s Electric Shock power. After, finally arriving to Jkur after a tough flight through the rocky galaxy. Jack and Spike got on there speeder and started to follow the ping from Spikes Detector system. From a far distance they could see a shiny figure and out of nowhere a lightsaber flew threw the air faster than the speed of light and cut Jack’s arm off. At this time Spike called the ship and they got out of there and headed straight to Gheni. When they arrived at Gheni, Spike brought to jack to the best surgeon, Kil. Kil used to work on the Death Star so he is really good in Electrical and welding work. Kil got some metal and wires together and built Jack a bionic arm that could stretch out as far as 50 yds. Jack thanked Kil sincerely and headed back to the ship.
About 10 hours later, Jack and Spike are back on Jkur. The started driving into the cold planet when they seen fragments of what looked like A-264’s lightsaber. Spike carefully analyzed them. Jack then drove off to a lightsaber expert named Muni. Muni used is a sith that used to work for the Emperor before Vader. Spiked handed over the fragments of the lightsaber to Muni. Muni analyzed them and noticed that there was engravings in it. He decryptinized it. It stood out to say “You climb and slide down, Dark Cave”. He thought for a second then realized it was saying there was a ladder in the Darkest and only Cave in Jkur. Muni gave Jack handcuffs that immobilize all powers when put on someone. They would be perfect to capture A-264 but Jack wasn’t planning on capturing him after the arm incident early he was looking to kill him.
Jack were searching for the Dark Cave when they came across an old man named Jing. Jing was blind but knew the force. Jack asked him if he knew where the cave was and Jing pointed past the dead trees into the water. Jack thanked him and head to the water. Jack and Spike dived in the water and started swimming down. After a good 2 minutes, they saw a tunnel with a little bit of light. They swam towards it and finally found the cave. They noticed they were in the cave the whole time, just a big part of it was filled up with water. They started to quietly follow the light when they seen a door. They peeked through the door. They noticed a bunch of Light Matte Blue Droids with Dark Blue lightsabers. They were working on A-264. A-264 looked to be injured from a lightsaber burn. Spike electrocuted all the droids and salvaged all there parts and lightsabers. A-264 woke up and used to forced to disable Spike and grabbed his lightsaber. Jack started to intensely fight until A-264 started to force choke Jack. Jack then remembered that he had his bionic arm that was controlled by his mind. He Imagined it punching A-264 until he was unconscious and that's exactly what it did. Then Jack got the cables plugged them in Spike to charge him up. Then Jack grabbed A-264’s lightsaber and killed him. Jack cut A-264’s head off and hung put it on display on the ship. Jack and Spike headed to Gheni for a new mission. Destroy the Jedi Temple. To be Continued...

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Its in the time of Star Wars

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