Things Sren't What They Seem

December 1, 2017
By IPlightI BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
IPlightI BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
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Way off in the state of California there was a city called Tubertown. There hadn't been a murder in 123 years. Tubertown was a very quiet place up until now. There had been a murder,Ian was the one killed. At least that’s what everyone thought. It turns out that was not him, Ian just woke up when it happened.The question is who is the person dead.
“Detective”, said sheriff Roi Bigby,”Whoever this person is they used sparkle.”
“What is sparkle?” asked Detective Gabe Turner a.k.a Gabeuscus.
“Sparkle is a potion that make people look like other people in Tubertown.” said Roi.
“That’s illegal. Right?” said Gabuscus.
“Yes,” said Roi, “yes it is.”
“So what happens when it wears off on a dead body?” ask Gabuscus.
“The body stays the same. The only way we will find out who  he is, is by finding out who sells sparkle.” said Roi. “There is only one person that could have done this, Kaptain Sparkles. He is the only one who makes sparkle. That’s why they call him Kaptain Sparkles.” explained Roi.

So off they went to Kaptain Sparkles house. They burst through the door  of Kaptain’s house.
“Holy cow!! You scared me like a mouse scare an elephant.” said Kaptain Sparkles. “Now you're gonna have to pay for that!”
“Did you have anyone that owed you or was a bit odd?” asked Gabuscus.
“Let me think. Umm. Yeah.”
“What was there name?” asked Roi.
“His name was Mud Kipper. He always pays right way, but he was going to come today. He never showed.” said Kaptain.

“Did he have any issues with other people?”
“Yeah, his girlfriend broke up with him and he beat Minx’s high score in Flappy Bird. His girlfriend is Jenna Marvels.”

On the way to Minx’s house there was no-one on the streets. Normally it would be like walking the crowded streets of Tokyo. But today it was like the ghost towns in China.The word had gotten out, everyone was inside in fear that the killer was outside. When they finally got there Minx was not home. So they decided to go to Jenna’s house.

They had to climb through the window of Jenna house to get in. When they finally got in, they found dead in a chair in living room.
“This way was done on purpose, the killer didn’t want  anyone to know who killed Mud Kipper,” explained Gabuscus. “We need to find people who know Jenna and Mud Kipper before anyone else gets killed.”
We have Matt Sawyer, Cinnamon Toast Ken, Cry Atomic, Pewds Di Pie, Enton Di Pack,Mr. Warfstache,and Mr. McUniverse that are all friend of there’s.” Roi said.
“But we have to go back ask the computer who they are.” said Gabuscus.

When they got to Roi office, Roi said “Computer, computer on the desk who are these Youtubers on the desk.” As he put the files on the desk.
The computer said “ Matt is at his house, Cinnamon  has killed himself two hours ago, Cry is with his friend Pewds. Enton is with Mr. Warfstache playing Minecraft. And Mr. McUniverse is taking a walk.”
“Let’s got to Matt’s house first.” said Roi.

At Matt’s house, his door was cracked open when they got there. So they opened the door. Creek, went the door as they finally opened the door.
“Who are you?” asked Matt.
“We are the police, we're here to ask you some questions. Do you know who killed Jenna and Mud Kipper?’ said Roi.
“Yes i know who killed Jenna. It was Minx.”
“Thank for your cooperation.” said Roi.

Now that we finally found who did it. It's time to put them in jail.

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